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If you pay attention to the American political scumbag carnival, you’ve probably heard of Grover Norquist. Norquist went on to do an interview about Burning Man with the National Journal, which really ought to know better. The annual event is organized by a series of departments that serve the event like a de facto government. The Emergency Services Department partners with a nearby hospital to provide paramedic and medical services.
There are even staff teams looking out for Grover’s beloved One Percenters, like the airport that serves the growing share of people who arrive by chartered plane.
Finally, you’ve got the actual US government, which manifests itself at Burning Man as the Bureau of Land Management. Still, he shouldn’t stop at the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation on his way up from Reno. No matter what happens, keep one thing in mind: People move heaven and earth to reach this event to test their limits, to make friends, and to challenge their preconceptions.
He’s the head of Americans for Tax Reform, a lobbying group known for keeping tight reins on the Republican Party through the anti-tax pledge they exact from elected officials. Aside from Rogen, celebrities tend not to announce their plans to attend, because it’s considered a faux pas to use the event for self-promotion.
When people buy tickets, they help to pay for the event’s needs as a price of citizenship.

They are managed by the Burning Man Organization, which maintains a year-round office in San Francisco and acts as an executive branch.
They employ radar, night vision, and elbow grease to thwart stowaways and fence jumpers, who are the Burning Man equivalent of tax dodgers.
If they can address an illness or injury without shipping the patient back to Reno, their services are paid for by the ticket proceeds. The BLM enforces the 20-page Interior Department closure order that makes the event a reality.
The locals may recall the time he helped scam Native Americans by laundering Jack Abramoff’s money.
I hope you wind up lying on your back in the dust, eating peanut butter with a spoon, and watching as hallucinations of zebras and baby goats cavort against the sunrise. Nobody is showing up to serve as a thin, cherry-picked rationale for your sniveling politics.
She is slated to meet party workers and local Congress leaders later in the day.Sonia was in the constituency after a gap of five months. As LeBron James will tell you, self-aggrandizing announcements cast doubt on one’s intentions. Most of the people who work for the staff departments are unpaid volunteers, but each team requires gobs of resources in order to make the event a reality. The DPW also coordinates the Playa Restoration Team that stays behind for weeks to clean the site, because the event is only allowed to re-occur if it picks up after itself.

Grover Norquist knows all about tax dodgers, because many of them are his biggest contributors. Norquist should be aware that his supposed libertarian Xanadu is a proud provider of single-payer health care. This would be bad, because nothing sucks the fun out of a fire-shooting octopus encounter like vehicular manslaughter.
Burning Man also celebrates recklessness, and Grover’s a proven daredevil thanks to his hard-ball debt-ceiling politics.
In future communications, Grover would do well to follow the lead of this guy, who at least managed to stay off Twitter until he had a sweet picture to post. How can any acrobat or fire spinner compete with a guy who can endanger all the world’s money? Most of the people he’ll meet are California and Oregon neo-hippies, and Apartheid stuff will harsh their mellow.
So, like a lot of white guys facing a mid-career crisis, he’s decided to go to Burning Man. He’d be forced to settle for the creepy Porcupine Festival campout in New Hampshire, which nobody on Twitter is going to give a shit about.

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