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Set google default search windows 10 taskbar search, Using bing2google extension for chrome, you can make google as the default search in windows 10 taskbar search box, instead of bing. How set google chrome default browser: 5 steps, How to set google chrome as your default browser. How set google chrome default browser windows 10, In windows 10, microsoft edge is the default browser and is really impressive. Chrome browser - google, Google chrome fast, simple, secure web browser, built modern web.. How fix google chrome omnibox search issue, How fix google chrome omnibox search issue running google search google chrome omibox, chrome defaults google. If you don’t already have a web app, you can still follow this tutorial with any other website you own.
Before you start, choose your web app and make sure that you can verify your ownership of its site. Choose the web app that you want to publish, making a note of its homepage URL and any other URLs that it includes. Tip: You can also get to the dashboard from the “Developer Dashboard” link at the bottom of each page in the Extensions Gallery. Every app needs a manifest—a JSON-formatted file named manifest.json that describes the app. For more information about what the manifest for a hosted app can contain, see Hosted Apps. Create or find an icon that follows the guidelines in the App icon section of Supplying Images. Take at least one screenshot of your app, following the guidelines in the Screenshots section of Supplying Images. In this step, you’ll load the unpacked app into the browser, so you can confirm that the app is valid.
Bring up the extensions management page by clicking the wrench icon  and choosing Tools > Extensions. The icon for the newly installed app appears in Google Chrome’s launcher on the New Tab page.

Decide which Google Account is your developer account—the account that you’ll use to verify ownership and publish your app.
Once you sign in, you’ll see a list of any installable web apps, extensions, and themes that you’ve already uploaded.
If you’ve never uploaded an installable web app, extension, or theme before, you need to accept the developer agreement before going on. If you see an error message, fix the error, zip up the directory again, and upload the ZIP file.
In this step, you use the dashboard’s Edit page to provide information for the store’s listing of your app. In the dashboard’s Edit page for your app, enter text for at least the Categories and Detailed description sections. If you want to charge for your app, specify the price and the payment system in the Pricing and Payments section.
Tip: Before finalizing your app’s listing, think about how users are going to find your app, and make sure the detailed description includes the terms they’re likely to search for.
Once your app and the sites it depends on are ready, deploy the app to the web (if it isn’t already public). In the Chrome Developer Dashboard, click the “Publish” link to publish your app’s listing in the Chrome Web Store. If your are looking for "publish your web apps in Chrome Web Store" and want to get a big traffic.
If your are looking for "publish your web apps in Chrome Web Store" and want to get a big traffic. Livemans is a e-magazine portal, Where you will get information about Online Digital Magazine, Business Magazines, Digital News, Latest News, Internet technology etc. Here i will tell your the best way to publish your apps with chrome store over 105 country. Any website can be an installable web app, although the site should follow a few design principles.
For the purposes of this tutorial, you can create a blog on Blogger and treat it like an app.

The icon is used in the Chrome Web Store and New Tab page; the screenshot is used in the store’s listing for your app.
If the Apps area is minimized, then instead of the icon you specified, you should see the website favicon. On Windows, you can do this by right-clicking myapp and choosing the menu item Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder. Instead of using your personal Gmail account, you might want to create a dedicated account for your apps. At the top, you might see a warning that you must verify ownership for whatever sites you specified in the “urls” and “web_url” fields. You can use the built-in Chrome Web Store Payments system if you are in a supported region. If your app uses features such as geolocation or notifications that require user consent, consider adding a permissions field to the manifest.
Providing a link to a support site in your app’s listing gives users an alternative to using the User reviews section as a way of reporting issues.
Here i will tell your the best way to publish your apps with chrome store over 105 country.
Often, formatting issues are related to commas (,) and quotation marks (“)—either too many or not enough.
If you don’t, try changing the value of “web_url” in the manifest, reload the app, and click its icon again.
That warning has a link that takes you toGoogle Webmaster Tools, where you can verify ownership at any time before you publish the app. Because it automatically registers you as the owner of the blog’s subdomain, which makes publishing your app a bit easier.

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