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Dashboards have become quite popular in the last few years and in spite of all the Business Intelligence software products that provide dashboards, a lot of dashboards are still implemented with Microsoft Excel. First have our raw data ready in a separate sheet, this is the easy step, you know how to get your data in to one sheet. Assign the scroll bar control to a cell right click on it and select format control option.
Finally write OFFSET() formula to display any consecutive 10 values in our scrollable table: OFFSET is used on the dashboard to bring back those 10 lines from the sheet with the raw data that are selected by using the scroll bar. What a shame Maximum Value can't be set as a formula so it would dynamically count the no of entries in your source data. I guess you could set it to 999 and then use conditional formatting to hide the ugly zero entries. Yes you are right: you can’t link the maximum value of a forms scroll bar from to a cell reference.
Probably the better way would be to use a small vba routine to set the maximum of the scroll bar.
Whenever the dashboard is activated, vba will change the maximum of the scroll bar according to the value calculated in cell calculation!D6 (=number of data rows minus number of items displayed on dashboard +1).
The effect: When scrolling down, the displayed data will stop at the last row of the raw data.
I am able to create a dashboard but the issue I am facing is that all the data is coming in the first row of my dashboard one by one when i scroll down.I wrote the offset formula in the first row only.Could this be a reason?? You are right: the cell D6 on the calculation sheet is calculating the maximum value of the scrollbar on the dashboard.

Having 100 items in the original table and 10 items in the dashboard table, you can scroll down until the scroll bar value is 91 and the dashboard excerpt displays the rows 91, 92, 93, … 100 of the original table.
But the scrollbar maximum is not linked to the cell D6 on the calculation sheet, because Excel does not allow you to link the parameters of a scrollbar to a cell reference.
The result of cell D6 on the calculation sheet is used in the formula of cell E16 of the dashboard. I am not sure that I understood your problem correctly: You are using months instead of the product names. If so, the month will be at the end of the list, since the sorting algorithm is sorting by descending order and if you are having positive values only, the month will be the last on the dashboard. How did you change the font color to red for negative #s in Data form "dashboard-table-scroll"? I considered myself a knowledgeable excel 2003 person until I found your site: your work is tremendously helpful. How To Make Dog Fabric DoorstopHow To Make Dog Fabric Doorstop Corporations and charities division quarterly. HOW TO MAKE 37%, TAX-FREE, WITHOUT THE STOCK MARKET shows you how make at least 37% tax free on your money every year without the stock market and have it guaranteed with real estate and to get 5x the average stock market rate of return without the risk. A badly designed or printed card can leave a bad impression or even worse be simply forgotten. The only thing that differs from millions of other numeric tables in Excel is the slider scroll-bar between the names of the items and the data. Still means users will see scroll through blank rows at the end of the data but maybe I could live with that. The result of the formula was used to control one of the two small triangles on top and at the bottom of the scroll bar. To be on the safe side you would have to use a rather high maximum value for the scroll bar.
The slider of the scroll bar would indicate that you can still scroll down (actually you can, but the displayed data do not change anymore).
Actually adding bar charts with additional lines to the dashboard will be the topic of the 4th post of this little series.
If it still does not work in your file, you might want to download the excel file (see above) and have a look at the way it is done there. Its only purpose is to display the little black triangle beneath the scrollbar to indicate whether or not you are still able to scroll down or not.

Use the dashboard scroll bar to scroll down to the end of the list and check wether the month is down there. We got this picture from the web that we think would be one of the most representative images for captains beds twin.
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This scroll-bar allows the user of the dashboard to walk through the whole list and see all items without leaving the dash-board.
Every week you will receive an Excel tip, tutorial, template or example delivered to your inbox. The user would scroll down to empty parts of the list without knowing where the real list ends and he would not be able get to the end of the real list quickly. I haven’t mentioned the triangles in the post because they are not important and not really necessary for the technique.
What more, as a joining bonus, I am giving away a 25 page eBook containing 95 Excel tips & tricks.
All they are doing is giving the user additional information whether he has reached the top or the bottom of the scroll bar.
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But what if the user of your dashboard wants to scroll down the table and see the rest of the data?
A number representing a temperature in either the celsius how to make dog fabric doorstop.How To Make Dog Fabric Doorstop To a spanish translation, definition and synonym dictionary for. But this is not convenient, not user-friendly, insecure and not the purpose of a dashboard.

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