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Mass Effect: Foundation #1 is the first of a 13-part series based on the popular science fiction video game franchise, Mass Effect. But while the game is still far off in the distance (next generation consoles, in the likeliest of scenarios), BioWare has already begun early development on the title, and they’re looking for feedback from we the players to help them decide where exactly they want to take the next game. Countless mods have been made over the years, but only a few truly stand out to those of us who don’t use them.
His work is so good that it looks like these characters were developed into the game from the start, plucked from their own worlds and dropped onto the harsh streets of Liberty City. You know something went wrong with your video game when tens of thousands of fans who were thrilled to finally play it ultimately ended up enraged and signing petitions to get the game’s ending fixed.
But, to their credit, BioWare took notice after all the negativity, and they promised to make some big changes for their fans to try and make it up to them. Now that the add-on has been released, you’ve been able to check it out, and some time has passed, there is only one question to be asked: are you satisfied with Mass Effect 3 in the end? Were you one of the many Mass Effect fans enraged by the highly questionable choices of BioWare in regard to the ending of their trilogy-maker, Mass Effect 3?
If so, you were happy to discover that the company admitted to the weakness in their closing moments of the game, and have since been awaiting the changes they promised to make in hopes of remedying the problems. Much time has gone by without so much as a peep, but now, suddenly, BioWare is ready to release their answer to your complaints. Continue reading for details about the new content and to listen to an interview with executive producer Casey Hudson and lead writer Mack Walters. The sale at RIPT began today, Thursday, May 17, 2012, at midnight CST, and will continue for 24 hours from then, and once it’s over, it will not be sold on the site anymore. The sale began at Teefury today, Thursday, April 19, 2012, at midnight EST, and will continue for 24 hours from then, and once it’s over, it will not be sold on the site anymore.

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I wanted to call this episode “OH MY GOD BEHIND YOOOOU,” but then I got to the part where Bovice47 puts down his controller and claps.
I was pretty excited when I found out about the upcoming Halo: Initiation series from Dark Horse Comics, especially when I found out that the series would focus on Sarah Palmer.
There have been a lot of geeky cakes over the years, but bakers everywhere keep on making them, and we aren’t complaining! Take a journey back in time with Kristen of Game Meets Girl as she reviews The Secret of Monkey Island. We recently interviewed Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch, the CEO of Silicon Sisters, a Vancouver-based indie developer.
Written by Mac Walters and illustrated by Omar Francia, the story takes place 22 years before the first game, looking into the past to establish the origin story for what we can assume will be the main character going forward. Those changes ending up becoming a nearly 2GB add-on called the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut, which you can download for free right now if you’ve not already. Head below for more and to speak your mind on the changes, but do no proceed if you’ve not beaten the game.
You can also visit the EA Store for more sales on titles like Star Wars: The Old Republic and Crysis 2.

More Mass Effect 2 Cerberus Code Generator available on the site To Download Mass Effect 2 Code Generator by clicking the Download Now. It’s pretty amazing to say that there will be a Mass Effect line coming to Black Milk Clothing. Pepper recently teamed up for a Mass Effect 2 promotion that provides drinkers of the soda the chance to win three DLC items for use in the new game.
YouTube user wapeddell has been sharing his mods for a while now, including his work bringing other video game characters into the world of Grand Theft Auto IV. Having worked at a book store, I had seen the book there, and a friend also recommended it to me. Those living outside the United States are sadly ineligible for the promotion, and players who just don't drink the stuff may simply be out of luck. As it turns out, Hellforge has good news. On August 13, consumer brand-focused start-up Fashioholic will launch Fashion Eye, the first fashion-serious iOS and Adroid social app. There is nothing particularly great about it, and the problems I mentioned aren’t very obvious, but they are when you read it more than once.
Also recently announced was that Charles Dance (Alien 3, Last Action Hero, Game of Thrones) will be voicing Emperor Emhyr var Emreis in the game.
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