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Meeting minutes are the way you communicate the outcome of your meeting to your participants and stakeholders. With ZippyMeetings, you can have the meeting minutes in everyone’s inbox within seconds of the meeting closing. ZippyMeetings is software that lets your run successful meetings and create good-looking meeting minutes quickly and easily.
SearchIf you are looking for something specific like a tip, feature or some other information, just type in a key word or phrase below and hit enter. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Association’s common property, subject to the Association attorney's review of contract.
With a wide variety of meetings ranging from informal to formal, our Meeting Minutes Templates are a great place to start.
The Vertex42 meeting minutes templates can be downloaded for free, but you will be subject to the license agreement below. This version includes elements called for in the 11th edition of Robert's Rules of Order [1]. If your meetings are not as formal or you are just looking for a simple tool for taking minutes, this template is a good place to start. If you want to keep track of more details about your meeting, this version allows you to fill in the essential information while keeping it well-organized, using a table-based layout. If a motion is adopted through a roll-call vote, you can list the names of each person who voted for and against the motion (rather than totaling the number of yea's and nay's). Minutes that will be published will often include more detail, such as a summary of the statements by each person who speaks on either side of an issue. Discussion: George suggested that photos submitted to the website be a maximum of 1 MB in size.
Discussion: Judy passed around a Polo shirt and mentioned “Trash in Pahrump” a junk car race at the speedway June 6-7.
Richard Blaine, Community Service – Members can volunteer their services to Friends of Nevada, a group that helps the Forest Service and BLM projects. Judy Simpson, Clothing – Judy is to meet with Tamara tomorrow about the pricing for the club emblems. Mona Sagui, Webmaster – Pictures of the Valentine Rallye and membership minutes have been posted. The annual MOOV Picnic date has been set for June 2 and Richard Blaine has made reservations at the Sun City site that was used last year as well. Jerry also mentioned the fact that since Courtesy Mazda is helping the club by providing a meeting place for the board members in addition to the “perks” club members have received, it would be important for club members to reciprocate by considering car purchases and service at Courtesy. Mimi Blaine has refined the “point system” that will be used to determine awards for club members by listing the number of points awarded for different club activities. All of the board members suggested ways to modify point assignments or raised various questions about complicating factors such as how to award points to husband and wife teams.

Mimi Blaine has obtained Nevada state incorporation papers for the club but additional federal forms would still be needed to change the bank account information.
Richard Blaine, Community Service – He is looking into an organization called “Get Outdoors Nevada” which does clean up and conservation work.
Judy Simpson, Clothing – Tamara has a sample of the larger MOOV emblem but Judy did not get a cost figure yet. Jan Bruce, Vice President – The board members will continue to be responsible for organizing the picnic but any member may help.
George Rose, Secretary, if the secretary is unable to take minutes at meetings, the Vice President or her alternate will be the substitute. Dick Myers, Events – Richard Blaine discussed the last rallye and how to make the next one a little more challenging.
Jerry also discussed expanding the relationship with Courtesy Mazda by including the dealership in club activities.
Shirley Bujnovsky, Membership: The new membership of Shawn Bolin brings the membership total to thirty one. Jerry described a device from the CES show that will download the codes from your car's computer and tell you what they mean.
Shawn Bolin has a 97 Miata with a rattling sound which seems to be coming from the front of the engine. Each of these templates is theme-enabled, meaning that you can go to Page Layout > Themes and choose a new color scheme or font combination.
The manual is widely used to govern the meetings and interactions of parliamentary organizations.
It does not include any special table-based formatting, so it is easy to customize to meet your specific needs. In each meeting, the previous meeting's minutes are approved (and corrected, if necessary). The annual MOOV Picnic is scheduled for an earlier date this year on May 10 and members must pick a side dish to bring for the group as well as their own main course.
For example recruiting a new member will have a 50 point award since it is one of the best contributions to the club. An easel displaying pictures from some of the club events is now on display in the Courtesy Mazda showroom. After Mimi's work, many of the board members realized that it would be easier for various members of the board to earn points in some specific areas than it would for general members.
Jerry suggested making things simple for board members by having one prize for board members to be determined by a vote.
For the time being, the bank account will remain the same and Gerald Schlutter, Treasurer will continue to administer the account as before.
Dick discussed organizing a Jubilee tour and show at Ballys for some time in April (20 person minimum).
First on the discussion list was additional information about the club's new Point Award System.

Courtesy could be used as a starting point for club events on that side of the city and future events and a picture board displaying club activities can also be on display at the dealership. This template makes it easy to include all the information that should be preserved for each meeting.
Then they are added to the organization's Minutes binder, to maintain a record of what was done at each meeting. He also announced that there will be three prizes plus a special award instead of the previous single award for accumulated points. It is hoped that the display will promote our club as well as make some Miata sales for Courtesy.
After listening to many suggestions Jerry proposed an award system for non board members of 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd prizes with a possible special award for a contribution that doesn't fit in any “point” category. The club can also volunteer their help for the Las Vegas Grand Prix, although to stay together as a group, we would need about twenty volunteers. Although the point system has not been finalized, just about any club activity will earn a member or potential member points.
Individuals who wish to plan events should coordinate with Dick Myers and give as much advance notice as possible.
The others are more general and focused on the common items you'll want to keep a record of. Since board members will be excluded from competition, they will compete separately for one additional award. The realization that hard numbers might create a close contest for some members complicated the idea of having just a single first place award. One of the major goals for awarding points is to encourage member participation in club activities and the recruitment of additional members.
As mentioned at the January meeting, awards will be given out at the annual Christmas party and will be substantial for the winners.
Project MANAGER should prepare and distribute meeting minutes within 24 hours of having a meeting.
Richard also discussed the western Grand Canyon observation bridge that is set to open in late March on the Haulapi Indian Reservation as a possible club event.
Project meeting minutes does not just summarize what was discussed and agreed upon during the meeting, but also includes a list of action items. He also proposed a September 20 trip to Chloride AZ and a October 19 trip to Amboy Crater in CA. Contact Jan Bruce if you are interested in the Panama Canal Cruise in February or the New England Cruise in September.
The Mazda 20th Anniversary next year and Sierra Adventure planned by SOCALM for September will be discussed further.

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