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A computer program used for writing, editing, storing, and printing text is a ______________________. Ex: If you are ever asked to enter your username and password, you are being asked to enter your _______ information. A ___________________ is a window that opens on the screen to show different options for that program.
A ______________________ is the object on the computer screen that moves when you move the mouse. It is very easy when posting on Tsu via the Android app to add your content into the wrong  Tsu Channel or Topic. Here is a very simple Tsu Life Hack to to re-categorize your Tsu content in 3 easy steps. Locate the the Tsu content that you would like to re-categorise on your Tsu profile feed and click the drop down menu as highlighted by the down arrow. Select the Topic you would like to add the content to or type the name of the Channel that you would like to add the content to in the search box and select it as it appears and then just click done.

The Tsu Social Network the social site that rewards and pays it’s members fair value for the content that they produce has now started to monetize Tsu groups. In terms of Public Groups and related monetization, Owners and non-Owner Admins may also participate in the Public Group with which they are affiliated as a Member (leading to potentially additional monetization).
A true David and Goliath battle is currently taking place on social media between Facebook and Tsu links on Facebook’s messenger are also prohibited and sister site Instagram has also censored Tsu links on Instagram profile pages. One of the limitations of marketing on Instagram is the absence of clickable links in posts.
Before i show you how this Instagram clickable links trick works, it is good to note a few other things that will help your click through rate to your site or opportunity.
In the 21st century as a working professional, you must know the basics of computers in English.

I have joined 2 images together and highlighted the steps you need to take with numbers on the images. You are allowed to add one clickable link to your bio page along with 150 character description but you cannot add clickable links into Instagram posts and unfortunately  i can’t change that, but i can show you a great Instagram trick and work around that is the next best thing to clickable links on Instagram.
The domain was then also blocked preventing manual shares and auto-social shares from Tsu to Facebook.

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