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Each Xbox One console comes with the same basic parts: the console with a 500GB built-in hard drive (versus 32GB in the Wii U), one wireless controller, a chat headset, and at least one game — either a physical disc copy, or a download code.
Xbox One has the power of a modern desktop computer, including impressive high-definition 3-D graphics capabilities.
If you want to save money on Xbox One games, as well as getting free games every month, the best investment you can make is an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Use spinning wheel games for friend or family game nights, school carnivals, trade shows and store promotions. Turn a spinning wheel into an ice breaker game that can used in the classroom, college dormitory or conference room.
Transform the spinning wheel into a fortune teller for school carnivals or Halloween parties. Online dating has been around for as long as the Internet, but social networking’s growing popularity signals other interesting trends about the way people approach the world of social dating. Websites and apps are becoming more sophisticated and personalized to ensure the best possible matching services. These “niche” apps help segregate groups of people based on their location, interests, sexual preferences and age group, among other filters, in order to provide a convenient and easy-to-use service. Though most of the apps are free to use, the mobile dating market is expected to reach a value of $2.3 billion by 2016, according to Juniper Research. With over 165 million users worldwide, Badoo describes itself as a place to primarily make friends, share interests and chat.
Skout enables its millions of users to discover new friends anywhere in the world or even as close as the local bar. Tinder operates by finding people close to your location, showing a picture of a person and then allowing users to anonymously like or pass on each suggestion. Grindr is the world’s biggest gay mobile social app that advertises itself for users looking for both dating and friendships. If you have never tried one, I’d like to pose a challenge: put yourself out there, you never know what you may find! While my boyfriend and I met the old fashioned way, I know a bunch of people who have used Tinder.
I’m interested in how the social stigma that used to be attached to online dating has decreased and has even evolved into social acceptance. I have never used or liked dating sites and apps, but that is probably because I have been in a relationship for 7 years now…lol. In this week’s Gaming For Couples, we walk through the best Xbox One bundle options, as well as the top couple-friendly games, demos, and accessories out there. Microsoft originally sold it for $500, and required users to buy the motion-sensing Kinect camera system. The system remains connected to the Internet most of the time, using Microsoft’s Xbox Live service to access the Xbox Store for game and app downloads, and Xbox Live Gold subscription service for online multiplayer gaming. A solid collection of apps enable the Xbox One to stream content from leading free and subscription video services, competing against the Apple TV. The best Xbox One console for most people will be this $349 version, which includes two downloadable Assassin’s Creed games plus the console, controller, and headset. Also for $349, Walmart offers an exclusive Xbox One bundle with Halo: Master Chief Collection, which compiles the original Xbox and Xbox 360 games Halo 1, 2, 3, and 4 on a single disc. In addition to adding further realism to player animations and computer AI, EA’s latest and greatest soccer title now includes believable 3-D crowds. This family-friendly action game is part of the super-popular Lego series, featuring cartoony versions of Batman, Robin, and other DC Comics characters.

