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9Muchisimo mejor, el cambio de protagonista le ha sentado genial, la hermana es la leche tmb xDD En general todo el capitulo muy bien!
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The surrealist comedy follows the adventures of newly single Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel) as he traverses life, love, and everything in between. Bringing those creatures to life falls to Jones, whose 26-year career has included work on movies The Bride of Chucky and Resident Evil as well as creating body doubles of Tatiana Maslany on Orphan Black. Making the monsters entails a team of seven people, and sometimes multiple puppeteers, with Jones masterminding the way.
In tonight's episode, Jones' handiwork can be seen in the demonic horns and tail sported by guest star Brett Gelman and the zombie-like creatures Josh and his chick-magnet best friend Mike (Eric Andre) encounter at a destination wedding in Hell.
Fun fact: Hader didn't have time to pop up to Toronto for his body casting, so Jones and his team acquired an old cast from his Saturday Night Live days.
Fun fact: Tanaka's lower tentacles, which are all-penis, were pixilated for the episode, something that has never happened before to Jones.

Pues man seeking woman es una comedia escrita y producida por Simon Rich que se emite en la cadena FXX y que mediante sketches nos muestra de manera absurda y exagerada los topicos de las relaciones y la busqueda de pareja. They're both part of a day's work for Paul Jones, the creature creator and head of the prosthetic make-up team on FXX's Man Seeking Woman. Gorbachaka is actually a custom-made body suit with Toronto-based actress Raeanna Guitard inside.
Comedian Bill Hader (who is 90 years younger than the character) donned the industry standard silicon gel for his prosthetic makeup. Josh's right hand has some choice things to say about their, er, repetitive intimacies before popping off and leaving him. For this one, Jones and his team created three puppets: two eyes and mouth before digitally placing them into Jay's hand. A friend of Whitney (played by Friday Night Lights' Minka Kelly) from her study-abroad days also happens to be a Japanese penis monster that speaks only by repeating his name (and is voiced by Portlandia's Fred Armisen). The foam latex creature is "probably the craziest thing I've ever built," according to Jones.
The moment Josh makes his relationship official with Kayla (Anna Konkle), time freezes, and Sex Aliens from the Planet Sex make an appearance.

In addition to white wigs and contact lenses, make-up designer Julia Valente and Jones created a two-layer paint scheme with white paint, and a silver powder on top, complete with very subtle blue highlights. Puede obtener mas informacion y conocer como cambiar la configuracion en nuestra politica de cookies.
Jones and his crew made casts of her body, face, and hands, sculpted the makeup on top of them, and then duplicated the sculpture into a foam rubber that was applied to her skin. There was a costume performer inside controlling the main arm tentacles, but the majority of the tentacles were cable-controlled. Jones also ended up making nipple covers for, "A completely streamlined, Barbie-doll kind of breast," he says.

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