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The gadgets have been banned from places like Apple meetings and theme parks, but continue to proliferate on street corners and in Best Buys, throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Selfie sticks are, depending on who you talk to, either a useful invention well on its way to ubiquity, or an annoyingA fadA that needs to be stopped. One person for sureA is Wayne Fromm, a Canadian inventorA who considers himself the father of the modern selfie stick. Fromma€™s claim to being the father of the selfie stick doesna€™t rest on being first, but being the one who envisioned the entire scope of the selfie stick.

He would type his brand name into Alibaba, the a€?Chinese Amazon,a€? and be confronted with a sea of knockoffs. And as the selfie craze reached a fever pitch, he began to see them not only in China, but in places like his local Walgreens. His designs were originally meant to hold up to 28 pounds of DSLR camera, and not shake if you jumped out of an airplane with it. The selfie sticka€™s genesis is shrouded in conflicting lore, but even Fromm admits he wasna€™t the first one to come up with an idea of a camera on a stick.

That person, possibly, is Hiroshi Ueda, a engineer for the camera company Minolta who experimented with an early selfie design as far back as the 1980s.A But we can't be completely certain. He hadna€™t invented the idea of a camera on a stick a€” what hea€™d invented, was the Quik Pod.

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