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Shania apparently tosses off hope-destroying nightmares like the average person sloughs of dead skin cells because she is, you’ll recall, the dark priestess responsible for That Don’t Impress Me Much (WARNING! She has managed to keep pace with Bernie Taupin who co-wrote an amazing two hope destroying nightmares in one 12-month period!
So aside from the obvious MacArthur Parkes and the Popozaos and the I’ve Never Been to Mes and the Ebony and Ivorys of the world, I’d be interested to hear which (popular) songs wring the hope and joy from your soul?
Now that I have young kids and I listen to songs by the Wiggles with topics like climbing stairs or Dora the Explorer covering Kool and the Gang on a regular basis, much of my soul has been drained and I am numb to most awful sonic input.
I’ve always found Tom Sawyer by Rush to be both lyrically and vocally, pain inducing. I’m convinced the Starland Vocal Band has constructed one of the first weapons grade pop songs. Nearly any track off of nearly any Gwen Stefani album cultivates a desire in my heart to pour a beaker full of sulfuric acid into my ears.

Her music breaks new ground in the field of annoyance, and may quite possibly be the audiological embodiment of hell itself.
My wive loves her some Neil Diamond, but that song and the endless Todays ignited a burning hot hatred of the man that it took me years and years to get over. Okay, I don’t know if this counts as it was originally a novelty song and not meant to be serious but it actually was on the charts when I was in high school. Not to get all indie here, since we’re rightly ridiculing overplayed pop douchery, but can someone please explain the desperate community love of Antony and the Johnstons?
I already used my vote for Gwen Stefani, as seen above, but I’m also going to boldly identify myself as one of the few remaining people who does not like listening to John Mayer.
Jesus, Take the Wheel = Jesus Christ, Son of God, who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, who was crucified under Pilate, was buried and on the third day rose again, THE Jesus, not John Turturro, please turn off this song, k thnx.
Also, I’ll go on record as well as saying that any given Gwen Stefani song is the worst song in the world.

Sure, many of the title suggested so far are all terrible and insidious in their own special ways, but if some evil organization or mad scientist discover the secrets behind this song, we’re all doomed. But right at the end, just as the band is winding up, there is a blood-curdling series of yaps that sounds to my ears like the noise a cat might make if you sliced off each of his paws, one by one, in time with the music.
It sends chills down my spine and if I’m in my car when I hear this, I have the distinct urge to veer into oncoming traffic. I don’t know why somebody decided to include these horrible noises in a jaunty little holiday tune.

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