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The National Organization for Marriage has sunken to a new low: quibbling with fourth graders. Why gay people should be able to get married is you can’t stop two adult’s from getting married because there grown and it doesn’t matter if it creeps you out just get over it. As you can see gay people should have the right to get married and you shouldn’t judge other peoples lives because if you was gay you wouldn’t want people talking about you. Proof again that the activists pushing same-sex marriage aren’t interested in reasoned debate and argument: just silencing the other side. In fact, one of the biggest gaps in NOM’s arguments against equality is the fact that the protections of marriage would greatly benefit these same-sex families.
It could very well be that the fourth-grader who wrote this essay actually has same-sex parents.
A few years ago, while watching some trailers of Korean films on YouTube, I came across a short film called Boy Meets Boy by the director Kim Jho Gwang-soo. Boy Meets Boy is really about Seok-yi, who we learn quite a lot about and his problems with him coming to terms with his sexuality and his peer pressure, as Korea is still a conservative country and homosexuality is still viewed as a foreign issue and many people find it hard to accept it. However things might change soon because Kim has directed a new full length film called Two Weddings and a Funeral and this looks good. But, however good Korean gay films are, I believe Hong Kong produces some of the best gay films. So although I prefer Hong Kong gay films, Hong Kong has over time had a better understanding of homosexuality, but Korean gay films have done more for society and homosexuality isn’t as taboo as it used to be and soon there will be a time where it is mostly accepted and not frowned upon. It’s quite true that no ban on same-sex marriage has ever stopped same-sex couples from forming and raising their own families.

Children raised by same-sex couples fare just as well as other children, and allowing their parents to marry will only add to their protection. As the title suggests it’s a homosexual short film about a young schoolboy called Min-soo who loves photography and who is also gay. But this article isn’t just about Boy Meets Boy but about ‘boy meets boy’ in Korean films in general. The story is about a gay guy and girl who get married to hide their real sexuality from family and colleagues, often called a lavender marriage. I have watched the film Amphetamine and Permanent Residence by the same director which deal with straight men falling in love with gay men and vice versa with the former examining the limit of passion and the latter about the limit of life, but the films feel more artistic, delicate, sexual and memorable (I can’t link the trailers to these two films though due to the large amount of nudity). But in terms of artistic value Korean gay films still have a way to go to match those of Hong Kong. Meet masculine mature older beefy butch dads with huge bull balls big bulges thick uncut cocks and big nipples. The film starts off with Min-soo who is trying to put a roll of film into his camera then drops the film down a flight of steps. Kim Jho Gwang-soo is not only a director but also a producer who worked on films such as The Red Shoes, No Regret and Boys of Tomorrow. This short film deals with the issue of coming out to your family and how they can deal with it. Soundless Wind Chime is also another Hong Kong film which was just amazing and very touching and Wong Kar-wai’s Happy Together being just great at everything but then it has Christopher Doyle as its cinematographer, and he is very talented. Banning same-sex marriage definitely does not have any impact on whether straight men over the age of 55 cheat on their wives, as some conservatives have claimed.

No Regret is also a gay film that looks into the issues of homosexuality and also into male brothels and about one having to admit his own sexuality by choice. Again this film communicates very well in such a short space of time, a lot more than No Regret for example. Can’t really say much as I haven’t seen it, but time will tell if this film lives up to the standards of Boy Meets Boy, when I get my hands on the DVD which I should think will be out next year (2013) sometime. The next scene Min-soo is on a bus putting some items away in his school bag when again he drops a roll of film, but this time it starts to roll along the floor of the bus, and then hits the foot of a standing passenger, who becomes the other boy in the story, Seok-yi. Marry a girl of whom his parents want him to marry or become the boyfriend of the man he loves and to risk his parents never talking to him again, but really I don’t think its anywhere near as good as Boy Meets Boy, which was cute and simple without trying too hard. I can’t give too much information away, unlike a lot of synopses that give far too much, as that’s unfair for people interested in watching this great little film.
It is a short, at around 13 minutes long but, what interested me more than anything was how much was told in this short space of time. The film has no spoken words, apart from a surreal scene with animation, so communicates with us purely by visuals and Min-soo, played by Kim Hye-sung, will please the girls as he’s very good looking and impressed me quite a bit with his acting skills. And in truth, this short film has so many better qualities than some of mainstream Korean films that have too much action, sex, violence and less of the meanings and values that we really can connect with.
This short film, linked below, started my interest in how homosexuality is portrayed in Korean film, so here I share these films with you along with some thoughts.

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