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Rather being awarded an Oscar for her iconic role in “12yrs a Slave” or gracing the cover of a magazine with her stunning wardrobe, the 31yr old Mexico born but Kenyan native, quick rise to fame is hard to miss! I remember watching the Arsenal Hall show ┬áseeing her for my first time thinking who in the world is the GORGEOUS woman? If you don’t believe me I did some research on the list’s history, and not to my surprise Lupita is the first dark skin woman since the list began In 1990 to be awarded this title! If this isn’t enough she also has made history signing a contract with Lancome Cosmetics making her their first black ambassador!

The sheer sight of a dark-skin, natural, short hair woman on the cover of a mainstream, pop culture magazine being crowned the world’s most beautiful person brought sincere tears to my eyes. So again, congratualtions from one sister to another we are proud of you for simply embracing being you! Well because being a woman of color it takes a toll on you to know your beauty is far from societies standard and is often portrayed as nothing more than a sex symbol.
In the media, black women tend to fall into three categories the Mammy (a submissive, timid, maid type woman IE The Help), the Jezebel (sultry, sexual, vixen) or the Sapphire (hot tempered, angry every reality star woman!).

Lupita speaks for the woman we hardly see; the classy, strong, vibrant, beautiful, talented and more, black woman!

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