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The band has a seven-inch record in the works which is due in February 2010 and a full-length in the early summer, both to be released on Unfamiliar Records. We've been waiting for Makeout Videotape's debut LP for well over a year, as the Vancouver-based fuzz pop outfit signed to Unfamiliar Records way back in 2009. The reason for the sudden release, he says, was to break the long period of silence that followed the band's summer tour. Making the release even more baffling is the fact there are two different versions of Ying Yang -- the six songs on Bandcamp and a 13-track set that DeMarco sent around to friends. Even though the projected release date for Makeout Videotape's official debut LP is only a few months away, the prolific DeMarco still isn't sure what it's going to sound like. At this point, we're beginning to wonder if Thee Oh Sees should open their own vinyl pressing plant. Antes de sair em carreira solo em 2012, quando lancou Rock and Roll Night Club, Mac Demarco fazia parte da banda Makeout Videotape.

O musico, ao lado de Alex Calder – parceiro de Mac na banda -, resolveram fazer uma nova edicao de Ying Yang, disco do duo que chegou as lojas em 2010. Recentemente, o artista lancou o minialbum “Another One”, sequencia dos aclamados 2 (2012) e Salad Days (2014).
But we didn't hear much else from the band until December, when they unexpectedly released a six-song collection called Ying Yang as a free download. As the singer explains, he never intended for listeners to view the collection as an official album.
By then, he and bassist Alex Calder will have relocated the band to Montreal -- a move that will take place in February. O registro, que estara disponivel em 20 de agosto, sera relancado pela Captured Tracks, mesmo selo do disco de estreia de Mac Demarco. Now, frontman Mac DeMarco has said that Makeout Videotape are aiming to put out a physical album in the spring, although it won't be the same one that they put online.

Centrepiece “Heat Wave” is the closest thing to a ballad on the record, despite Natalie Gitt attacking the tom-toms.
DeMarco’s guitar sweetly sprinkles a jangly chord progression on the track before he tenderly coos out a series of “oohs” on its chorus.Adding to the album’s ghetto-blaster aesthetic are the tape-deterioration hisses and warbles on rave-up number “I Guess the Lord Is in New York” and jazzy mope-fest “Basketball Kids”. Best of Vancouver, BOV and Golden Plates are trade-marks of Vancouver Free Press Publishing Corp.

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