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Amtel Free Business Mobile Device Management is a Web-based service with client-side apps for Android and iOS devices. The original paid software-as-a-service offering was launched in late 2010, as Amtel expanded from its origins in telecom expense management software in 2001 to also cover managing mobile devices. Like the premium service, the new free offering can be set up, configured and administered via a Web-based management user interface, with distribution of the client software done either internally or via the online software stores for both Android and iOS. The paid version, which runs from $4 to $2 per line, depending on the number of lines, adds a wide range of more advanced features. Both services are the only ones certified under SAS 70 Type II, an audit standard for service organisations’ control objectives and activities, according to Amtel.
For any serious IT player in the Middle East, there are key market sectors that are easy to list - government, energy, banking, education, health, hospitality and so on. T-Mobile announced today that it will offer free access to Facebook for customers with or without a data plan through its GoSmart Mobile prepaid brand. According to Doug Chartier, senior vice president of T-Mobile’s GoSmart Mobile brand, in a press release “Once again, T-Mobile is shaking up the wireless industry by offering unlimited Facebook for GoSmart customers with no strings attached.
A post on the official Facebook page of GoSmart Mobile says that “Coming in January, it won’t cost you to untag yourself from ‘those’ photos before anyone notices. Almost half of all Facebook users access the popular social media network using mobile devices. Customers can avail of the company’s services by purchasing a GoSmart SIM for only $8 and inserting it in any unlocked GSM device.
Norway’s three biggest broadcasters announced the successful launch of six free to air TV channels via DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) on Monday. The service, launched by the Norwegian Mobile TV Corporation (NMTV), is a joint venture between the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), TV 2 and Modern Times Group (MTG).
Licence-funded broadcaster NRK said that DMB is seen as the best technology in Norway due to its cost efficient coverage of large and rural areas. By using a MiniTV receiver or compatible mobile handset, the free to air channels can be received in and around Greater Oslo while on the move. NMTV’s DMB licence is valid until July 2011 and may be lengthened if the initial period proves a success.

With pricing seen as one of the main obstacles, mobile TV has largely failed to gain traction outside of Japan and North Korea, where the free to air terrestrial TV model has proved popular, so it will be interesting to see how well Norway’s offering is received. T-Mobile US on Tuesday announced free video streaming for 24 media sources including Netflix Inc., HBO and Hulu. T-Mobile Chief Executive Officer John Legere unveiled the new offer that lets subscribers watch videos from selected providers without having to pay extra in data charges.
The free video streaming option adds to the company’s previous plan which offers free music streaming, data rollovers, and cheap international roaming.
T-Mobile has been on a tear lately, adding at least 1 million new subscribers in each of the last 5 quarters.
T-Mobile has also revealed that it will double the data allotments on customer plans at no extra cost. With T-Mobile’s newly launched Binge On program, you can literally go on a video streaming binge without worrying about consuming a single byte of your LTE data allocation.
New technology built into the T-Mobile network enables the company to optimize video for mobile screens, so video consumes less bandwidth while keeping the video quality high—at a minimum of 480p (DVD quality) or better. Apart from free video streaming, T-Mobile is doubling the data allocation for the Simple Choice plan at all levels at no extra charge and slashing the price for additional data.
Both the new Simple Choice plan and Binge On will be available to new subscribers starting Nov. For a limited period, T-Mobile is also offering a four-line, 24-gigabyte family package for $120, including 6GB per line with no sharing at $30 per line — equivalent to getting the fourth line for free.
Families and businesses will get twice the high-speed data allocation for free when everyone on the plan gets additional 4G LTE data through the Family Match program. The potential appeal for enterprise IT is that it can apply basic mobile management features quickly, without capital spending or most other operational costs.
There’s no limit on the number of devices that can be managed using the free service, but Amtel executives clearly expect it to be used to for basic management of relatively small numbers of devices. For example, administrative rights can be subdivided and assigned to lower-level administrators.
This is a win-win situation for everyone involved as it provides an incentive for people to choose GoSmart Mobile, it makes Facebook accessible to more users, and it provides consumers an easy way to access their Facebook account without spending.

Customers love GoSmart because it’s one of the simplest and most budget-friendly no annual contract options in wireless. With the two companies joining together to bring this offer more people in the United states will be able to access Facebook while on the go. DMB receivers are also compatible with DAB digital radio that is available to 80 per cent of the population in Norway.
A further 15 DAB digital radio channels can also be received by all DMB handsets, and additional services providing interactivity, traffic information and on demand programmes will be offered later in 2009.
Public service broadcaster NRKs channels will remain free to air throughout the period, while the commercial owners TV 2 and MTG are planning to introduce pay TV channels. He went on to criticize the current quality of mobile video and said his rivals are trying to grow by charging users more for video streaming.
The company recently passed Sprint Wireless to become the third largest wireless carrier in the United States.
19 and enjoy unlimited flicks from popular video service providers, including Crackle, Encore, ESPN, Fox Sports, Fox Sports Go, HBO Now, HBO Go, Hulu, MLB, MoviePlex, NBC Sports, Netflix, Sling TV, Slingbox, Showtime, Starz, T-Mobile TV, Univision Deportes, Ustream, Vessel, Vevo, Vudu and more. The lower bandwidth requirement means that even if your plan doesn't come with Binge On, you can watch more movies while consuming less data.
The first line for a Simple Choice plan remains $50 monthly, the second line remain $30 monthly and the third through the twelfth lines run $10 monthly — but each line now comes with 2GB of of 4G LTE data. It lacks a range of more sophisticated features found in the paid service, as well as technical support and maintenance services from the Santa Clara company. Enterprise documents can be stored, grouped and either held for read-only access or pushed out to some or all of the mobile devices. Also, the paid Amtel service can redirect voice calls to optimise cost savings, such as sending a 411 directory assistance call to a free 411 service. If a user dials an international number, the Amtel client can redirect it to the corporate PBX, having the call go out via a much less costly corporately dialed landline connection.

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