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The US$ 46 billion package offered by China in April last year is the biggest package ever offered to Pakistan by a foreign donor or an aid agency.
Analysts say that the huge investment could bring miracle change on the Indus River, similar to the miracle happened on the Han River in Korea, miracle happened on the Yellow River in China, miracle happened in Japan after 1945, and miracle happened to ASEAN in the 1980s. In the past, Pakistan economy confronted sanctions, which has damaged Pakistan’s economy.
Economy is showing positive outlook and its rating has been enhanced by global rating agencies. There were three concerns: (1) Terrorism and security for workers on the project, (2) national consensus, (3) and the Indian sabotage. With the leasing of 22,000 acres of land in September last year in Gwadar work has been kicked started.
The CPEC is a monument of Pakistan-China deep-rooted friendship and it is the shinning flagship project of the Belt and Road initiative of the President Xi Jinping. Our mission is to help leaders in multiple sectors develop a deeper understanding of the global economy.
Our flagship business publication has been defining and informing the senior-management agenda since 1964. The cofounder of Analog Devices looks back on his long career and assesses the state of semiconductors today. Ray Stata: After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT], I started working for Hewlett-Packard to learn about business, since I wanted to start my own company. McKinsey: New companies might benefit from hearing how Analog Devices grew from a start-up to a mature enterprise. Ray Stata: First, we had a tolerance for risk and readily adapted to changes in the environment.
It was a huge risk for a small company to shift from profitable modules, where the business was growing 80 percent annually, to ICs. Ray Stata: Our strategy has always been to focus on innovation as the driver of business success and to invest in market segments where we could achieve and sustain the best performance and largest market share.
Ray Stata: In the early days, as we were struggling to build our competence as a semiconductor company, I was worried about our long-term survival and ability to compete.
Ray Stata: The biggest shift is that many large customers no longer want to buy components and design their own board-level systems. Ray Stata: China is already the largest consumer of semiconductors, and its market is growing most rapidly, so the country has a positive impact on global demand. McKinsey: Some people believe the semiconductor sector is not as attractive to young engineers as other disciplines, such as computer science.
Ray Stata: It is true that interest in electrical engineering, not just semiconductors, has declined relative to computer science.
From an academic perspective, engineering education and research are increasingly interdisciplinary. Ray Stata: As I mentioned, the shift toward complex systems solutions is changing the profile of the semiconductor industry and what it takes to be successful.
McKinsey: What advice would you give to CEOs about succeeding in the future semiconductor market? Abhijit Mahindroo is a principal in McKinsey’s Southern California office, and Nick Santhanam is a director in the Silicon Valley office.
February 2016 – By taking a new approach to sales-channel strategy and execution, semiconductor manufacturers are unlocking significant value from distribution. November 2015 – The ongoing transformation of the Chinese semiconductor sector requires all parties to raise their game. Create a profile to get full access to our articles and reports, including those by McKinsey Quarterly and the McKinsey Global Institute, and to subscribe to our newsletters and email alerts. Students in Penn College’s physical fitness specialist major took on a voluntary task that helps them gain experience and provides a service to the Susquehanna Valley Velo Club.
This is a mutually beneficial situation, as your contributions are of great value to the company. While personal gain is important in life, it is not nearly as important as the viewpoint you have on the subject. They have learned which courses-of-action leads to hardships, and which ones lead to achievements. They are honestly and truly just looking out for your best interest through tough love. Instead of putting time and energy into overcoming mistakes, you can set your sights on your goals and focus on attaining them.
When you choose your very own definition based on your own interests, talents, and goals, this may be your first sign that in order to succeed you have to begin with a choice. Second, whether you are thinking about long-term goals or your everyday life, choice is a factor which you cannot do without. When you put some careful thought into it, you will discover that some choices work better than others.

