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Trolling is often done merely to taunt or prank (especially as a kind of hazing to newcomers to an online community). Comment Disclaimer: Comments that contain profane or derogatory language, video links or exceed 200 words will require approval by a moderator before appearing in the comment section. Besides, what happens when she meets a Eurasian guy, or a half Asian, half black guy or a while guy who is so into asian languages history and culture that he acts Asian.
I say this bc I’ve seen how the guys in Asia present themselves and many are indeed girly.
With the media, media in Asia being the worst, the poor Asian male is being royally sc&ewed with all these unhelpful stereotypes being perpetuated.
The reality is to ignore the negative portrayals, find a girl that can see through the media nonsense and man the f$vk up. The reason why it’s not absurd to take An at face value is because there are a lot of Asian women (and a lot of Asian men too) who actually do think this way.
Is she trying to say that what she wrote is so absurd that no one could possibly believe it, AND that it’s a serious and widespread social problem that hasn’t been adequately confronted? A woman should prefer any man that has the character or personality that she is looking for. So you don’t think that it’s pure insanity to not date a man or woman that looks like you?
Most people who have preferences are pretty flexible if an otherwise attractive person comes along. Some Asian women refuse to consider an Asian man, even if he’s tall, handsome, kind, and a feminist to boot. Yeah this is actually very common, Asian women have the highest percentage if dating outside their race. But Asian men who marry outside their race aren’t predisposed to any one race and not to the exclusion of another, whereas Asian woman who marry outside their race, are almost exclusively predisposed to marry white men. It’s just grasping at any old straw to justify their Third World Mentality and white worship.
I’m all for interracial dating but when u refuse to date people that look like u makes u an ignorant fool. So hypothetically, if you were to see an interracial couple walk down the street, would you assume that they hate their race? No, she is talking about people who say they refuse to date than own race the subject of the article.
This isn’t a joke post, though some of these celebs have become some funny looking people.
I'm not going to lie I hate not being able to see a lot of darker celebs, especially since my sister wants to be famous one day. Every single one of those people looked far more beautiful (and real) than the after effects.
I am a White auntie to an 8yo biracial Black-Latina niece, and I use every opportunity I can to praise her beautiful, kinky hair and her smooth tan complexion. Can hardly blame black women for altering their looks when you consider how many black men cheat on them and refuse to marry them. With the rise of the clicks-for-cash business model in digital media, however, trolls have found a new place in the Internet ecosystem: As highly effective breadwinners for the sites in which they nest.
How she is able to live with or look her family and relatives some of whom must be male, in the eye, is a mystery. I’d be suspicious of a girl dating me just because of my color bc it says a lot about her mental state.
It would be NICE if Asian girls would look past all the brainwashing but the ones like Ms An here seem to be a lost cause. She’s merely echoing what is said in many informal circles and lower level comment board that you will find on the Internet. White women have noticed the overwhelming amount of asian women that aggressively pursue white men and white women are pissed.

