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Coby is a Marine captain[3][4] who trained together with Helmeppo under Vice Admiral Garp's supervision. Due to the passage of time and Garp's training, Coby has grown thinner and taller, standing close to Luffy in height. Coby wears a standard-issue Marine jacket, pants, and neckerchief as well as a brightly patterned bandanna worn tied across his forehead. After the timeskip, Coby has grown even taller, reaching Garp's shoulders, and now looks older than Luffy. Coby was first introduced as the Alvida Pirates' hapless chore boy who lived in fear of both the ship's crew and captain. As the pair continued in their travels, Coby remained timid and cautious, often relying on Luffy to perform dangerous tasks and becoming alarmed by his companion's reckless behavior.
He was also shown to be perceptive, noting that it was "strange" for the citizens of Shells Town to be afraid of a Marine Captain and telling Luffy that he had "a bad feeling about this". Under Garp's instruction, Coby's timidity has been replaced with confidence, although he remains polite, self-effacing, and apologetic if he feels he has done something overly ambitious (such as publicly stating his goal to become a Marine admiral).
Coby does not act with the reckless bravery that many characters in the series exhibit, but rather on moral compunction.
Garp is the mentor of Coby and Helmeppo; he keeps them out of trouble and ensures that they are not slacking off. After his father was kicked out of the Marines, Helmeppo lost access to the luxurious life that he once held under his father's rank. Coby was forced to serve as a chore boy under Alvida and her crew for two years, after he accidentally boarded their ship. He has some knowledge of swordsmanship, as he was seen practicing with Helmeppo and Bogard.
After two years, he reached the rank of Captain; it was revealed he has become more powerful as shown in Episode of Luffy, when he shattered a gigantic metal disk with a single punch and performed Rokushiki techniques with ease. Since his training with Garp, Coby has become strong enough to use Rokushiki or, at the very least, the Soru technique. Coby had intended to board a ship for a fishing trip one day, but he found himself amid the dangerous crew of the pirate Alvida by mistake. Alvida bursts through the ceiling of the cellar and sees Luffy, mentioning how he actually is not Roronoa Zoro. At a restaurant, when Coby and Luffy discuss parting ways, Luffy mentions Zoro's name with shocking results from the other customers.
Luffy and Coby then arrive at the Marine base, where Coby thinks it will be his goodbye, as he plans on enrolling in the Marines, but Luffy climbs over the wall and spots Zoro tied to a cross.
At that moment, the snobbish Helmeppo, son of Captain Morgan, arrives with several Marine soldiers. Luffy, Coby, and Rika walk into a restaurant, and find Helmeppo, talking about how he's going to execute Zoro the next day.
Laying on the ground, Coby brings his nerves together and declares he wants to join the Marines, even if it's just to do chores. After some time, Zoro goes back inside with the other Straw Hats, leaving Luffy, Coby and Helmeppo to sit outside and reminisce about their first meeting and the young marine's journey to the Grand Line. He becomes so worked up that he accidentally blurts out his dream of becoming an admiral before immediately collapsing in embarrassment. He was formerly an involuntary cabin boy for the Alvida Pirates until he was liberated by Luffy, and was one of the first people Luffy befriended on his travels. He has also gained a cross-shaped scar above his right eye, presumably earned under Garp's heavy-handed tutelage. Coby's glasses are still present, but he has adopted the habit of wearing them pushed up on his forehead and has not been seen using them since his appearance in the Post-Enies Lobby Arc.
He now wears a scarf, a senior officer's Marine coat with the word "justice" on it, a merit on his jacket, and a new bandanna. Two years of forced servitude had robbed him of all hope of escaping as well as his dream of becoming a Marine, leaving him with few goals other than avoiding being bludgeoned to death by Alvida's iron mace.
He continues to be an emotional, compassionate person who can easily be driven to tears for a variety of reasons. He has put his life on the line at least twice for the sake of what he feels is right, most notably at the Battle of Marineford where he brought fighting to a standstill by facing down Admiral Akainu and bought the precious seconds needed for Luffy to escape. He was forced to become a chore boy alongside Coby and despite Coby's good natured attempts to befriend him, he refused any of it.

