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Menopause represents a normal change that every woman goes through, representing the end of the menstrual cycle (and, thus, of the fertile years). Menopause, weight gain and low estrogen levelsThe majority of the women who enter menopause gain weight, due to the hormonal imbalances occurring during that period. As menopause brings down the levels of estrogen, it should come as no surprise that more fat is going to be deposited in different parts of the body and especially in the abdominal area.
How can menopausal weight gain threaten your health?The first thing that you need to know is that, by gaining weight during menopause, you will present a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Studies have demonstrated that there is a clear connection between the menopausal weight gain and the appearance of breast cancer. How to deal with weight gain during menopause?The most important thing is that you visit the doctor and discuss about the benefits of hormone replacement therapy. The diet is the second most important thing to worry about, as it can contribute to the actual weight gain. Yoga can help you deal with the symptoms of menopause, allowing you to maintain a healthy posture and remain flexible. In conclusion, the weight gain that occurs during menopause can be dangerous, especially in relation to the health of your heart. Gina RicciPhiladelphia Wellness ExaminerAuthor Gina Ricii resides in Pennsylvania, working at GSM as Editor-in-Chief. Are you past 40, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and wondering why you’re still gaining weight?
Scientists at Ohio State University found that when menopause begins, an enzyme, known as aldh1a1, responsible for producing fat increased in activity considerably. This is a big change for the female body, being accompanied by a wide range of symptoms, including hot flashes, insomnia and weight gain. It is a known fact that the low estrogen levels are responsible for the symptoms of menopause. The metabolism is going to suffer as well, causing additional weight gain and reduced energy levels.

The more fat is deposited in the abdominal area, the bigger the risk of serious complications, such as heart attacks or stroke. It can also increase the risk for type 2 diabetes, causing your insulin sensitivity to decrease. It seems that women who present a high BMI and also abdominal obesity are at risk of developing this type of cancer, especially if they do not take any hormone replacement therapy. Menopause supplements can reduce the risk of weight again, as well as eliminate the risk of other upsetting symptoms. You have to eat carbs, fats and proteins in equal quantities, making sure that your daily meals include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
You can also try meditation, in order to eliminate the stress and anxiety that menopause can generate. Left unmanaged, it can even cause cancer, so you need to seek out the right solutions and keep your weight under control.
Many people might assume that they need more exercise or to avoid specific foods, but according to new research, it could actually be because of menopause.
Unfortunately, it especially increased around the vital organs, leading to what’s known as visceral fat, which can contribute to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. While genetics may come into play regarding where your fat redistributes, it is still necessary to eat well, exercise regularly and maintain good habits. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When it comes to the weight gain, it is only normal to be concerned about the changes you are going through.
One of the main roles of estrogen is related to the fat distribution throughout the body; this hormone also serves the purpose of using the stored fat as fuel (whether a person is active or resting). While all of these changes are logical and physiological, it is important to understand that they can also be dangerous for one’s health.
If the BMI is increased, with abdominal obesity becoming more and more obvious, it is clear that the health of the heart is going to be affected.

Insulin resistance is often encountered in post-menopausal women who also suffer from obesity, leading not only to diabetes but also to cardiovascular disease and even cancer. The low estrogen levels and the insulin resistance leave the mammary glands exposed, these being more easily affected by substances with carcinogenic properties. It is just as important to stay physically active, as this will help you keep both your weight and your appetite under control. Avoid excess quantities of sugar and refined carbs, as these can increase the risk of insulin resistance. What matters is that you embrace this change gracefully, doing everything that is possible in order to prevent the weight gain.
This is because the female hormone oestrogen decreases when a woman experiences the onset of menopause.
Unfortunately, the weight gain that occurs during menopause can be dangerous and even cause cancer.
Both insulin resistance and a high BMI are in close connection to the metabolic syndrome (weight gain primarily in the abdominal area). Oestrogen typically suppresses the enzyme, so when its levels drop, the enzyme is able to flourish. Let us find out more information on the subject, along with solutions on how to deal with such problems.
The same study demonstrated that weight loss can decrease the risk of breast cancer by 40%.

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