Many Asian women that white men find attractive won’t be considered attractive by Asian men at all. Excluding a whole race, whether it’s yours or another, only because they are of that race, is the problem. However, we in the Asian-American community have a lot of unresolved issues of race and identity. Only one Asian person admitted they were so whitewashed they thought all Asians looked alike. After studying writing and popular culture at NYU she decided to be a grownup and get a job. When I lived in the Philippines, products were being advertised online to bleach the skin, something I had never seen in the United States. In every song and in every video lighter skin is praised more why do you think alot of guys want redbones and lighter? Unfortunately, as long as we keep pushing the notion that the more European you appear, the more accepting you will be to society. I agree with you 100%, It never hurts to be white in this country, and sadly that rings true for some black people in the entertainment industry. There is a entertainment news reporter who uses makeup and I think he said that to get camera ready is about 1hour of work covering up everything.
Women tend to wear a slight lighter makeup to cover dark under eye patches and give their skin a natural glow. Apparently, in order to be considered beautiful, all women should have the same, light to medium brown skin color, regardless of their race.
Shock is what xoJane does best — it is, after all, the publication whose former beauty editor, Cat Marnell, wrote an essay about using Plan B as her preferred form of contraception, and posted regularly about her spiraling drug addiction until the site fired her for refusing rehab.
And this installment, by freelance writer Jenny An, seems poised to blow all of its predecessors out of the water. Some people will take it seriously, and when that happens, then you’ve just reinforced and perpetuated racism. Asian men have a dislike for asian women but because white women are not into asian men, asian men really have no choice when it comes to dating.
The difference is that the women are given more opportunities to act upon those ugly feelings.
They have no fear of being called racist and no shame in saying they would not consider marrying someone of their own race. This causes such Asian women to become bitter and thus develop a subconscious sour grapes attitude towards Asian men. I totally agree, when you can look in the mirror and see something wrong with being someone that is like you or your parents and be repulsed by it????? So if a blk woman meets a good looking blk man that is a man of means, has the character, personality that your looking for.
I hate watching tv sometimes too because it does make me feel bad about myself, so i stopped watching certain shows like 106 and park and kind of went back to good shows like Living Single where every shade and shape was considered beautiful. They come in many varying shades ranging from the blackest of black, to yellow, to the whitest of white! I'm sorry but simply suggesting that black people look better because they are or appear light is indeed racist. As a natural strawberry blonde with rather pale skin I am somehow expected to sport a golden tan year round to be attractive. Look at all the other races, they all keep their ethnic names (Africans, Indians, Pakistanis, you name it) so why don’t Asians keep use their ethnic names too and let everyone else learn how to pronounce them? But I’ve known plenty of Asian guys who talk about how they prefer white girls and proceed to only date them. It might sound shocking to us, but this apparently is a very common belief among many Asian women. The pictures of Xojanes simply confirmed this, as she is obviously quite a bit on the ugly side.

They do this in a lot of ways, with actual bleaching products, wearing extremely light foundation or with Photoshop. The pressure to look a certain way in Hollywood exists for everyone regardless of race and especially for women. I imagine if plastic surgery weren't pricey a lot more of their ethnic features would disappear. There are still gorgeous dark skinned actresses like Anika Noni Rose & Gabrielle Union.
If you have a problem with them changing their skin color, then you should also declare that NO other should alter themselves, including wearing makeup. Lighter skin in old british and french colonies like India, Algeria, and many other parts of the world has usually been associated with a higher class. What is wrong with your natural hair and skin color, and what are we telling the generation coming up today. I'd even bet that had this article been written by a white person, people would likely praise them for their thoughtfulness and open-mindedness. He lightened his skin, had tons of plastic surgery, reportedly took estrogen shots along with various narcotics. Personally I would not have, because I do feel we should avoid the colored contacts and other anglo traits, Thats just me. Sly and the Family Stone) but by the 1980's riding the NYC subways you would not see a single black female with an afro.
Also, just walk around in public and take note of the asian-white couples you see; they are almost never attractive people. Look, I am not going to debate about the politics of brown women wearing a weave or sporting your natural hair texture (that’s another conversation). Nevertheless, when there is such a lack of representation for minorities you’d think those who  make it through the golden gates  would actually want to appear as a minority.
Her mother is just one of those Louisiana black people and I had people in my family who look like them and they are not mixed! You keep writing, ignore the negative comments, and make sure that black people know that black is beautiful. Asian women make them feel like gods, asian women worship them simply because they are white. It is worrisome to me when brown people begin to alter their appearance to look more Anglo. Why can’t people simply be the color they are without constantly being compared and expected to be lighter or darker?! And u black folks here who refuse to date each other deep down u know I’m telling the truth. Beauty is not defined by hair, noses and skin color – so why is it that those who are regarded as universally beautiful are marked by their specifically Anglo features?
Did you know that studies have shown that when African American children (and girls of every color) watch TV it actually lowers their self-esteem, but when white males watch TV it actually raises their self-esteem? But as you can see from the photo this article is linked to, she doesn't look as butchered as the one on this page. Also, look at how Asia simply worships anything that comes from the West (brands like Louis Vuitton, Apple, etc). It’s Asian culture that drives Asian women to be ashamed of their heritage and to worship the white man. I’m not saying all Asian women are self-haters like Janexo but ALOT of them exhibit this white-loving mentality so much more than women of any other race because of the way Asian culture is.

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