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To begin, a “catfish” is usually a complete stranger that initiates contact with you.  Typically, a “catfish” sends you a message, friend request, or anything else to try and communicate with you. The first you should do is thinking whether you are going to pay for the serviced provided or not. If you are not willing to discuss this with the people, who know you, you can carry out your personal research on modern search engines as Google, Yahoo and the like. A mix of social networking, compatibility-testing and online dating, OkCupid is an unusual free dating site in that it allows its members to create the matching questions already pre-determined at sites like eHarmony or Chemistry. A unique compatibility matching system takes twenty-nine different personality variables and determines who you are most suitable to date. Out of the top online dating sites, Lavalife is the most versatile of the bunch, allowing users to join under a variety of different dating personas that can be connected or kept separate at the users' choice (Dating, Relationships and Intimate Encounters).
A review of the top dating sites would be odd if it lacked POF (as it is known to its forum users), as it is considered to be the first successful free dating site model on the Internet. Many of the dating site lists posted by the top research companies (Hitwise, Comscore) tout SinglesNet as one of the biggest, most trafficked dating sites on the internet today. Date Hookup quickly rose up the Hitwise top dating site charts as a free dating site to contend with. When contacted online and the person makes no reference to you or your given name or online profile handle, it may be a “broadcast” scam email going to hundreds of others. Snap lots of pics with your mobile and tell them you are emailing everyone in your life to show them who you are with and where you are.
Don’t be shy about googling them, checking their Facebook, or even getting a background check. You get what you pay for, and when you use free dating sites you are guaranteed to get in contact wit scammers.
In our quest to find our perfect mate the under-discussed, and unfortunately overlooked issues is the “it can’t happen to me” syndrome of being on the dating scene and not taking into consideration your personal security. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. In the era of natural and organic everything, why does it seem impossible to meet people that way anymore? Logically, one would assume if you are not a model, photographer, or model agent why would someone like this contact you?
For example, every time you request a video chat or a picture they make up excuses explaining why they can’t. This is the reason why you better be discriminatory when registering at these sites, no matter if you choose paid or free dating services. Maybe you will meet people, who have tried on-line dating sites and are able to help you with your choice.

Let this top picks list, along with links to full, in-depth and unbiased reviews, help you decide. Additionally, users can contact anyone on the system - unlike the two online dating sites mentioned previously – whether or not you are matched well as an Enemy, Friend or Partner. Unlike most other dating sites, eHarmony only allows users to contact those the system has determined to be highly compatible, and sometimes this process can take weeks - even months - to receive enough of a sample size to pay the higher-than-normal fee. As well, a bevy of services are available to paying users not found on the other major sites (video chat for one), and the site boasts more users in Canada than any other dating site in the world. Owner Marcus Friend still runs the organization by himself, even though his user base outnumbers most of the pay-per-use websites in North America. A quick review found the busiest, most well-trafficked gay dating site on the internet today, with a ton of adult-oriented marketing to support it's business endeavors. Straightforward without a lot of features or hullabuloo, Date Hookup offers another viable online dating site alternative. In my line of work I sometimes sign up for online dating sites, and create a profile as a man or even as a woman, and wait for scammers to contact me. When they immediately start talking about love and marriage and showing affection, run fast. Get their name, address, previous address, home phone, cell phone, place of birth, birth date, where they work, and license plate number. Loneliness often trumps common sense and that loneliness distorts a person's perspective in a way that makes them vulnerable. For time-pressed singletons purposefully looking for partners, one of the best ways to find dates is through online dating sites. This great up-and-coming site is perfect for anyone who wants an activity-led date, be it checking out an exhibition, going cycling or wrestling a picnic off some pigeons in a park. I have joined the league of women who can no longer date from their pool of classmates or colleagues and have come to realize Channing Tatum is probably not going to turn up at my local watering hole anytime soon.
Why not try online dating? With all the great online dating sites out there, there is sure to be someone for everyone! Normally a model receives publicity from a vast audience, so why would they have the need to reach out to random people? Generally speaking, mostly every individual has an accessible picture of himself or herself. Exercising caution in terms of telling your personal information out will be helpful for you.
You can also narrow down the list by finding pros and cons about every dating site that catches your interest.
Luckily, users who don't sign up immediately will receive emails offering them a variety of deals to sign up later on down the road once their match listing has increased.

The amount of people using this feature-rich site (which includes heavily-trafficked forums, compatibility questionnaires and the very popular Who's Seen Me button) is astronomical in its sheer ability to connect with users around the globe looking for friendship, love, and anything else in between.
Research over the years has led me to discover some scary methods scammers use to target their victims. Asking for money for any reason means this is a con-man, even if that means halfsies on a flight so see you. Don’t accept drinks from anyone under any condition unless you see the drink being poured and it goes straight to your hands.
This is your life here and you need to know who they are.Get to know the energy and intentions of this person as best you can via phone, email and in person.
Never wire money, send checks, cash for any reason, no matter their sob story or how much they want to see you. Simply post your desired activity on your profile, rather like a Facebook status update, and your potential suitors contact you if they fancy coming along.
Though I am the first of my friends to point out how important it is to put yourself out there, the toll that online dating can take on your ego and self esteem can be exhausting! It’s crazy to think that now finding that special someone that we can really relate to is right at our fingertips, anytime!
In addition, most technological devices have internal web cameras that allow you to chat anywhere. A great dating advice is never to reveal much about you, since you never know who can be looking through your profile during your membership on any dating site.
Communicating with someone who takes days to respond means they are married - no other excuse is sufficient. Scammers use raw emotions against you and leverage online dating websites and social media to victimize us.
A “catfish” is an individual who creates a fabricated identity, to persuade others into building a romantic relationship, knowing that it would never work out because of deception. Most scammers begin to talk love and marriage within 2-3 contacts, all talk about their love of God, and most request money for some reason within 7 contacts. If they are irritable, things irritate them, or they make racist or offensive jokes or exhibit behaviors not conducive to healthy behavior, move on. I can’t speak from experience on these, but the options range from religiously themed websites to sites for those with learning difficulties to sites for herpes sufferers, to name but a few. The main boon when perusing Mysinglefriend is that you know your potential date has at least one real-life friend.

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