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Besotted by the sex, Karen Stone spends tons of lire outfitting him in custom-made silk suits, gifting him with pricey watches and other jewelry and even handing over the wads of cash he tells her needs for all kinds of transparent reasons. If you have not seen the movie I am not going to spoil it for you, but take it from me, the ending is so powerful you will never forget it.
Why would I want to chance spoiling something that fits like a glove (for right now, and hopefully for longer)? While the cougar-dating-young-hottie culture has become a lot more rampant today, the fact remains that the number of men dating younger women is still way higher than that of women dating younger men.
Another key reason that drives women into eh arms of older men is that sometimes, guys their own age are not mature enough for them.
Young women like to date older guys because men their own age may still not be ready to commit or settle down. With a bachelor’s degree in technology and over five years of experience in online content generation and distribution, Anupam Jolly has been creating and editing content spanning across a variety of domains. Why do spacers hurt so much I've got these spacers in right now and they are very painful! Stone (from the book by Tennessee Williams), Vivien Leigh plays Karen Stone, a former great beauty, now a failed actress at age 49.
Despite her generosity, he soon tires of her and begins to flirt with young women right in front of her.

I tell it to you, dear blog reader, because this movie, which I have watched several times (there is even a 1993 remake -- look for it) made me think about aging and dating. We have so much in common, including backgrounds, family dynamics, experiences in various decades and now -- similar attitudes and concerns about aging, since we are neck-to-neck in that marathon.
But this phenomenon is a direct result of women not having any financial security, right to property, right to equal pay etc.
Women like to turn to their partners for advice and guidance and men their own age may not have enough experience to provide the kind of support they need. The entire concept of “playing the field” revolves around men avoiding commitment to find a more suitable mate for themselves.
An avid environmentalist, Anupam Jolly believes that if humans can degrade the environment, they can save it from disaster too.
Karen Stone's rich, 20 years older husband dies suddenly as they are flying to Rome on holiday.
When I was young and looked at people whose age I am now, I often wondered if their perception of themselves changed when they looked in the mirror, or if they still had the young mind in an older body. A mature, grown up, grounded male human being who, I was assured, would not think anything of that 20-year difference. An older guy, on the other hand, would have more experience dealing with life and this would make him more attractive to a girl.

After a period of mourning the restless, sexually starved woman allows herself to be drawn into an affair with an irresistibly handsome, sultry Italian male "escort" in his early 20s, played by -- wait for it- - a young Warren Beatty. Even today, a woman cannot be a 100% sure that she would still have her job when she comes back from a maternity leave. An older man would have already played the field long enough and thus he would be more open to settling down which makes them more attractive to young women. Well, perhaps not as badly as what happens to Vivien Leigh's character, but with other sad consequences?
Here is where dating an older guy can be really beneficial since older guys are more likely to have a stable job and be more financially stable than younger guys.
Yes, admittedly, one can become addicted to the sensuality, and when that young partner is lost, one can become bereft.
On what levels other than the physical -- which can truly wear thin if other things are not right?

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