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The International Media represent female in a quite different way as compared to men characters and they say they give equal rights to women.
I thank  Shaula Evans for writing a really useful post about improving the image of Muslim women in media.
It is a well-known fact that a woman has no right in any field of life before the advent of Islam. A woman who belongs from religion Islam has a right to choose a life partner of her own choice.
Islam is the religion that very initially provides lots of rights to a woman whether she is Muslin or Non-Muslim. A graduate of the Seminary of the Two Martyrs, Madrasa Shahidayn, where he majored in Islamic Studies and Comparative Theology. Imam Abdul-Mani completed Graduate Studies in Interdisciplinary Studies and Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language[TSFL] at Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Salamanca, Spain. Aside from his many teaching endeavors, Imam Abdul-Mani also holds many community leadership roles.
The founder and executive director of Women in Islam, an organization of Muslim women which focuses on human rights and social justice.
ALLAH the merciful gave proper rights to the women through the HOLY QURAN and the teachings of the PROPHET (PBUH).
No doubts there are some limits, some boundaries that women have to follow and should remain in the boundaries while going outside and dealing with others but still the freedom and independency that women are enjoying today are all due to Islam. Passionate about writing, Muslim academy is perfect platform to get knowledge and Experience. The following infographic will show you how does media uses a women and what kind of problem Muslim women are facing while presenting themselves a women.
A woman has a share in her father’s property before marriage as well as a share in her husband property after marriage. These rights come in the category of basic rights while there are some other rights that a Non-Muslim woman attained when she enters in Religion Islam.
Women in Islam are given respect and love in all roles like as a mother, daughter and wife. What does the Quran (Islamic Holy Book) and the Hadith (traditions from our prophet (PBUH)) say about this topic?

He attended the Columbia University Hospital School of Nursing from which he graduated cum laude in 1976. From 1992-2002, he served as the Dean of Students at Madrasa Islamiya in Brooklyn, NY and in 1994 took on a position as Adjunct Professor at the Steinhardt School of Education at New York University, Science & Technology Program. In 2003, Imam Abdul-Mani was appointed Chaplain for The Metropolitan Transportation Authority State Police Department. The basic right given to women by Islam was the right of having own identity and to have her own recognition. Both are created from the same soul and woman is considered equal to man as she is his partner, his soul mate. According to media Islam restrict women from doing many things and women are slave of their husband bla bla bla. The rate of allocation of property among the men & women is very clearly described in the “Quran”.
According to the Islamic law woman has her own independent place and has her own rights and duties. Before Islam education was not considered important but as Islam came it made education necessary because it is the only way to recognize ALLAH.
Secondly, after marriage husband is responsible for providing the essentials such as clothes, food & shelter.
In this modern age, Muslim as well as Non-Muslim women both are enjoying this right very well. During the Era of Hazrat Umer a woman (whose name was Shiffa Bint Abdullah) was appointed as a woman who manages market activities. We should not blame Islam for this condition of Woman; it is only because they forgot the teachings of Islam.
One can please Allah and earn paradise by simply keeping his mother happy in the way Allah has commanded.
But Islam also orders a woman to work outside the home with in its limits for example when ever she goes outside she must wear a Hijab or cover her body. And how can women fight for their rights when it is being abused by the people around them?
Al-Adawiya coordinates Islamic input for the Preservation of the Black Religious Heritage Documentation Project of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.  She also serves as a consultant to numerous interfaith organizations and documentary projects on the Muslim American experience.

In the past women were not allowed to get themselves educated but it was Islam who gave them the right to get education.
In the past women were not allowed to go outside or speak in any matter and her opinion was not asked but Islam gave her the right that to speak, to express her views and she can also go outside to earn for her family. Additionally, she serves on the boards of numerous organizations related to the interests of the global Islamic community.  Ms.
They had no importance in the society.  The rights of women were given by ALLAH through his messenger the PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH) and these rights are also explained in Islam. No Media has right to compare whole religion with few people who don’t even follow Islam.
Islam stressed upon getting both kinds of education (especially first type which is compulsory for every Muslim). Woman has also the right of Divorce from her husband if she is not happy with him or if he is not fulfilling her living costs.
Not a woman but a husband is also responsible for the expenditures which come on the upbringing of children. Another right is that a woman ought to get respect, esteem & honor from her husband (a man is not allowed to accuse a woman).
But the revolution was brought by Islam which changed the whole world and filled it with humanity and light of kindness, love and knowledge.
He said, “Go back and honour her.” Then I approached him from in front and said, O Messenger of Allaah, I want to go for jihad with you, seeking thereby the Face of Allaah and the Hereafter. The best man criterion is that ‘best’ title goes to the one who is best towards his family. The responsibility of running home by spending and other expenses, are all duties of men, this is the reason why men have one degree over their wives i.e.
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