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This year, like the past few, I have heardA a lot of discussion about Hanukkah being a a€?manmadea€™ or a€?traditionala€™ holiday rather than one of Goda€™s Appointed Times like Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot.A  Because it has been judged by some as just a a€?traditiona€™ that men created, they have chosen to opt out. In Mark 7, Yeshua only rebukes the leaders for a tradition that nullifies the commandments. Yeshua says that there are two pens of sheep.A  One pen is obviously gathered at the Temple (the Jewish people),A  the others are notA (the gentiles).
Purim and Hanukkah are the revelation and celebration of Goda€™s deliverance of the Jewish people from the Adversary himself.
The central theme to both of these holidays is anti-semitism and it is at work in the hearts of foreign peoples, the gentiles in Persia, Syria, and in all the known world at those times. What does the Bible say about Hanukkah?A  Though people say that Hanukkah isn’t in the Bible, it is. Numbers 7:11 a€?The leaders brought the offering for dedicating the altar on the day it was anointed. Was it not at the Altar that the sacrifice for sin was made?A  Is it not the Altar of Sacrifice that will once again be dedicated chanukahA in Ezekiela€™s vision of the Temple? The account of the dedication of the altar for eight days is found in the first book of Maccabees. Though the miracle of the oil may not be found in the account of Maccabees, who is to say it didna€™t happen?A  In 2 Kings 4:1-7, Yahweh performed a miracle of oil through Elijah when the widowa€™s oil did not run out and she had enough to sell and pay her debts. Those who have joined the commonwealth of Israel through faith in Yeshua claim toA  accept Biblical history as their own and prophecy as their future expectations,A  but what about history not found in the Bible but proved by historians? Those who take part in lighting their menorah or hanukkiah at Hanukkah are not only rememberingA  a story of great sacrifice and courage, they make a statement to the world of their stand with Goda€™s chosen people and their eternal calling. Moshe is up on the mountain for forty days and forty nights.A  During this time he meets with Yahweh who gives him the instructions for making His sanctuary. It is on the kapporet that the blood of the atonement was put on Yom Kippur – Day of Covering.
After Aaron had made atonement for the Holy Place,A  the other goat, called the scapegoat or azazel, was presented alive to the Lord.A  On this goat, Aaron confessed all the sins of the nation of Israel and then it was set free in the wilderness. Many of the objects in the Tabernacle were acacia wood overlaid with gold.A  Acacia trees were probably the only type of tree growing in the wilderness and therefore perfectly accessible for creating the furniture.
My initial thought when I read this was how Yeshuaa€™s body never saw decay because he was resurrected.A  Philippians says that he was willing to give up his position at Goda€™s right hand of glory and become a human being. Philippians 2:6-11 a€?Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage, rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. All the planks were to be overlaid with gold with gold rings through which the crossbars would pass.
Everything needed for every kind of service in the tabernacle, as well as the tent pegs, were to be of bronze. But now the work Yeshua has been given to do is far superior to theirs, just as the covenant he mediates is better.
In a Hebrew mindset, the Son always had the Father’s name so the two would be considered the same or one.