He traveled briefly with Luffy, acting as a temporary navigator, after Luffy helped him escape from his servitude to Alvida.
According to Alvida, the only reason she kept him around was because he happened to be good at navigation.[1] During his mini-arc he is seen training alongside Helmeppo and Vice Admiral Monkey D. He has shown great growth as he started out with no fighting abilities to being able to handle the dangers of the Grand Line, particularly the New World. To stay alive, he 'volunteered' to become a slave for this band of pirates, but secretly fostered hopes of escape and eventually joining the Marines. When Coby mentions the name of the Marine in charge of the base, Morgan, the same effect occurs. Coby loses it, and as the two look at Zoro a little girl named Rika climbs over the wall with a ladder. He eats one of Rika's rice balls and says it's disgusting, since she used sugar instead of salt, and he stomps on them and has her thrown out. The Marine in charge of the scene asks Coby if he really wants to join, the Marine acknowledges his past with pirates and agrees that Coby can join. On the vice admiral's order, Helmeppo charges Zoro while Luffy is attacked by the then-unknown Coby. Luffy insists that the two marines come in and share a meal with his crew, but Coby declines the invitation, saying that he and Luffy are members of opposing factions and that they "shouldn't be too friendly with one another". Luffy accepts Coby's ambitious proclamation as a certainty, saying that, if the marine wanted to fight with him the New World, then he could not be anything other than an admiral. His hair has grown longer and shaggier since his growth spurt, but it has retained its pink color.
Coby admires Garp, even though he maintains a highly brutal clutch on him because he would not be where he is without him. After being kidnapped by his own father and held hostage, Helmeppo disowned his father and started changing, becoming braver and less of a spoiled brat.
Also, after Coby’s speech, Sakazuki tried to kill him, which caused Coby to fear him even more. They then proclaim that they are thirsty and just as one of the pirates is about to smash open the barrel with his fist, it bursts open and out jumps Monkey D.
Luffy then explains how his ship got destroyed in a whirlpool and how he barely survived by jumping into the barrel. Alvida attacks but Luffy picks up Coby and launches himself out of the cellar, and onto the deck. Luffy then winds back and uses a Gomu Gomu no Pistol attack to send Alvida flying, defeating her with one hit. Luffy is surprised that they actually arrived, Coby points out that this is the basics of navigation.
In the street Coby comments on the reactions for the villagers here in the town, understanding why they reacted out of fear for Zoro due to his reputation, but not Morgan's name. Captain Morgan, at that time, is having a statue of himself erected on top of the Marine base, and he punches his son and calls him worthless after Helmeppo tells him what happened. Luffy drags Helmeppo into the base building to find Zoro's swords, while one of the Marines spots Coby untying Zoro. Zoro points out to Coby that his past with Alvida makes joining the Marines difficult as he has association with pirates. Coby salutes the pirates; suddenly he becomes aware that the other Marines are also saluting the pirates. Before he leaves, Coby asks Luffy what he knows about latter half of the Grand Line, which marines and pirates call "the New World".
Coby is moved to tears by Luffy's unshakable faith in him and is teased by Zoro for "still" being a crybaby.
Garp was horrified when Coby shouted out to stop the massacre at Marineford during the Whitebeard War. This incident did not affect Coby's standing in the Marines, since he was promoted to the rank of Captain after Akainu became Fleet Admiral. Although they are now on opposite sides and will inevitably have to fight, Coby and Luffy still consider each other friends, since Luffy helped Coby master the courage to become a Marine. Both of them were glad to see each other again at Water 7, however Zoro acknowledged that Coby was better friends with Luffy than with himself. Alvida would often ask Coby who was the most beautiful woman in the world and, if he didn’t reply that she was, he would be punished.

Then, Coby explains how he ended up getting picked up by Alvida's pirates and how he has been their slave ever since.
He is attacked by Alvida's pirates but knocks them all out using a Gomu Gomu no Rocket attack.
Luffy orders Alvida's remaining pirates to get a boat ready for him and Coby, and they jump into the boat and sail away, briefly seeing Nami in her boat as they head off. Coby points out that Luffy cannot just float around out at sea and that he must find a navigator soon. Zoro refuses, and refuses to be freed from his bindings since he plans on surviving just to spite Helmeppo. Zoro cannot believe what he is hearing, and Coby tells Zoro how Luffy punched Helmeppo because of what they overheard him say. Coby is left standing there alone; and the Marines question whether he is with the pirates. Coby cheerfully admits defeat and reintroduces himself to Luffy and Zoro, asking if they remember him.
He requests to meet the Straw Hat captain again in that ocean, promising to be strong enough to fight and capture him. Coby and Helmeppo depart, repeating their challenge to the Straw Hats to meet them again in the New World. The pirates try to attack him, but they are easily defeated and flee, and Coby is intrigued by Luffy. Luffy then mentions his dream, how he wants to become the Pirate King, which causes Coby to lose it, realizing that Luffy is a pirate. When everyone is shocked by this, Luffy explains that he is a rubber man who ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Sailing out into the great blue sea, Luffy asks about the pirate hunter Coby mentioned.[16] Coby says that he was captured by the Marines, and Luffy announces his intention of asking him to join his crew.
Luffy says he will go get them, so he uses Gomu Gomu no Rocket to launch himself up to the roof of the Marine base. Although the Straw Hat captain initially has trouble recognizing Coby due to his growth spurt, the trio are happily reunited (Helmeppo is hardly remembered at all, much to his chagrin). In addition Helmeppo seems to care for Coby and he rushed to help him after being defeated by Luffy. However, during the Battle at Marineford, Luffy had to punch Coby in order to go save his brother Ace.
After Coby realized that he should also be willing to die for his dream, he found the courage to openly defy Alvida and express his true feelings towards her. He says he wants to find One Piece and that he is currently looking for a crew, thinking that ten people is a good amount. Luffy and Coby then meet with Rika in the town and Luffy mentions how Zoro loved the rice balls. Suddenly, some Marines approach Zoro and Coby and declare them traitors.Morgan proves to have high endurance as neither man manages to knock the other to the ground. Coby, like the Straw Hat crew and the rest of Garp's men, is shocked when the vice admiral reveals that the revolutionary Dragon is his son and Luffy's father. This angered Alvida and she was about to kill Coby but Luffy stepped in and quickly defeated her.
Morgan orders Luffy to be executed, so Luffy grabs Helmeppo and runs into the base, searching for Zoro's swords.
As Morgan is knocked around by Luffy, Morgan's son Helmeppo holds a gun to Coby's head and threatens to kill him.
One day, Helmeppo brought a vicious wolf into the town bar, but Zoro knocked it out to protect everyone inside. He then knocked down Helmeppo, but Helmeppo had Zoro arrested in an exchange that the people in the bar not be executed.
Morgan approaches Luffy from behind, the latter stretching his arm and knocking out Helmeppo, while Zoro in the same instance takes out Morgan. After the Marines stop Luffy from fighting, Coby is declared not to be with Luffy and Zoro and the two are ordered to leave.

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