This open-world racing game offers the best combination of realism and accessible gameplay yet found in Microsoft’s flagship driving series, Forza. Currently free for Xbox Gold Live members, this Kinect-required app provides access to a large collection of fitness videos recorded by Jillian Michaels and other exercise coaches, and provides guidance on your home workouts. This is the latest in the control-a-criminal-commit-crimes series, now with even more amazing 3-D graphics than before. Each of these games is commonly available at a discount through Amazon: Halo currently sells for $43, Call of Duty is $40, and Wolfenstein is $40. Discussed in this Gaming For Couples column, this impressive 3-D rendition of the classic board game Monopoly is an easy (and fun) way to convince a non-gamer to pick up an Xbox One controller.
Featured in our first Gaming For Couples column, Peggle 2 is the ultimate casual game — you point a cannon at a screen full of pegs, using 10 balls to remove all of the red pegs before you run out of ammo. Joining Gold lets you play multiplayer online games, entitles you to two or three free games per Xbox console — some for Xbox One, some for Xbox 360 — and cuts prices on select game downloads by 50-75%. This link is constantly updated with the latest Xbox One deals, which you can check out over time to see the best options we’ve found. Thanks to the advent of social media and mobile apps, more couples are crediting these new mobile platforms as the technological matchmaker that first introduced them. Recently, platforms are targeting audiences that were never huge participants in the online dating realm.  Take the college-aged demographic, for example. Now that most phones are equipped with GPS services, the apps have the ability to match people instantaneously based on their immediate location and the places they like to visit most.
Here are some of the best-rated apps that any college-aged student shouldn’t be shy to try!
The app uses filtering features that narrow down preferences, proximity, gifts, pictures, etc. And while I’m not sure any of them have met their matches on it, they have definitely had some fun with it. I hope to learn more about Tinder, and I’m newly single, but I’m not sure if I should join! For only $50 more than the Wii U, you get a much more powerful console, and unlike Nintendo, Microsoft has the support of a huge number of third-party developers. With the weaker Wii U and (arguably) more powerful PlayStation 4 both at lower price points, Microsoft realized it had made some mistakes.
Microsoft has also announced that the Xbox One will be able to stream games to any Windows 10 computer or tablet in your house later this year.
This bundle (and the one that follows) get you into the Xbox One at the lowest current price, regardless of whether you want the games. First, you get three very different games — Titanfall, Dance Central Spotlight, and Ryse: Son of Rome — which increases the chances that someone will enjoy playing something. If you plan to have family members join you, the console supports them without requiring any plugging in or special configuration.
Microsoft sells a battery pack and charging cable called the Play and Charge Kit for $25, and offers a controller and battery bundle called the Wireless Controller + Play and Charge Kit for $75, a $10 savings over separate purchases. When it was a required purchase with the Xbox One (which didn’t sell well at that time), there was a likelihood that many games would use its motion-sensing features.
Rather than being confined to tracks, you can drive through fields and navigate between races using a sprawling world map.
The Xbox One version includes a new first-person perspective, which was not in the Xbox 360 release, as well as much improved artwork. We weren’t originally sold on this service, but the free software and discounts are significant benefits.

Order the spinning wheel from an online manufacturer or construct one yourself out of wood, cardboard or peg board.
Ask questions such as "What did you do last summer?" "What was the best day of your life?" or "Where do you see yourself in five years?" Divide the people into groups of five or six and have them talk among themselves.
Five or ten years ago, the idea of joining an online dating service would make most college kids burst out laughing. As technology continues to make these apps more sophisticated, there is a higher likelihood that more matches and users will begin to engage with these apps. This incredibly interactive app also allows users to earn points that unlock premium features. This simple and rather risk-free app has attracted many users that would be otherwise hesitant to downloading any kind of dating app. By joining a Twitter-like feed with a FourSquare type location service, users can announce their location and intentions and find others that would like to meet them, sometimes as a spur-of-the-moment meeting. I think its really interesting how online dating is adapting to our generation and how much more willing people our age are to participate in it now.
I like meeting someone in person and feeling out their personality bc anyone can be anything online which I’ve experienced firsthand. So it dropped Kinect from the package, slashed the price to $399.99, and began to offer free software with the console, helping sales. Each of the Assassin’s Creed games is a full-fledged 3-D action-adventure title, playable in single-player or multi-player modes. For everyone else, the choice comes down to whether you prefer futuristic first-person shooters (Halo) or historical action games (Assassin’s Creed). Second, it includes a Kinect motion sensor, which can be used with certain Xbox One games and to control the console’s interface. They’re sold for $60 each through the Microsoft Store, but can be had at a small discount through Amazon. Again, Amazon offers both the Play and Charge Kit and the controller bundle at small discounts. Rather than paying full price ($25 to $60) through Microsoft, you can save $5 to $11 by buying Xbox Live Gold 3- or 12-month cards here. For a children's school carnival, include stuffed animals, pencil boxes and electronics such as an MP3-player. Players pay a dollar or a certain number of tickets to ask the wheel a yes or no question such as "Will I win the lottery?" or "Will I marry Joey?" A player spins the wheel to get an answer. But as our generation continues to utilize more and more mobile apps for everything from playing games to editing pictures and finding the nearest gas station, the idea of meeting likeminded individuals through an app catered specifically to 20-somethings is a growing normality. It’s a great, rather private, option that many college students have taken a liking to. The Xbox One really took off during the 2014 holiday season when Microsoft temporarily dropped the price to $349, quickly becoming the #1 selling console in the United States. You can buy this bundle through Microsoft, or better yet through Amazon, where you’ll be able to save money on additional games and accessories at the same time. The standalone version of Kinect includes a digital download code for Dance Central Spotlight. Have each person spin the wheel and answer a question pertaining to the category, or spin the wheel to determine a category and see which team can answer the question first.

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