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The manipulation wasn't bad, but I was required to go to PT right after I was out of recovery and that hurt LOTS!
Hey, I am 15 and tore my acl last fall playing soccer! I don't exactly remember how long till I got full extension but it took some time! Common sports injuries - Straight forward information from Sports Injury Info Nov 25, 15 05:44 PMLearn more about common sports injuries. Stories of Multiple ACL Tears Sep 25, 13 05:03 PMRead stories about visitors who suffered multiple ACL tears, how they recovered, and tips for prevention. Australia - Christian's soccer acl recovery age 13 Apr 24, 12 12:47 AMHi guys, I'm now nearly 6 months into my recovery. However, therapy didn't always help, however and some people wound up having surgery to fix the problem.
Results were published online March 18th in the New England Journal of Medicine and presented Tuesday at an American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons conference in Chicago.
A meniscus is one of two C-shaped pieces of cartilage that cushion the knee between the shinbone and thighbone, according to the Mayo Clinic. About one-third of people over 50 have a tear in one, and arthritis makes this more likely. When that happens, it's tough to tell if the pain is from the tear or the arthritis - or whether surgery is needed or will help. Thirty percent of patients assigned to physical therapy wound up having surgery before the six months was up, often because they felt therapy wasn't helping them.
However, an Australian preventive medicine expert wrote in an accompanying editorial published in the same journal that that the study's results should change practice.

Surgery costs about $5,000, compared with $1,000 to $2,000 for a typical course of physical therapy, Katz said. One study participant -- Bob O'Keefe, 68, of suburban Boston -- was glad to avoid surgery for his meniscus injury three years ago. An imaging test showed a less severe tear and a different surgeon recommended physical therapy.
Fancy living somewhere with low taxes, affordable real estate and a reasonable cost of living? They should be aware of how much the formal education is important for the bright future of their children. My PT would push down on my knee to straighten it (that hurt some!) but it worked pretty well!
From ACL tears to ankle sprains, we include the information you need to identify your injury and determine the best course of action. A new study that compares physical therapy to knee surgery for the common injury finds that therapy can be just as effective -- not to mention cheaper. But those who stuck with therapy had improved as much six months and one year later as those who were given arthroscopic surgery right away, researchers found.
It would be quite reasonable to try physical therapy first because the chances are quite good that you'll do quite well," said one study leader, Dr. Yet they ended up the same as those who got surgery right away, as well as the rest of the physical therapy group who stuck with it and avoided having an operation. Therapy "is a reasonable first strategy, with surgery reserved for the minority who don't have improvement," wrote Dr.

Dvorkin, 56, director of operations at the Coalition for the Homeless in New York City, had surgery followed by physical therapy for a tear in his right knee and said it was months before he felt no pain. Dvorkin said it worked like a charm - he avoided surgery and recovered faster than from his first injury. Jeffrey Katz, a joint specialist at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School. The treatment involved two to three hour-long sessions a week, including strengthening exercises, balancing and massage. When I went back to the doctor he informed me that I needed to have a knee manipulation because I had built up scar tissue and could only bend my knee to 43 degrees.
The therapy was nine sessions on average plus exercises to do at home, which experts say is key to success.
I had the knee manipulation 3 weeks after my initial surgery and it has now been 3.5 weeks since my knee manipulation. I know it takes a long and a lot of hard work to get it working properly, but my major concern is that I don't have full extension yet. SO I can't walk normally and I'm really concerned I'm never going to get the extension and I'll never walk normal.

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