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I really wanted to make this anniversary thoughtful and romantic so I broke it up into two things.
When we arrived at each destination, I told him how that place reminded me of him and how it represented each stage of our relationship. It has been a whirlwind of memories the past four years, but I really love that we take the time to appreciate one another each anniversary. Soft lighting and makeup can be used to accentuate your charms, but retouching with Photoshop is being dishonest.
There is also a very real danger that you could find yourself infatuated with the imagined version of your suitor. In the historical past, before the internet, it was customary for a gentleman caller to pick you up from your family home. You will not enjoy your date if you are constantly tugging at the hem of your skirt, have aching feet, or your ballerina bun is giving you a migraine.
Say thank you when your suitor opens the door for you, compliments you or walks you to the bus stop at the end of the night. We are all inherently lovable, and deserve the brightest, hottest, most passionate kind of love. Do you agree or is there a dating etiquette commandment I’ve missed that should be on the list?
Compliment them, it’s not just us that like being told that we smell nice, look nice even that they have nice teeth !

I’ve been trying to brainstorm new ideas to show him how much I love him (in addition to his present!). While I got him Pens tickets and wrapped it in several boxes with cute pictures and quotes, he sent me on a scavenger hunt all around campus!
It was hands-down probably the most romantic thing he has ever done for me and I will never forget it.
The first thing I did was similar to his scavenger hunt, but we were already on Christmas break, so I decided to blindfold Aaron and drive him to all of the places at home that hold special memories for us (I made sure to drive in random directions to make him confused first! For example, I first took him to my high school because that was where we had one of our first dates (I took him to see a jazz band there) and I mentioned how it reminded me of the strong friendship we had before we started dating.
This brilliant blogger put together a basket of pre-planned, pre-paid dates for her husband, one for each month of the year. Some people think we’re silly for celebrating dating anniversaries, but I think they are important milestones, too!
I am glad I stopped by and read your advice on how to spend a wonderful time with a loved one, yet still keeping it inexpensively. If a gentleman hasn’t asked you out after a week of online interaction, it is time to move on.
If your suitor requests you contribute to the bill, kindly decline and never see him again. A requirement of adulthood is emotional truth. Playing hard to get is akin to shooting oneself in the foot.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the things we’ve done for each other in the past because I know I’ve scoured the internet many times before for inspiration! He gave me clues to all of our favorite places where we had different memories, such as where we first met, what class we had together, what dorm I lived in my freshman year. I'm a twenty-something dedicated to living life positively, sharing inspiration, developing my best self, and dressing the part. You can find me diving into a good book, looking for the ideal swing dancing partner, swooning over fabulous typography, or doing something ridiculous for blog's sake.
There are good, brave and true gentlemen out there — ones who will adore the raw, open, honest, authentic you. We’re still not sure if he found every single one, but he keeps them in a special box to look at from time to time.
Three years after that and I’m still amazed that I already had 365 wonderful things to say about him then and I know him so much better now.

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