As a value-added distributor, we are fortunate to work with customers in a wide variety of industries—from laser rangefinders and video transmission systems to medical devices and automatic car washes. Our ISO certification ensures we have strict quality controls in place to give our customers peace of mind that the components we supply to them will be manufactured to their specifications. The package is almost half of loans contracted by Pakistan since 1947 and the package is even bigger than the total FDI received by Pakistan from all sources in the past 60 years. It would decrease Pakistan’s economic dependence on the Western financial institutions and donors. Chinese package will give reliable cushion to Pakistan’s economy and will save it from vulnerabilities and crises. A special security force of 9 battalions of Pakistan Army, 25,000 personnel has been raised to look after and protect workers. State of the art airport is going to be started next year along with building of industrial zones. Matt Lorber, a fellow student at MIT with whom I shared an apartment, also had the itch to start a business. We had no experience in IC design and manufacture, and the large semiconductor companies had a compelling head start. Take our decision to set up our own international distribution system and sales organization.
To differentiate our performance from the large semiconductor companies, we pioneered the development of wafer-level laser trimming of thin-film resistors, which were deposited on the surface of standard bipolar wafers.
This led us to converters, multipliers, radio-frequency [RF] circuits, voltage references, sensors, and a host of other products. As a hedge, we put together a team to integrate vertically into computerized data-acquisition systems.
As a component company selling into board-level designs, you have to compete for every socket on the board. There’s no doubt that China will capture a larger share of the semiconductor market over time, but the country has far to go in terms of creating innovative, state-of-the-art semiconductor products. In the United States, however, we benefit from foreign students who come here to pursue an engineering education and then stay after graduation.
Thus, more engineering students will pursue joint degrees and new interdisciplinary degree programs like bioengineering. These factors will drive further consolidation because companies need a breadth of products and capabilities to provide more complete solutions.
It’s true that industry growth has slowed, but this has occurred because technology and innovation have decreased prices so rapidly, not because there are fewer opportunities.
But the opportunities that are already visible are truly exciting—the potential for a thousand-fold increase in wireless-communications capacity at one-tenth the cost, the potential of the ubiquitous Internet of Things, or the mastery of speech recognition to reliably enable voice commands for smartphones and to accurately translate speech to text. These partnerships will help semiconductor companies reduce risks and capture more opportunities. In this interview, Don Tapscott explains why blockchains, the technology underpinning the cryptocurrency, have the potential to revolutionize the world economy. For two weeks, about 30 members of the cycling club have been reporting to the college’s fitness facilities, where, during separate visits, students use the program’s state-of-the-art CardioCoach VO2 max calculator to test the cyclists’ aerobic capacity and anaerobic threshold.
The package will bring Pakistan into a true global economy lining with China and other partner economies with a more focus on regional economic integration. No Chinese worker has been kidnapped or killed related to the CPEC projects in past couple of years. A number of energy projects worth 10,000 mw are underway, which are going to be completed by 2018. We had just gone public, and the board wouldn’t approve the shift, so I personally took the risk of funding a start-up and gave Analog the option of purchasing it later, if it succeeded, with no gain to myself.
Most small companies used sales representatives and distributors, especially internationally.
You have to design the functions to work together to achieve the best performance at the lowest cost. It takes decades to develop the depth and breadth of talent in research, design, process technology, and entrepreneurship that you see in the United States and other developed countries. It would certainly make it easier to retain foreign students after graduation if we reform immigration laws.
This will help to create interest and allow more students to see the exciting developments in electrical engineering and semiconductors. With lower costs, increased performance, and more capabilities, semiconductors may now, more than ever, provide the solution to society’s greatest challenges in energy, healthcare, transportation, communications, automation, and defense. Team members will return in the middle of the cycling season and again postseason to determine how their performance has changed.

The military operation Zarb-e-Azb has been in the final stage to root-out terrorists and to secure CPEC projects.
An Indian RAW agent, Kal Bhoshann Yadav, has been arrested in Balochistan along with a number of others who were sabotaging the CPEC. Notwithstanding doubts, confusions, and, misunderstandings, CPEC has been showing progress each passing day with firmed commitment made by both sides.
His independent streak and willingness to challenge conventional wisdom helped make Analog into a worldwide leader in data conversion and signal-processing technology.
So we took the plunge without a real business plan and little money and founded Solid State Instruments, based on our experience at MIT’s Instrumentation Labs. Today, we are able to integrate our broad range of signal-processing functions into more complete solutions for wireless communications, healthcare instrumentation, and automotive safety- and entertainment-system applications.
The lesson for me was to stay the course and concentrate on overcoming obstacles and risks.
Although some semiconductor companies have pursued a system strategy from the outset, most have focused on specific components like op-amp converters or RF circuits, all with relatively low levels of functional integration. Even as China makes strides in the right direction, industry leaders will be developing more innovative technologies, and the leading edge will keep moving forward at a blistering pace. Most US semiconductor companies also benefit by setting up design centers overseas to capture the great abundance of engineering talent in other locations.
The experience is valuable to the student volunteers, most of whom will be using the equipment for the first time with on-campus clients as part of their classes this semester. Even more important, the true definition of it is much, much better. What does the word this word mean to you?
Energy shortage will overcome as new energy pants will be built like Karot, Suki Kinari, and Bhasha and Diamir dams and nuclear power plants in Karachi and Mianwali. India has been launching maritime sabotage activities from the coastal areas to target the Gwadar Port and other projects of the CPEC.
The company was a failure from most perspectives, except that it was acquired by Kollmorgen’s control division within a year. The performance of these devices was no match for our hand-assembled modules, but they became better each year and were an order of magnitude cheaper. This allowed us to provide superior customer service and technical support compared with competitors. It is challenging for these companies to make the shift to systems solutions, since you have to be competent in both components and system-level ICs, which are very different businesses. It is important for China to emphasize technology and innovation as the means to improve the quality of life and solve social problems, and the country is doing just that. If you gain an entirely different viewpoint, to succeed will not only be easier to come by, but also more fulfilling. Perhaps you have a job, or have been thinking about a career goal for your future. You, and the children that you may have someday, will not have to endure the same hardships which your parents experienced. Over 850 km of Western Route has been completed in Balochistan by the Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) on priority basis.
He also reviews the rapidly evolving semiconductor landscape, offering advice to executives who are trying to develop their own winning strategies. So I decided in 1969 to get into the semiconductor business and to design and manufacture IC op amps, targeted at high-performance applications in the instrumentation and military markets where our modular op amps were selling well. It requires new competencies that go well beyond silicon-circuit design and manufacturing, such as system design, software and algorithms, and packaging technology. Through acquisitions, China may be able to accelerate domestic innovation and technology capabilities, but it will take a very long time to catch up in this fast-paced industry. It means that when you give your best to the world and to the people in it, you will be setting the stage for the best to return to you.
More important, through our experience building instruments and controls for Kollmorgen, we learned about the emerging market for modular operational amplifiers. Another problem is that semiconductor customers are accustomed to buying silicon by the square millimeter and have trouble seeing the value in less tangible features, like embedded software. At Solid State, we decided to buy the op amps used in our instruments, rather than design and manufacture them.

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