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A torn meniscus is a tear to the semi circular shock absorbing cartilage in the knee joint causing pain on the inside of the knee. It is commonly injured through direct impact in contact sports or twisting but can also occur in older athletes through gradual degeneration. A posivie result for McMurrays test and Apley's test although this is not necessary for a diagnosis of meniscus tear.
A torn meniscus will usually have a history of trauma or twisting of the knee at the time of injury, although they can come on gradually through degeneration or overuse. If the injury is severe the athlete may be unable to weight bear on the affected leg but a small meniscus tear may have no symptoms at all. A doctor or sports injury professional can confirm the diagnosis and may refer for an MRI scan. Immediate treatment is to apply the PRICE principles of protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation to reduce pain and reduce swelling. Once a cartilage meniscus injury has been diagnosed then the decision to treat it conservatively, meaning without surgery or whether to operate is made.
NSAID's or anti inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen may be prescribed in the early stages to help with pain and swelling. After the initial acute stage mobility exercises and isometric quadriceps exercises will help accelerate rehabilitation.
Once the initial pain and swelling has gone down then a full rehabilitation program consisting of mobility, strengthening and balance exercises should be completed.
In the event of more severe meniscus tears such as a bucket handle tear, arthroscopic surgical procedures may be necessary to repair the torn cartilage in the knee. Following surgery a full rehabilitation and exercise program will be prescribed which will most likely be the same of very similar to the conservative treatment program that someone who has not been operated on would do. The most common cause of cartilage meniscus injury is twisting the knee with the foot planted to the ground either with or without contact from another player. The bucket handle tear is an exaggerated form of a longitudinal meniscus tear where a portion of the meniscus becomes detached from the tibia forming a flap that looks like a bucket handle. Meniscus injury can occur over time due to degenerative changes or wear and tear in the knee joint and is more common in the older athlete. The Appley's grind test is used to evaluate individuals for problems of the meniscus in the knee. Appley's grinding test involves placing the patient in the prone position with the knee flexed to 90 degrees[3]. Many studies have attempted to quantitate the reliability of various physical examination findings. Diagnostic accuracy of the Thessaly test, standardised clinical history and other clinical examination tests (Apley's, McMurray's and joint line tenderness) for meniscal tears in comparison with magnetic resonance imaging diagnosis. Learn about the shoulder in this month's Physiopedia Plus learn topic with 5 chapters from textbooks such as Magee's Orthopedic Physical Assessment, 2014 & Donatelli's Physical therapy of the shoulder 2012.

The meniscus acts like a gasket between the femur and the tibia to spread out the weight being forces transferred from the thigh above to the leg below. Meniscus injuries can occur in any age group, but the causes are somewhat different for each age group. If you live in the Augusta GA, Martinez GA or Evans, GA area, you can either call us at (706) 814-5053 or schedule an appointment with an experienced chiropractor in Augusta GA on our Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic website.
Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic successfully treats a wide range of conditions, from sports injuries such as a torn meniscus or tendonitis, to more chronic conditions such as TMJ and neck pain.
Augusta GA Chiropractors Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic provides customized chiropractic treatments to the Augusta GA, Martinez GA, and Evans GA communities. Choose several options to schedule your appointment: call (706) 814-5053, use our online voicemail, or use our online form. Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic, LLCChiropractors in Augusta GA and Chiropractors in Evans GA offering personalized treatments for each individual patient. Wear a stabilized knee support which has flexible springs in the sides for additional support or for more severe injuries a hinged knee brace with solid metal supports linked by a hinge will help protect the joint from sideways or lateral movement. Professional pitch side physios may apply a compression bandage immediately even before applying ice to restrict swelling althought this should only be for 10 minutes at a time to prevent starving the area of blood. Electrotherapy including ultrasound, laser therapy and TENS may also be beneficial in reducing swelling.. A glucosamine or joint healing type supplement may be of benefit in the healing of cartilage injuries. A cartilage injury often occurs in conjunction with injury to other structures in the knee such as an anterior cruciate ligament injury or a medial collateral ligament sprain. This leads to the edges of the meniscus becoming frayed and jagged, increasing the likelihood of a meniscus tear. In a prospective study comparing preoperative joint line tenderness to arthroscopic findings of meniscal tears, the sensitivity of joint line tenderness was found to be 86% and 92% with an overall accuracy rate of 74% and 96% for the medial and lateral meniscus, respectively, another study found similar results, with joint line tenderness having a sensitivity of 74%. The accuracy of physical diagnostic tests for assessing meniscal lesions of the knee: a meta-analysis.
Physical examination tests for assessing a torn meniscus in the knee: a systematic review with meta-analysis. Physiopedia is not a substitute for professional advice or expert medical services from a qualified healthcare provider. It has semilunar (sickle) shape and it’s main purpose is to deepen the relatively flat surface of the upper end of the shin bone.
The ability of the meniscus to spread out the force on the joint surfaces as one walks is important because it protects the articular cartilage from excessive wearing. The entire inner rim of the medial (inner) meniscus can be torn in what is called a bucket handle tear. It involves removing part of the meniscus and suturing or scaffolding a graft, possibly a collagen implant, in the knee to promote the growth of new tissue.

We will conduct a thorough examination for a proper diagnosis, and if your condition is treatable with chiropractic care, we will recommend the most appropriate course of treatment. Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic is one of the few clinics in the Augusta area certified to treat extremities, such as a knee, ankle, or wrist, using the Activator Protocol.
A minor tear or small degenerative condition with no restriction of motion or locking will be treated conservatively or without surgery.
In the first 24 to 48 hours when complete rest is advised a simple elastic knee sleeve is fine. They can also come on gradually over time through degeneration, especially in the older patient. The examiner laterally and medially rotates the tibia, combined first with distraction, while noting any excessive movement, restriction or discomfort. The only significant McMurray sign to correlate with a meniscal injury was a “thud” elicited on the medial joint line with a medial meniscal tear. Without the meniscus, the concentration of force into a small area on the articular cartilage can damage the surface, leading to degeneration, called osteoarthritis. The meniscus can also have a flap torn from the inner rim, or the tear can be a degenerative tear where a portion of the meniscus is frayed and torn in multiple directions. Tears in the meniscus in patients under the age of thirty usually occur as a result of a fairly forceful twisting injury. Meniscal tears in the older age group occur as a result of a fairly minor injury, even from the up and down motion of squatting.
This surgery is a last resort, and while it generally has good results, non-invasive chiropractic care should be your first choice as it involves a lesser risk of side effects. Click here to watch the story of a local Augusta athlete and how they incorporated their chiropractic care into their training regimen. The medial meniscus on the inside is more prone to injury than the lateral meniscus as it is connected to the medial collateral ligament and the joint capsule making it less mobile.
Degenerative tears of the meniscus are commonly seen as a part of the overall condition of osteoarthritis of the knee in the older population.
If rotation plus distraction is more painful or shows increased rotation relative to the normal side, the lesion is most likely to be ligamentous[2].
In many cases, there is no one associated injury to the knee that leads to the meniscal tear.
If the rotation plus compression is more painful or shows decreased rotation relative to the normal side, the lesion is most likely to be a meniscus injury[2]. Without the meniscus, the round femur would be able to slide on top of the flat tibial surface.

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