The historical account of the Maccabean revolt is found in the apocryphal book of 1 Maccabees.
1.A  Compare today with the time of Alexander the Great and the influence of Greek gods and thought (Hellenization) with the pure Word of God.A  Are these influences easily recognized?A  Are these influences easily removed from our walks of faith?A  Why or why not? 4.A  Syria still exists today.A  What is their relationship to Israel?A  How is Syria once again attacking the faith of the Jewish people in Israel and the faith of those around the world who love the God of Israel? 4.A  From the prophecies in Daniel, what are some of the things that the a€?beasta€™ will do?A  Scripture already says the a€?man of lawlessness is at worka€™.A  What are ways you see that when you read the prophecies in Daniel? The menorah has an incredible history.A  It was the only article for the Tabernacle patterned from the one shown to Moses on the mountain (Ex. The menorah was put in the Holy Place along with the Table of Presence and the Altar of Incense.A  These three objects symbolized the sanctification of the priesthoodA  as they walked in the light, ate the bread of Goda€™s presence, and lifted their hands in prayer as the sweet smell of incense. During the defilement of the Temple at the time of Antiochus, the menorah had been splattered with piga€™s blood.A  It was not in good condition. 6.A  Why do you think there is an olive branch around the menorah in the Israeli emblem?A  Do you think it has prophetic significance for you, for the land, for the people?A  Why or why not? Oil is generally a Biblical symbol for the Holy Spirit and was used to anoint articles for the Tabernacle, priest and kings. It doesna€™t matter if the menorah story is true or not, oil played a significant part in the re-dedicating of the Temple. 2.A  Spices also have special purposes.A  What are some of the reasons these spices may have been chosen? To each his own, however, I wonder if that is really is a wise decision based on Scripture and prophecy about Israel, the Jewish people and the coming Temple.
A  Defiling the Temple is also a direct attack against the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of Israel, the Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey Himself. A  The leaders of these nations hated the Jewish people who lived differently from them and their gods.A  They hated their customs and traditions that united them as a people. If someone is on the roof, he must not go down to gather his belongings from his house;A  if someone is in the field, he must not turn back to get his coat. A Ita€™s not that God wanted Israel to laugh when they gave, but He wanted them to be filled with joy A because they were blessed with a huge plunder from Egypt. A They were to make two ka€™ruvim of gold, hammered and put at the two ends of the ark-cover. A Its base, shaft, cups, ring of outer leaves and petals were to be one piece with it.A  It was to have six branches extending from its sides, three branches of the menorah on one side of it of the central shaft and three on the other.
Fifty fasteners of gold were to connect the sheets to each other as fasteners so that the tabernacle formed one single unit. A  Because this curtain was larger than the first one, it completely covered the linen curtain all the way to the ground. A  There were to be two projections on each plank and the planks are to be joined together.
A  Along with a Temple in Jerusalem where they worshipped this God of Israel they called Yahweh, they ate differently (kosher foods) and circumcised their baby boys. A  It really didna€™t matter what they did, they were killed for remaining Jewish and refusing to be Hellenized.

A  In fact, many believers inA  America, dona€™t really believe they will ever face persecution that leads to death.A  This is unfortunate because it is through persecution that God tests, refines and matures our faith.
A  They had to remove the idols.A  They had to clean and scrub the pig blood from everything defiling themselves in the process. A  He changed his name to Antiochus IV Epiphanes probably after the death of his brother.A  He regarded himself as Zeus from which the title a€?Epiphanesa€? comes meaning manifestation of the Greek god. A  Peter calls us a a€?royal priesthooda€™.A  What are our responsibilities – as priests? A  The foundation of the anointing oil in the Scriptures is olive oil, but spices were added to it to make it holy, consecrated, set apart for anointing the Temple.A  Pure olive oil from the first pressing was used in the menorah. A Once the Temple was cleansed, the story says there was only enough oil to burn in the menorah for one day.A  While it took eight days to consecrate more oil, that one daya€™s oil lasted eight. It is possible to buy A myrrh and frankincense candles or incense.A  Purchase some in order to enjoy the aroma that would have filled the Tabernacle. A With electricity A lots and lots of lights have become a more brilliant way to commemorate the holiday. Do we deny the parts of destruction and restorationA because we really dona€™t want to endure the persecution that will ultimately become part of our lives when we graft into the chosen people? A And, their gifts were going to build God’s Tabernacle that would be His dwelling place among them. A  On the Day of Atonement two goats were required for the atonement of the Tabernacle and the people of Israel.A  A  One goat, on which the a€?lota€™ fell was sacrificed as the sin offering for the sins of Israel. A Those who were immersed into His Name, received Him, His Son A and His Spirit, and not as separate entities. Other times we look at all the aspects, one each night.A  Below are some ideas for celebrating the eight nights (or eight years) of Hanukkah. A  Though they desired the Temple to be ready for the Feast of Tabernacles, they needed more time to complete the task.A  It wasna€™t until early winter when they were able to re-dedicate the Altar of Sacrifice and the eight-day Feast of Dedication was birthed. A  Today, the menorah,A  surrounded by an olive branch,A  is the emblem of the State of Israel. A This falling away refutes their traditions that have united them as a nation and condemns their Biblical way of worship.
A There are no right or wrong answers to the questions as they are spring boards to create discussion and learning more about the Feast of Dedication called Hanukkah. On a Day of Atonement in the future when a€?all Israel is saved,a€™ their final redemption will be accomplished.A  Until then, their corporate sins are on the scapegoat.
A They are ONE with the distinction that Yeshua is the visible image of the invisible God and therefore, the physical representation of the divine Elohim. A  As a member of the nation of Israel, we become part of a kingdom of priests who minister in the Tabernacle for the High Priest, Yeshua. A A doctrine that separates Him from His Father is one that ultimately leads to a denial of His deity.

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