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Vintage mobile phones are making a comeback with consumers wanting longer battery life, tougher hardware and a phone that stands out from the smartphone crowd. They fit in a pocket, have batteries that last all week and are almost indestructible: old-school Nokias, Ericssons and Motorolas are making a comeback as consumers tired of fragile and overly-wired smartphones go retro. Forget apps, video calls and smiley faces, handsets like the Nokia 3310 or the Motorola StarTec 130 allows just basic text messaging and phone calls. But demand for them is growing and some of these second-hand models are fetching prices as high as 1,000 euros a piece. Over the past two to three years, he has sold some 10,000 handsets, "with a real acceleration from the beginning of 2013". Among the top-sellers on the website is the Nokia 8210, with a tiny monochrome screen and plastic buttons, at 59.99 euros.
Ironically, the trend is just starting as the telecommunications industry consigns such handsets to the recycling bins, hailing smartphones as the way ahead. Finnish giant Nokia, which was undisputedly the biggest mobile phone company before the advent of Apple's iPhone or Samsung's Galaxy, offloaded its handset division to Microsoft this year after failing to catch the smartphone wave. But it was probably also the supposedly irreversible switch towards smartphone that has given the old school phone an unexpected boost. For Damien Douani, an expert on new technologies at FaDa agency, it is simply trendy now to be using the retro phone. There is "a great sensation of finding an object that we knew during another era - a little like paying for vintage sneakers that we couldn't afford when we were teenagers," Douani told AFP. It is a mostly high-end clientele that is shopping at French online shop Lekki, which sells "a range of vintage, revamped mobile phones". A Motorola StarTac 130 - a model launched in 1998 - and repainted bright orange was recently offered for 180 euros, while an Ericsson A2628 with gold coloured keys for 80 euros.
You’re probably drinking coffee at the wrong time of day Want to migrate to Australia? May 19, 2016 by Adrienne Erin Leave a Comment You’ve probably noticed the trend for bigger, bolder visual elements on websites. When it comes to using larger images in the background or anywhere on the page, you have to stop and consider what you want your priority to be on the page. If you are placing a headline over the image, make sure you place it somewhere with space and don’t cover important parts of the image. Overlaying a solid color for text so the text pops instead of being difficult to read against a background.
Kanbanize does an excellent job of unifying their full-screen background with the rest of the site, by overlaying the whole image with a navy blue and adding a vignette.

Hiring a programmer or coding yourself to ensure your site adapts correctly for mobile browsers. Using a WordPress theme that is already mobile responsive and tweaking it to suit your own tastes and design needs.
More than likely, you’ve created a landing page because you want to convert site visitors either into customers or to get them to sign up for a mailing list, etc.
PlayExplorers does a good job of using video as their full-screen background and then placing the CTAs in buttons at the bottom of the video in bright orange, drawing the visitor’s eye. Since the image is going to fill the user’s screen, you want to start with large, high-quality images. Make sure the image fills the screen proportionately or can be cropped to fit and still look great. Wix recommends using images 1250×800 pixels or higher for full-screen background images. Davidia Interior does a good job of using a high-quality, full-screen background image that pops and has excellent clarity. Filed Under: Web Design About Adrienne ErinAdrienne Erin is the design and social media marketing writer behind Design Roast. Baltimore City police are rolling out new software that officials said will help officers better understand what the department expects of them. BALTIMORE POLICE DEMONSTRATE A NEW WEB BASED TOOL AIMED AT MAKING OFFICERS AND THE DEPARTMENT MORE ACCOUNTABLE. The high prices are due to the difficulty in finding those models, which were limited editions in their time," said Djassem Haddad, who started the site in 2009. Today, everyone has a smartphone that looks just like another, while ten years ago, brands were much more creative".
But Lekki provides a solution, allowing a return to basic features and entertainments," it said on its website.
There are several reasons for this trend, and one of the biggest is that visual elements catch the attention of the reader. However, a full-screen background can be done really well, and it can also be done really wrong. One of your first steps should be to make sure you are using colors within the same palette. However, a full-screen background can sometimes detract from other elements on the page as it will draw the visitor’s eye. If you limit the choices of where a site visitor can click, they are more likely to click on your CTA.

You can always scale them down, but get that image in the largest resolution you possibly can to start. She has written for Creative Bloq, CreativePro, Speckyboy, and a number of other design publications. Police said they trying to make sure policies and procedures match practices on Baltimore City streets. You can upload your background image to a tool like Pictaculous to get color scheme recommendations based on the image.
This can be an issue with a full-screen background that is created for a specific size screen. This makes it extremely important to place your call to action in a smart place that will entice the reader to click. While it’s true you’ll need to compress it to get it to load quickly for browsers, you are much better off starting higher than you need and scaling down than the reverse. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! The new web-based system, expected to start in July, will cost just under $60,000 for the first year. That means you have them, at least for the moment, and can then keep them engaged with your amazing content.
The search box is easily spotted and near the top of the fold, and there are additional images on a simple and transparent black bar that take you to different areas.
A full-screen background makes your site look modern and on-trend, but it only works if it works well for you and your site visitors.
Baltimore police said the tool is aimed at making officers and the department more accountable. BARRY: IN THE RECENT COURT CASES REGARDING THE IN-CUSTODY DEATH OF FREDDIE GRAY INVOLVING OFFICERS EDWARD NERO NOW ACQUITTED AND WILLIAM PORTER NOW FACING A RETRIAL. Please check bellow the result from our news and reviews related to "Samsung Keypad Mobile Phone Model 2016".

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