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Doug Grosjean, pictured here with his motorcycle, is a member of a Mensa special interest group for bikers. Doug Grosjean, a Mensan from Luckey, tends to hang out more with the group from southeast Michigan, one of the largest in the country and the home chapter of his girlfriend.
Every night I go home and I talk to my pen pals, my computer pals from Malaysia and South American and Europe, said Mrs.
If you are a Mensa member interested in the Mensa Member Award Program for you or your IRS-recognized dependent(s), please note you may apply to the U.S.
Serpent Stones just qualified for Mind Games 2014.  This means Serpent Stones has been selected as a finalist for MENSA Select Games Certification! Mind Games is an annual event hosted by American MENSA, where members gather to play and evaluate approximately 30 new board and card games which have been validated to the competition by a MENSA Chief Judge .  Game testers rate each game based on aesthetics, play value, originality, play appeal and quality of instructions.
The upcoming Mind Games 2014 event will be hosted April 18-20, 2014 in Austin, Texas at Hilton Austin Airport.
Membership certificate, calligraphicCalligrapher Melissa McCarthy has created this beautiful certificate excusively for American Mensa® members. Membership certificate, traditionalAn updated membership certificate, suitable for display. Framed membership certificate, walnutMembership certificate mounted in a handsome walnut frame; stand not included.
Membership plaque, solid walnut8-inch x 10-inch solid walnut plaque with personally inscribed brass plate.

Membership plaque, solid mahogany, high-gloss piano finish8-inch x 10-inch solid mahogany plaque with a high-gloss piano finish, personally inscribed.
Das Studentenwerk bietet in seinen Mensen auf dem Campus der Universitaten und der Hochschulen mittags, abends und am Samstag warme Speisen, und eine reiche Auswahl an Getranken an. If your purchase is intended as a gift for a Mensan and do not know member?s number, please write GIFT in space for member number. There are like three symptoms that I ve come to see in Mensans: A lot of books, the house will also be rather cluttered, and they typically tend to drive an old, beat-up car. If a comment violates these standards or our privacy statement or visitor's agreement, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report abuse.
Three out of four geniuses agree.At the moment, they re enjoying their plates of pasta while shooting the breeze at the Glendale Garden Cafe, a homey place in South Toledo. Grosjean, a product designer for Whirlpool in Clyde, is also one of the Mensans without a college degree.
He has a certificate of graduation from the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix and is pursuing an associate degree in mechanical design from Owens Community College.
Most of the members who showed up for a recent monthly dinner meeting refused to provide their names for fear that it could be embarrassing.Kelly Kszywienski didn t tell anyone when she took the test and has revealed her secret only to a select few. You ll notice that our conversations are not always deep, one woman says.Her point is that they re really no different from you and me. Except for one thing they ve tested in the top 2 percent of the population on a standardized intelligence test.

That s the only qualification for joining the organization, which boasts over 52,000 members in America.
Everything from barbers to taxi drivers, said Charlie Bruce, vice chairman for the region, which includes Ohio and several other states. The intelligence tests required for membership don t test book smarts, but rather a way of thinking.
There are some rocket scientists in the group, but they really do come from just about every background. Nationally, the youngest Mensan is four years old and the oldest is 101, with about 43 percent of them Baby Boomers, according to the organization.About 65 percent of members are male and 41 percent of them are married.
Bruce, 63, joined Mensa in 1974 after a stint in the Air Force carrying an atomic clock around the world to calibrate equipment. He calls himself a professional test taker, but it was more than that which drew him to the group. It s just general conversation, quick witty puns, interfacing socially, he said.The organization was founded in Great Britain in 1946 by two barristers to provide intelligent individuals an opportunity to meet other smart people.
Most groups get together regularly for dinner, speakers, and game nights, and there have been efforts to make those a more common occurrence here through a number of events.

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