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So a male mate of ours was merrily browsing the profile photos of our gorgeous Lovestruck ladez. Co-sleeping isn’t always the romantic ideal it might seem – between snoring, duvet hogging and your other-half doing starfish impersonations, blissful shut-eye isn’t always on the cards.
They say bald is beautiful and a good thing too, because up to 50 per cent of men have a bare bonce.

Starring Simon Pegg and Lake Bell, the story begins with Jack who sets off to meet a blind date but opps, mistakenly thinks that Nancy is his 24 year old date! Hung over, tired and exhausted with life and bad romance, Nancy just decides to go with it and so embarks on the craziest journey of her life! This superb romcom leaves you asking lots of what if’s, and is all about being yourself when decision making, risk taking and rolling with this crazy thing called life.

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