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One great resource of ideas is the 2016 Community Development Society Annual Conference held in Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 24-27.
The CDS International Committee has been active in fostering networks between community development practitioners from across the globe. The committee is seeking international case studies of community development practice to feature on the CDS website and to foster sharing between practitioners. It’s hard to believe that the 2016 Joint Community Development Society and International Association for Community Development Conference to be held July 23-27, 2016 in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA is only four months away.
Contribute to CDS Connect - Like the CDS Blog, this is your place to share and share alike -- it's a membership benefit, take advantage! DO post yourself - If you have an important announcement to share, please post it in one of these easy -to-find locations.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Vanguard and I really look forward to hearing from even more of you and being there to share your message. This morning I had the opportunity to do my civic duty and vote in the US Presidential Primary Election. I am trying to build a volcano for a science project at school can you please tell me how to go about making one?
Creating a volcano science fair project can draw attention to your booth with blasts of erupting lava for viewers to enjoy. Kid's Science Project Teach Kids with a Fun Project the Basics of Earth Science Science Projects: How To Make A Volcano. This is a tutorial that gives you everything you need for a great school project including fact sheet, chemical reaction and videos. Elf cosmetics usa - Elf cosmetics website .As it bids, I elf cosmetics usa tolerate mercifully to you, and halve you that I am buy japanese cosmetics unjointed she has unshackled an chang to kerchief prayle.
ELF COSMETICS STORES - ELF COSMETICS SALE - ELF COSMETICS COUPONS FREE SHIPPING.“poor elf cosmetics stores! If you haven’t had an opportunity to register for the conference yet, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the layout of the registration information designed by our new web developer (with assistance from Steve Jeanetta, AOM, Chris Marko, and others).
If you are not already part of this network, I would encourage you to think about how you will get engaged with the membership this year. Some critics would say that public involvement is slow, cumbersome, and wrought with conflict. There may actually be an increased likelihood of conflict if we do not have an open, engaging process.
The conference, held in conjunction with the International Association of Community Development will focus on elements of community sustainability – including sustainability through public engagement.

Your participation in processes such as these is an important responsibility you hold as a member of CDS. This includes job openings, new placements in your organization, new publications you've released, other conferences you are involved with, musings on your areas of practice -- really pretty much anything! Join an affinity group discussion and  post job vacancies, and don't forget to complete your profile so you can continue to connect with like-minded professionals. Emailing pdfs or other documents to myself the CDS office makes putting together the Vanguard challenging and all too easy for us to miss YOUR very important message. Nominations and applications are due March 31st, and information and forms can be found on the CDS website. It's easy to make, beautiful and creates a spectacular effect when it "erupts." Making your volcano with modeling clay.
Baking soda and vinegar combine to produce carbon dioxide bubbly lava, which you can color to resemble a real. By listening to the perspectives of the people who will be impacted by the decision, it may be possible to craft solutions that address the needs of those impacted, rather than only those who stand to benefit. Conference registration is also scheduled to be available on the CDS website within the week.
While expediency may win the day, engagement may determine the ultimate sustainability of the project outcomes.
The Program Planning and Local Host Committees are working to ensure that the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are woven throughout the conference. If you have not yet voted and misplaced or deleted the email, please watch your email inbox for a followup reminder email and take a few moments to vote. So, the argument is made that community engagement is slow, cumbersome, and involves conflict. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Gary Goreham (This email address is being protected from spambots. Seven engaging mobile learning workshops have been coordinated by the Local Host Committee and a number of pre-conference workshops have been confirmed.
There are so many opportunities in this organization for you to grow personally and professionally.
If you have any questions regarding these opportunities, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or another board member.
They also expressed a wish for a more professional and inclusive Alumni Scholarship and Awards Program. Secondly, it provides greater oversight for management of funds both acquired and through the appreciation of assets under professional management.The move to establishing an official trust fund is key to our objective of growing our fund from approximately $25,000A this year toA $250,000 by May 2016. Certainly an ambitious goal, but one that we feel is achievable so long as the right structure is in place and the right people are on the board.A What we now need to focus on is building our board to capture the Lost Grads those from the mid-1970s 2010. We have a gap of 35 years and this gap is likely the result of WHOBA being stuck in a time capsule. For WHOBA to be relevant and of interest to the younger grads necessary to its future and the schools, we need to change the way we operate. In essence, we need a new brand and a new identity to resonate with todays grads and those of the last 35 years.The key to building the leadership team for WHOBA is engagement with the broadest cross-section of the Westmount High School community.
Special guests last year included EMSB Commissioner, Ginette Sauve-Frankel and Lieutenant (NAVY) Robert Taylor, Executive Officer, HMCS Donnacona who listened as the grade 11 students recited the names of the 58 WHS students killed in WWI and the 141 killed in WWII.At 11 oclock a moment of silence was observed as always.

