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Most other matching sites are just glorified personals services; their “matching” systems are nonexistent or overly subjective. When you sign up, be prepared to not have many matches at all unless you fill out a few personal details and interests. Is it a requirement that you communicate with your significant other every single day, in some way (phone, email, in person, etc.)?
Search your matches on OKCupid by the basics or something more specific, like living habits. It’s worth noting that OKCupid includes a section for notes and ratings on your matches.
OKCupid is a completely free service, but you do have the option of a few additional features as a paid subscriber. You can limit who can see your photos and create albums of things other than you (family, pets, etc.).
Enhanced anonymous browsing — normally users who browse anonymously will not be able to see who has viewed their profiles either, but A-Listers can.
Robyn Lynne Norris and the ensemble of Second City’s #DateMe are talented and hilarious individuals who brought to life hundreds of different profiles, each with its own unique and surprising stories. Past that, you’re asked to provide a few basic things like a username, email, your marital status, orientation, etc.

You can also go back at a later time to change the answers to any questions — hey, people change, right? Don’t ever lose track of what your though of that cute guy, and make sure you stay away from that creeper. And if a member has no more storage space, as an A-Lister, your message will always get through. The Second City, which is known for being today’s leading brand in improv-based sketch comedy, presents another amazing sketch comedy with #DateMe.
Throughout the show, facts are presented about how online dating and OkCupid are presented and challenged by the characters. The key here is to be completely honest, so the system matches you with someone you’ll be interested in, and vice-versa. Through the same interface, you’re able to see your favorites and see who has visited your profile.
If you only answer questions with answers the average person would want to hear, then they probably won’t be too interested in you when it comes time to get to know one another. She considered these profiles to be truly “undateable,” and the several months that followed seemed to prove otherwise. Whether it is the analysis of the 5 P’s of an online profile, the categories of people you are most likely to find online, or what truly makes your profile stand out, no stone is left unturned or unmocked in this 90 minute show.

You can access features like basic search and full communication with all members as a free member, but OKCupid offers a paid option, the A-List. There was even some audience participation that led to the “coupling” of two audience members and an in-depth improvisational scene which showed what would happen if the two audiences members were to meet based on their online profiles. This leads to what truly is a laugh out loud comedy experience for anyone, especially those who personally, or knows someone who has tried online dating, should see. The first was by the female members of the ensemble which focused on the importance of a good profile username when meeting people and what we all think when we see a very bad one.
The second was sung by the male members of the cast and made fun of the pick-up lines that are used as an icebreaker when starting a conversation online.
Both were smart and funny while focusing on what online daters are faced with on a daily basis. While the real reason Norris started this experiment was based on loss and loneliness, it is a show that brings the audience together through laughter and shared experiences, which is what makes this show truly special.

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