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Unfortunately, some scammers want more of a payoff than to damage someone else’s psyche (no, I don’t understand why someone would want to do that, either). If he wants you, almost immediately, to leave the relative security of an online dating site, then be careful.
If, in his online picture, he looks like a guy who should be posing for a beefcake calendar, then that’s probably because the picture actually is of a guy who poses for beefcake calendars. If there are inconsistencies between his profile and statements in his e-mails, then that could indicate he’s a scammer. If she claims to be from the United States but notes that she’s temporarily overseas, then watch out.
Justin Cord Hayes lives in Winston-Salem and teaches ninth grade English to under-performing students at High Point Central High School.
Grab a friend, a neighbor, your sister, your mother, a co-worker, and have a much needed Girl's Night Out!

If he presses you for your phone number so that you can text or for your e-mail address so that you can have more rapid communication, don’t take the bait.
Sure, there are amazingly gorgeous people out there who are unattached, but if they look that good, are they really going to be using a dating site to find love? We’re all subject to vanity and want to believe that someone much younger than us thinks we’ve still got it. All of us might be guilty of a slight under- or over-statement in our profiles, but we shouldn’t forget what our profession is, for example. You may think to yourself that you’d never fall for something that blatant, but Bernard Madoff bilked billions out of some of our country’s wealthiest and most influential citizens. He may really think you’re awesome, but if he does, he won’t mind waiting until you’re comfortable with more direct communication. She may actually be the person and the age of her profile, but most likely, that information, like the rest of the profile, is a lie.

If you’re lonely enough and you believe that he (whoever “he” is) really loves you, then you may act against your own common sense.
He or she is actually a group of teenage guys having fun at your expense, watching you develop feelings for someone whom you can’t ever really meet. Not only have you not found the love of your life, but now you’re an accomplice to an international money laundering scheme.

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