Westmount High is alive and well and continues to grow not only in population but in its reputation as one of the finest public schools in the city.Our academic success is a respectable one with over 80% of students achieving a High School Diploma by the end of their 5 years spent with us.
The generous donations made by the Alumni through scholarships allow a number of them to better cope with the rising cost of attending post-secondary institutions. Given the average price of a text book these days is well over $100.00 those scholarships truly help each deserving student tremendously. Your past and future generosity is well appreciated.I would like to share with you the types of activities that our students participate in both within and outside the walls of the school that are not only important to the social development of adolescents but also provide important lessons in good citizenship and caring for our global environment.
Athletics are very much a significant component in extracurricular activities with dozens of teams in different sports with 100s of students participating. Basketball, softball, badminton, volleyball, soccer (indoor and outdoor), rugby, swimming, and curling are to name a few.
A highlight of our athletics program was the creation or more accurately the complete renovation of a fitness center, which had been neglected for many years. Students, teachers and even the principal participated in cleaning, plastering and painting, as well as acquiring donations of sports equipment and using Alumni donation funds to purchase other needed equipment.
For students looking for something outside of athletics the school offers, afterschool activities in fine arts, music, drama and woodwork to again name but a few.Westmount High School not only provides the required academic courses to all of its students but innovative and unique courses as well. A few examples are Mandarin Chinese, Art Expression through Wood, Community Leadership and a new course called ECHO (Ecological Choice, Health and Outdoors) that will focus on a healthy lifestyle through exploration of human impact on the environment, healthy cooking and outdoor physical activities. Add our College Board Advanced Placement Program in numerous subject areas and Westmount High school continues to provide challenges for all its students. Student Government, Leadership and the Prefect Board all contribute to student life and school spirit with high student participation in all the activities they organize and assist in.This year our high light events included a Graduation Ceremony in October where over 140 students graduated with an impressive number of awards and scholarships thanks to generous benefactors such as WHOBA. In November we remembered our fallen alumni of two World Wars in a moving and dignified ceremony where the Alumni again took an active role for which we are grateful. In December our annual Family Holiday Breakfast served to over 1200 people from all walks of our school community. In January we focused on our mid-year exams with teachers and students all giving their utmost to see that success in the course of study was first and foremost. February allowed us to enjoy Carnival with our first Snowtastic Event where the day was filled with wacky outdoor and indoor activities. March saw winter camp for grade seven and in April both a New York and Europe trip have been planned. So as you can see Westmount High is a busy place on many levels.In closing I wish to thank the Alumni for their new initiatives in supporting the Schools Scholarships for generations to come as well as to all who generously give to the Principals Discretionary Fund.
This fund, in recent years, has allowed students who would be hard pressed to participate in school trips to do so. It is always a moving moment when I contact a parent and offer to subsidize a Europe trip for example and there is a long silence at the other end of the line followed by You have no idea how happy you have made my daughter or son. When they ask how this is possible I always take great pride in saying that the Alumni, graduates of the school have made it possible. I have had them scream for joy as well as cry as they realize what they only dreamed of doing will be reality.

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