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If you were going to make your own Micro Radio Station, this is an example of what can be used.
Note: Radio broadcasting is regulated by the Federal Government (and you know what that means). Nicole Turner opens up the first half of the show with great insight about detoxing our life emotionally and mentally and how to get it done so that we can improve relationships with ourselves and others. Ronald Barnes opens up the second half of the show talking about the qualities that make up the fabric of a man. During the first half of the show, Morgan McCane and her parents talk about an organization that Morgan founded at the age of 15.
Patricia Terrell, Host of Make the Change Radio Show has been an entrepreneur for 21 years and has transformed herself over the years.
Over the years, Patricia has re-invented herself and she talks about the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone to fulfill your purpose in life and Dora Carpenter chimes in to talk about feeling the fear, but doing it anyway and her Feel the Fear workshops. Patricia is a bit old school when it comes to dating and shares some tips about how men should ask a lady out on a date.
In this episode, Stephan shares specific reasons that are hindering women from receiving the love and man she deserves and what she can do to turn things around. Stephan talks about how to navigate through the dating process if you have chosen celibacy or to abstain from sexual intercourse. If you are discouraged with relationships and skeptical of trusting men due to too many previous disappointments, then you will want to listen to this episode to restore your hope that once again, love is possible. This episode is full of information and free resources to help you start turning your setback into a comeback and turn the comeback into greenbacks. As we all look for ways to live a life of happiness and purpose, quitting our jobs to pursue our passion is never an easy option.  However, if you include a hobby or two in your daily life, it can positively impact your self-esteem, reduce stress, make you happy, you become more attractive and people will gravitate towards you because you have something to talk about.
During the first half of the show, Ron Pemberton talks about how his love for antique automobiles, led to the founding of the Unity Thunder Car Club, which has grown significantly in the twelve years of its founding. During the 2nd half of the show, Wendy Bridges, talked about  entering her first beauty pageant after retirement and winning the title of Ms.
All guests shared incredible words of wisdom about the importance of living a life full of passionate pursuits and that it is never too late to live a purposeful life; even after retirement.
13 million parents of boomers are being cared for by their adult children and about a quarter of those are in assisted-living facilities.
Carolyn experienced this firsthand.  She was ousted overnight by her siblings, from being her father’s sole caregiver for over 10 years.

In this episode, Carolyn guides us in how to have the crucial conversations with our loved ones about their end-of-life wishes and how we can best prepare for end-of-life care. 086 Entrepreneurship, Parenting, Gastric Bypass Surgery – A Conversation with Michael A.
It’s Black History Month and Ronald Wayne Cook is back to talk about the Black Seeds Educational and Historical Calendar. If getting a new job or a total career change is the change you want to make this year, then in this episode you will learn what you need to do prior to beginning your job search. If you want to know what to do before your next interview, you will want to listen to this episode with Michelle Davis-Younger. Otis Williams, a living legend, with a 56 year career of active performances talks about his life as the founder and the last original surviving member of the Temptations. Otis talks about what it has taken for the Temptations to remain relevant for 56 years and so much more.
Other songs included in this segment are; Please Return Your Love To Me, Treat Her Like A Lady,  Ain’t Too Proud To Beg, I Wish It Would Rain,  Cloud Nine, Error of Our Ways, Elevator Eyes, Can’t Get Next To You, Since I Lost My Baby, Papa Was A Rolling Stone, Ball of Confusion, and of course we close the show with My Girl. This show is bound to take you down Memory Lane and will cause you start dancing or swaying in your seat.
Damon Jones wrote his book as part of his plan to grow his business and establish himself as a subject-matter expert in his profession.
Kareem Taylor was blogging for five years and consulted with his loyal followers to determine the type of book he should write. So if you want to learn the secrets to writing a book or how to get the book you started years ago finally written, these guests will share their secrets to get you started on your journey to becoming an author. In this episode he shares important information about how to care for our feet, the clues our feet can provide about the state of our health. Colletta talks about the ten foods that can help keep cancer at bay, how to protect our daughters from breast and ovarian cancers, breast cancer in men and the healthy lifestyles that can keep cancer from robbing us of our lives and those of our loved ones.
Proceeds from the pledge drive help Pioneer 90.1 cover operating expenses like tower rent, electricity, web streaming, equipment repair, engineering, and syndicated program fees. We are extremely grateful to the businesses and listeners who care enough about the station to support it with a contribution. Station manager Mark Johnson and staffers Chris Cuppett, Ron West and Glen Braget also produce several hours of live programming each week, focused on community interviews and adult-oriented alternative music. Northland Community & Technical College is a member of the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities system.

Use the search box at the top to find videos that you want to add to your radio station playlist.
Fraser has been featured on 7 national magazine covers, and has received 350 awards and citations to include an induction into the Minority Business Hall of Fame and Museum, three honorary Doctorate Degrees, and an Ambassadorship. Fraser shares tips about success , power networking tips, overcoming fear, finding your purpose, and more.
Watson talks about whether resiliency is learned behavior, if we are born with it, and how we can build our resiliency. Watson had every reason to give up and quit, due to being born into a drug-addicted household, gang influence, parental imprisonment, home foreclosure, divorce, unpaid bills and more, but he was determined not to give up. Senior District of Columbia 2015, which is for women 60 years of age and older.    Ebony Andrews is a public health professional with a background in health education and communication. Graves of Graves Advisory Group, LLC, Black Enterprise Magazine, and C-Suite Sports Radio Show talks about growing up with iconic parents, Mr. James Arthur Williams used Kick Starter to obtain initial support from his followers and to fund the initial expenses associated with writing his first book and ultimately getting in published. Lloyd Thomas Bowser is a Corporate Podiatrist at Oak Crest Village and the President and CEO of the 3D Foot Doctor. Bowser uses this amazing technology called the Noraxon Running Analysis that shows in real time what is happening to our anatomy while running. Shane Perrault, Business Mogul Charles Young, Author Robert Jackson, and Pastor Lewis Tucker reveal the secrets to dating that some men do not want women to know, such as the proper way to date, red flags and deal breakers, how the wrong guys decide how to pick you, how to know if he is really into you, why men disappear, startling statistics about men and so much more. We try to make our daytime music mix light enough to have on in the workplace, with an emphasis on new music discovery. But we also love it when we hear from listeners who say they’ve found a favorite new artist that they would never have heard if it wasn’t for our station. It identifies the problem areas and the necessary corrections to enhance performance and reduce the likelihood of injuries. Jolley knows firsthand the heavy load that setbacks can create and what it takes to bounce back. Watson should know because he went from homeless and living out of  trunk to a star athlete to college graduate, to earning his doctorate, and to a highly successful entrepreneur!

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