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Si usted puede encontrar un CD o DVD que nadie quiere, usted puede hacer su propia joya en el cielo!
Trata de que no quede brillo en la parte central del CD, donde tendrás que pegar la pelota de poliestireno.
Coloca un mondadientes en el lado plano de cada mitad de la pelota de poliestireno para que sirvan de manilla. Con el pincel, aplica cola y brillo en la parte redonda de cada mitad, tal como lo hiciste en el CD. Ahora empuja la otra mitad de la pelota en el mondadientes que asoma por el orificio del CD.
I have a drawer in my craft room dedicated to old DVDs and CDs that I refuse to throw in the garbage.
ANOTHER CRAFTY IDEA >>  Glitter CD TurkeyGuarantee this will be a unique and appreciated gift. I did some with paper napkins and old images and to cover the little hole in the middle I simple cover it with a circle sticker or a piece of tape. 2) Paint a layer of decoupage onto the back of the paper and apply it to the CD like you were gluing something. The reason that decoupage tends to bubble up on paper is because you are applying a wet substance to both sides.
RonyaSoft CD label making software offers a software package that is a good way of creating and designing your own CD labels. The CD label maker allows you to create and design your own personal touch CD labels and covers and helps to eliminate the process of having to look for ways to buy the software on the internet. Download and install the CD label maker software from the website onto your computer's hard disk. Edit the design of it, according to your preferences, using any number of colors, images and texts. Next, align the paper in the printing slot, or if you have a pre-cut CD label paper ready, put it into the printing paper tray and print. Not only is the printing of custom CD labels made easy, there are also CD DVD covers and case inserts, Blu-ray box covers and inserts, origami covers and paper sleeves available with the software. Here you'll learn about hottest apps & software, visit top destinations on the Net, and laugh at our funny discoveries. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Puedes colgar el modelo de Saturno del techo y ver cómo gira graciosamente con las corrientes de aire. Si quieres que algunos anillos sean plateados y otros dorados, esparce la cola en el lugar donde quieres colocar el primer color y luego espolvorea el brillo sobre la cola húmeda. Toma el CD y coloca la mitad de la pelota con el mondadientes justo en el centro del CD de modo que el mondadientes pase por el orificio. These are totally durable too, I made these a few months ago and they are still going strong. If you can’t purchase it there, another sealer with a protective surface will work too. This software provides you with the complete design system needed for you to make not only custom CD labels, but DVD covers and case inserts. Now you can easily design and print your own CD label using the ready-to-use template available with the RonyaSoft software. These items may be made to suit the type of the disc that you have in mind as a gift and customized accordingly. Of course, you may buy all necessary decorations at a local Xmas fair or order online, still it’s much more interesting to do the ornaments by yourself.
I will quit throwing away old, scratched DVDs and start giving them to my daughter so she can make these.
Thanks for sharing :) A group member of our CafeMom group Holiday and Party Crafts shared this with us members with a link back here to your blog for the tutorial. If you go without completely, then the edges beneath the fabric that are showing will be whatever color your CDs are. Would it work if you covered the top in felt then wrapped with fabric with more felt on bottom to cover fabric lines? However, I CAN tell you that I made these coasters in September of 2012 and I have used tons of iced, sweaty cups and glasses on them.
Market research indicates that people in the West prefer DIY (Do It Yourself) merchandise more than the pre-designed stuff, unless a well-known designer has designed them. Plus the white adds a coat over the CD covering the color beneath, otherwise it would show through the fabric.
They sometimes stick to the cup when you go to pick them up, and while wet there will be a ring visible on the coaster.

Therefore, it can easily run on practically any Windows operating system including recent Windows 7 and Windows 8 versions and does not use Word CD label templates. The best part is that you need no prior designing expertise to use the program, seeing that the computer program is self explanatory and you can easily learn while you make and print a personalized CD or DVD label for yourself.
Pero acuérdate de dejar que la cola de un color se seque totalmente antes de agregar el siguiente color. Cut the circles out of the fabric, cutting them a little smaller than the traced circle to allow for some "border" around your coasters.
Easy Christmas tree appetizers There are plenty of ideas how to present food in the form of a Christmas tree.
All you need is a couple of toothpicks, your favorite appetizers and a bit of imagination.2. Sock snowmanThis is a good solution to make Xmas decorations and give a second life to your old socks. Apply two coats of Mod Podge to the top of the CD over the fabric, allow 2 hours dry time in between coats. Bow Pasta GarlandElectric garlands may be pricey, so why not make an alternative with what you have at fingertips? Fridge snowmanEverything is easy: take any white object and decorate it with eyes and nose. Light bulb penguinsThese are very attractive Christmas tree toys which can be done out of materials at hand – used light bulbs, paints, and cloth. Put the balls in a bowl as a decorative centerpiece or string them up as a garland for your Christmas tree. The balls look very spectacular and will definitely become the centerpiece of your Xmas tree.9. Garland of heartsMake a beautiful garland of hearts using 10×2 colored paper strips, a stapler and your hands. Fasten the strips as shown on the image below, and you’ll get such a lovely garland which can be also used for St. Small felt housesIf you have some felt and a couple of LED tea lights, you may create these lovely little houses.

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