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The easiest way for most people to start making more money from their website is to improve what’s already working for them. When we significantly increased our page speed, our search engine traffic went up, people spent more time on our site and conversions went up too. Most decent online marketers make as much money on the back end as they do on the front end. By that I mean, if they sell a $97 product, when a customer goes through the checkout process, they spend at least another $97 on other products before they complete their purchase.
So for example; if your front end product sells at $49, an upsell priced at $27 should convert well. We are not tech guys and even asking a programmer to set something up like this can be a pain because it’s just not something people have much experience with.
Customers go from purchasing a product, to upsell page 1, upsell page 2 and finally the download page.
Click upsells on the left hand side of your SamCart dashboard and then select funnels from the drop down menu.
Click “new funnel”, add your funnel name and a short description, then click “create funnel”.
The checkout page is a huge part of the sales funnel process, and is often forgotten or brushed off.  I remember 4 years ago reading a forum thread about the beta stage of Clickbank checkout page design. Our checkout pages are hosted and setup with SamCart, which makes the process incredibly easy.
After seeing just how powerful it could be, we developed it into the first WordPress plugin of it’s kind. Having an affiliate program has allowed us to do $x,xxx,xxx in sales with zero advertising budget. Affiliate programs give you the ability to track and pay people on commission for selling your products. Affiliate programs are among the best ways to incorporate passive income streams into your business.
An autoresponder automatically sends emails to email subscribers that you have setup before hand. We use AWeber to run our email campaigns and recommend you sign up and start building your lists today! If you need help creating engaging and profitable emails definitely check out the McIntyre Method.
Split testing is crucial for making money online and is something all successful marketers do on a regular basis.
A split test is when you split your web traffic between multiple pages to see which one converts higher.

Both SamCart and OptimizePress allow us to split test our checkout pages as well as sales pages to ensure the highest possible conversions regardless of the product. Firstly, if you only have one income stream, then you are screwed if for whatever reason it disappears. Say your site is getting great traffic and it’s all good, but you only make money from Google Adsense. Your merchant shuts you down or puts you on hold because it’s worried you may be doing something fraudulent.
Another reason not to keep all your eggs in one basket is it just isn’t a smart business decision.
For more discussion on making money online and making more profits visit our Facebook Page – we would love to see you. After seeing how well it worked for us, we decided to develop it into a plugin our readers could use.
Did you know that it is estimated we get over 300 days of sunshine per year here in Denver, Colorado! Call our Highlands Ranch dental office today to speak with one of our outstanding team members at 303-694-9740 today! Customers would buy our software, then during the checkout process, get offered purchasing options for multi-site licenses and additional popup designs.
The customer is already in buy-mode, they have already got their credit card out and ready to buy something. The first time we did it, we had to ask customers to re-enter their credit card details for every upsell they wanted to buy.
Although we were still able to achieve that industry standard of making just as much from our upsells as the front end offer. They allowed premier users (top earners) to customize the design of their checkout page from the default 1 style design.
When we first released it, a lot of the top bloggers and gurus did not like it and even spoke publicly about not liking the plugin. Once your sales page is setup and you have affiliates promoting your products, you don’t have to do anything to drive traffic and make sales. We regularly look back over past emails we’ve sent to our lists, copy our most successful ones and add them to our autoresponder.
For example, think of any sales page, now duplicate it, so you have two exact same versions of this page.
Often I’ve heard horror stories of top bloggers being slapped by Google and losing all their traffic, therefor losing all their income.
Diversify and make sure you have multiple traffic sources such as Search Engines, Social Media, Podcasting, Email Marketing and so on.

Say you are coming to the site today and the only adverts we have up are for our PopUp Domination software.
We’ve tried everything when it comes to monetization, and now you know exactly what works too when maximizing your earnings.
Today, it gets us more subscribers than our homepage opt-in, footer opt-in, sidebar opt-in and squeeze pages combined. Although there is no shortage of Vitamin D in the Mile High City, all this sunshine can make us more susceptible to skin cancers.
Make sure to see your Highlands Ranch Dentist at Cottonwood Dental Group for your biannual check up which includes an oral cancer examination. Users saw as much as 3x higher conversions by simply matching the header and background color to the one used on their sales page. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, software owner, if you sell eBooks or want more clients.
Our team has read it and copied the techniques learned in the book to write our autoresponder series’. Our websites are made with Genesis framework and all of our sales pages are created with OptimizePress. They see something else they like that’s related and all they have to do is click one extra button. If they convince someone to click the link and they end up buying from us, we give that person a cut of the money for bringing us the business. Then again the next day and again two days later and so on, until all 30 emails have been sent. MaxCDN duplicates your website content across several servers globally, which presents your visitors with website content from whichever server is closest to their location.
We are all aware of how to protect ourselves against skin cancers but most of us are unaware that the lips are just as susceptible.
This means you can write a sales email today, then in the weeks to come when someone subscribes, they’ll get that email automatically, read it and hopefully buy whatever you are selling. Although in most cases, PayPal eventually took these people off hold, how would you deal with not being able to access your money for months on end?
People love choice and you need to be able to show them multiple things they can buy to have the best chance of making a sale.

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