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As children leave the nest and women focus their energies on themselves, their marriage, and their careers, the last thing they need are extra pounds weighing down those new motivations and passions.
There are a number of factors that contribute to weight gain in any person, like a sedentary lifestyle or a high caloric, high fat-diet.
The hormone changes of menopause may also play a role, mainly in where that weight is stored. The apprehension for weight gain among women who are simultaneously entering their late 40s and 50s and embarking on the journey of menopause is common. There are many rumors and stories about the links between vitamin deficiencies and weight gain, most of them unsubstantiated by medical knowledge and evidence. There is some evidence for the argument that obesity can cause a vitamin D deficiency, as a study showed that every time the body mass index of a person increased by 10%, there was a 4.2% decrease in the levels of vitamin D in their blood. Interestingly, there is also evidence that it may work the other way around as well, as having a vitamin D deficiency in the first place can lead to obesity.
Anemia, or a deficiency of iron, is a common cause of lethargy, weakness, and fatigue in many people, but it disproportionately affects women.
The link between anemia and weight gain is related to the feelings of lethargy anemic people often display, as well as the low blood pressure, which means physical exertions can lead to dizziness.
While there are links between vitamin deficiencies and weight gain, the majority of the time, the gain is a side effect of symptoms that have led to a sedentary lifestyle.
Cravings for unhealthy foods may increase during menopause as a woman's stress levels increase and she seeks ways to manage this problem.

Without a doubt, gaining weight is a common fear for many women entering midlife and menopause. Obesity is a consequence of uncontrolled weight gain and affects over one-third of the US adult population.
This change in body composition during midlife and menopause may influence how a woman feels about her body and appearance, affecting her self-esteem and mood. This article examines the evidence there is for links between obesity, weight gain, and vitamin deficiencies. About three-quarters of American are thought to be deficient in vitamin D, but only 34% are classed as obese, so while there is a link between the two, it is by no means absolute.
This is mainly because fatigue and lethargy are two common side effects of a vitamin D deficiency. Consequently, they are less likely to exercise, and this can lead to weight gain or even obesity.
It is found abundantly in eggs and dairy products, but is also added to many cereals and breads. Consequently, maintaining a healthy, balanced diet with the recommended daily intakes of vitamins and minerals. It may also increase her risk of developing diseases, like type 2 diabetes, abnormal cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Read on to find out more about how they are connected and the best ways to deal with both symptoms.

As a result, people are likely to be less active if they do not have enough vitamin D, and this may lead to weight gain and obesity. Often, anemia sufferers are prescribed iron tablets; however, these have unpleasant side effects, so it is generally preferred to supplement the diet with naturally iron-rich foods instead. Due to the essential nature of the vitamin, deficiencies of it can lead to fatigue, dizziness, weakness, and even more severe symptoms. Although taking vitamins will not help weight loss or stave off obesity, they can aid general health.
Often, people do not realize the connection between the lack of energy and the deficiency, and consequently, the same issues arise as in the case of vitamin D and iron deficiencies.
Less energy often leads to increased food intake and decreased exercise, inadvertently fueling weight gain.
It is advisable to consult a doctor before taking vitamin supplements or making drastic changes to your current diet and fitness regimes.

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