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Washington, April 26 : An easy way to keep your brain healthy and sharp is to meet friends, attend parties and or just play bingo! Frequent social activities may help prevent or delay cognitive decline in old age, says a research conducted by the Rush University Medical Centre. The study included 1,138 older adults with a mean age of 80, who are participating in the Rush Memory and Aging Project.
Social activity included engaging in social interaction like going to restaurants, sporting events or playing bingo, day trips or overnight trips, volunteer work, visiting relatives or friends, among others.
At the beginning of the investigation, all of them were free of any signs of cognitive impairment. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community.
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Going off to college and leaving your high school friends behind can seem like a daunting proposition.
Instead of closing your dorm room door or resigning yourself to a roommate-only friendship, leave your door open when hanging out or studying. Getting out and enjoying your college's city can introduce you to a new host of friends, too. One of the best ways to get to know the gals on your dorm's floor is by talking to them when you're all in the bathroom getting ready for class or bed. They underwent yearly evaluations that included medical history and neuropsychological tests, according to a Rush statement. Over an average of five years, however, those who were more socially active showed reduced rates of cognitive decline.
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The good news is that meeting new people to hang out with is even easier than you might think.
This will ensure people (who are also new and looking for new friends) see you as open and approachable (meaning they'll be more likely to pop in and say hi). Not only will you get to know more about your community, but you'll also meet new people (of all ages!). Counselor Susan Fee, author of My Roommate is Driving Me Crazy!, suggests four critical things to consider before making your decision. Everyone is in the same boat at the beginning of freshman year, and everyone wants to meet people.

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