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Meet the most beautiful woman in the world 2013, Saudi Arabian queen, Fatima Zohar-Godabari.
Fathima Kulsum Zohar Godabari who was once a royal Princess is now an official Queen in Saudi Arabia.
She was recently photographed without niqab covering her face and the pictures were published on the internet, exposing her beautiful facial features to the world for the first time.
Since the release of the pictures, many have argued her to be the most beautiful woman on earth.
U guys are just argueing 4 nt thing sake, d lady in questn don’t even knw u or ur existance, leave her beauty alone!!
I’m so disappointed at the level of our ignorance and intolerance, especially the youths.
To know sombody dat’s d most beautiful, d person must snap wit natural face not wit painted face like this.

Nigerian christian are d most Illiterate ones in d world they knw nothing about their religion they only knw hatred to others what brought religious issue here is about beuty mind you! In an interview with People magazine, Bullock, 50, shared her reaction to learning she would receive the accolade. In the interview, on newsstands Friday, the a€?Gravitya€? star opened up about the joy of motherhood to son Louis, 5.
Just a simple matter of vanity called beauty is already turning into religion debate, this goes a long way to show our level of hatred and incivility. Maybe she’s d most beautiful only in saudi arabia not in d whole world bcos here in Nigeria we have d most beautiful girl which is miss Nigeria.
No, really, I just said a€?Thata€™s ridiculous,a€™a€? Bullock, said, adding that shea€™d told no one the news. When her son asks her serious questions, she is honest with him on a level he can comprehend.

Islam continues to preach peace, tolerance, love and submission to the oneness of Almighty God.
Have you thought of one important thing that will happen to both the good or the bad, beautiful or ugly, rich or poor, great or small, mighty or lowly, kings or servants; we shall all face death and our bodies will all go back to it origin, mud, ashes. I’ve said it b4, none of Islam or xtianity originated from Nigerian soil and so it is foolhardy to lay any special claim on any of them.
The most important question we be concern with is after this earthly sojourn, where are you going to spend eternity? How will it look like if Islam is for Northeners only and Christianity is for Southerners alone?

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