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Whether you ended it or your partner did, coming out of any relationship can be painful and stressful. This may seem a bit harsh, but seeing your ex is only likely to bring up all the negative emotions and feelings you had whilst the relationship was ending, and set you back in trying to get over the break-up. This may be somewhat difficult to do if you are trying to get over a long-term relationship.
Being newly single is an excellent time to catch up with friends, who can often get a bit neglected when you're in a long-term relationship. When you're lonely it can be really easy to jump straight into another relationship, the new person seeming to fill the gap your ex left in your life.
The best advice for getting over the break-up of a long-term relationship is to remember to always be moving forward.
When the basic methods for getting over a breakup doesn't work, you may have special issues that are preventing you from true healing. Be extremely wary of sellers who do not want to use the messaging centre, or meet in person.
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Moving on from a long-term relationship can be especially tough, as you need to give yourself more time to mourn the relationship and readjust to your new life.A  But the sooner you can rediscover yourself as an individual and start enjoying your life again, the healthier and better you will feel. Try and remember all the things you used to do when you were single or before you met your ex. Going for dinner, to the movies, or even just getting a coffee can all be an excellent opportunity for you to share your feelings with friends, take your mind off your ex and have fun!
But focusing only on the good things in the partnership will just make you yearn for a perfect ideal of the relationship that doesn't really exist. However, 'rebound' relationships are rarely successful, and often buried feelings rise to the surface and cause real problems. Don’t sit around reminiscing about the good old days or living your life in reverse. The best advice we've ever read on this subject was found in a report from Tigress Luv, the Breakup Guru. Rediscover old hobbies, meet with friends or simply spend some time on your own, remembering all the benefits of being single! Although it's hard, when you find yourself feeling lonely and reminiscing about the past, don't forget about the bad parts.

You need to give yourself time to grieve your relationship and re-establish a sense of yourself as an individual before you commit to another person. If it is truly love, you won’t need hardly effort or this silly article, but for those who need help, booboo, I gotchu.
If you and your ex-partner had a lengthy period of arguing before you broke up, it could be beneficial to enjoy the peace and sense of empowerment that comes from making all your own decisions again.
This is also a good time to do something your ex perhaps didn't approve of or something you wouldn't have done as part of a couple, such as get a dramatic haircut, go traveling or change your job. Why don’t you take turns naming the top three things that you hate doing, and switch. Use holiday and birthdays to give your partner new things like classes, or an instrument and other things that they can learn to expand their skills or knowledge. Use it when you really mess up and you really mean sorry.Say thank you for anything, like so much you feel weird saying it.

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