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With the most Amazing Albania Singers Wanted, FLORI MUMAJESI, ELVANA GJATA, DJ ANDY GRAMM & DJ BENGJI. These two are a pair of Albanian-American brothers from Staten Island named Saimir and Bruno Krasniqi, ages 29 and 26. Albanian gangsters maintain a serious presence in Europe and a serious reputation among people who study transnational organized crime. We all should know this, but it has to be said: This is just one story about one aspect of a community, and a people. Walking through some sketchy urban blight I stumbled upon and into a large building housing the very substantial Albanian-American Institute. Albania is a small country but special in some unfortunate ways, not least of which is the presence of a significant political-criminal syndicate within the government.
It’s a prime transit zone for heroin, situated on the way from Afghanistan, where all dope comes from, and Europe, considered to be the most lucrative market in the world. Albania also has been a very significant corridor for human trafficking (sex work) and smuggling of migrants.
There’s reportedly mass production of marijuana there; the government is considered to be statistically one of the most corrupt in the world.
The charges are murder, kidnapping, assault, narcotics trafficking, robbery, extortion, arson, obstruction of justice, and interstate transportation of stolen goods.
In the indictment, the crew is alleged to have smuggled marijuana over the border from Canada into Detroit (significantly, they’re charged with operating in the Eastern District of Michigan; more on this later) and Buffalo and then couriered it to New York.
The Krasniqis are supposed to have moved and distributed more than 100 kilos of marijuana.
THERE ARE ALBANIAN NEIGHBORHOODS ON EITHER SIDE of East Fordham Road in the Bronx: Pelham Parkway on one side, the Belmont section on the other. It’s where you walk into cafes and drink strong espresso in the middle of the day as strong-looking adult men do their social-club thing.

All that is color, like the nicknames of the Krasniqi crew, which were dutifully recorded in the indictment: Neri, Cuz, Naz, Genti, Berti, Duke, Miri.
These are the facts, according to the government: In 2005 Erion Shehu was shot and killed in a drive-by in Queens, allegedly by the Krasniqis and Rrapo.
Six months after this (court records talk about the Krasniqi brothers’ habit around this time of sticking guns into people’s mouths to threaten them), the Krasniqis shot Erenick Grezda in the head and dumped him on the side of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. In part of his guilty plea, Sejdaris said that he was in the car when Grezda’s murder took place (apparently his guns were used; court records indicate he was charged with possession of a machine gun). AROUND 2005, GREZDA WAS KIDNAPPED BY A RIVAL ALBANIAN gang the Krasniqis had ripped off. Bruno was kidnapped, too, by four masked men—the same ones who had taken Grezda. Meanwhile, Bruno called Saimir, who was living in Michigan at the time (the Eastern District) and told him that he had to pay a $350,000 ransom for his life. Around this same time, very near where Saimir was living in Michigan, rival Albanian gangs were terrorizing Oakland and Macomb Counties, hanging around a coffee shop named Goodfellows (there’s one a couple blocks from Krasniqi’s house in Staten Island also—no relation, apart from the media-mafia culture thing), making people beg for their life at gunpoint, planning at one point to ride in on motorcycles with AK-47s to settle a dispute.
The  purported leader of one of the gangs, Ketjol Manoku, 26, used a nine millimeter to shoot four other Albanians in a minivan. Manoku and two other Albanian twenty-somethings are now doing multiple life sentences in Michigan state prisons.
Two months after the whole kidnapping, FBI sting went down in Michigan, the Krasniqis murdered their boy Erenick Grezda in New York in retaliation. The FBI unit supervisor in New York added that the Brooklyn neighborhood where one of the defendants (Florian Veshi) lived would now be a safer place.
Sharkey has defended a Gambino hit man and has been publicly hated by a law enforcement association. My answer is that not to bother to try to explain why and how it all happened is like not having a proper funeral service for the dead, and that telling the story is a way of showing we’re better than those who don’t or can’t give a damn about their own lives, or other people’s. This is the first installment in a series by Kevin Heldman on Albanian organized crime in New York. 13 DHJETOR 1990 SHKODRA PERSHENDETE DEMOKRACINE 5:45 pm By 25 VJETE PA TIRANIN ENVER HOXHA !

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They, along with a 27-year-old partner named Almir Rrapo—who was a civil servant in Albania, working for a deputy prime minister at the time of his arrest—led a crew of 15 other men.
They tore through the Westchester County Fair at Yonkers Raceway with baseball bats over some type of beef. She defended a Staten Island banger who killed two undercover detectives, one of them as he pled for his life. A separate trial on the racketeering charges, involving both the Krasniqis and a rival crew, will begin in October.
There are tens of thousands of Albanians in New York working multiple jobs, raising children and going to church. Nga Fritz Radovani   13 DHJETOR 1990 ¦Edhe njehere plot drite kjo ndertese e Prefektures se Shkodres! What used to be a commonplace tradition back in the 15th century, is still around in the some rural areas in Northern Albania. Their absolute transition is wholly accepted, posited and taken without question by the people among whom they live. There are surely many mothers and fathers crying, girlfriends and wives devastated, families wrecked. Almir Rrapo was extradited from Albania (where he fled weeks after the Shehu murder, according to the prosecutor’s filings) only when the government agreed to take the death penalty off the table.

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