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As the internet becomes a bigger part of our lives, making a long-distance relationship work has become not only easier, but a more-commonly experienced issue in general. Long-distance relationships can and do work, but the single biggest thing you can do to save your long-distance love from falling apart is not follow most of the advice out there for LDRs. There are two types of people in this world: people who have been in a long-distance relationship, and people who insist they are doomed to bring heartbreak and failure.
On long-distance relationship forums, you can always spot the newbies and the teenagers by their doe-eyed declarations of long-distance love. Regardless of how much you miss your faraway significant other, holding up a long-distance relationship to in-person relationship standards is a recipe for disaster. Pressure to end a long-distance relationship by getting together discounts the connection you have. It’s hard to see, but advice from happily coupled in person people about your LDR is not always good, and frequently bad.
Generally, when someone asks about your LDR, they project misconceptions, fears and doubts that can in turn cause relationship conflict — this is one particular time you should not listen to your friends.
If you need to talk about your LDR, it’s better to do it with other people in the same boat. In the Catfish era, long-distance relationships are viewed as suspect, dangerous, and rife with chicanery. Some degree of caution is definitely good in a long-distance relationship, that’s for sure.

Love is a complex biological process, and even little things like a period of less contact will get your inner critic jabbering.
What you need to know above all is that doubts, feeling alone, being afraid, and getting jealous are all natural parts of long-distance love — not a sign something is wrong.
The actual truth is that nearly every LDR can work, if the people involved commit not only to being in it, but to being open to and ready for the specific challenges a long-distance relationship faces. With the upcoming election on everybody’s mind, we thought it would be a wonderful time to reflect on our past Presidents. If there’s one thing Donald Trump has going for him, it’s his ridiculously hot wife Melania Trump. There’s nothing more special in life than a meaningful family portrait, professionally taken and hanging proudly above the fireplace. The sixth season of ‘Game of Thrones’ is underway and so far its been absolutely incredible! Every now and then we come across a teacher who is truly the master of mocking their students.
These days, it seems you can’t open a newspaper or turn on a TV without being bombarded by The Donald. You're two different people and I wish it would stop, because I'm living to die and dieing to live, but it doesnt mean a thing to me, until I have you.
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And most of it is the exact opposite of what you should do if you find yourself in love with someone who lives far away. It creates an inability to accept the distance for the duration of it, and foments inner anxiety.
Two far-flung people fall in love, and standard relationship advice is that all relationships are about the destination and not the journey. Focusing on the actual fabric of your connection and being circumspect leads to a far stronger union. Reddit’s Long Distance forum is great for couples navigating the unique challenges a LDR presents. This is an unspoken, natural part of long-distance love, and one few take into account as anything other than an insecurity boogieman. I felt so good when I was with you, you made me feel like the world; to hear I was your favorite and the best you ever had.

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