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Yomenya Goemon Japanese Spaghetti House is a Japanese restaurant here in Manila that specializes in Japanese-style spaghetti. Not a lot of us are well acquainted with this rather unique rendition of what most of us know as an Italian specialty.
I remember way back my pre-food blogging days, my mother would always talked me into trying East Cafe located inside Rustans Department Store at Makati every time we visit the area to shop. Weeks ago, we were invited to sample some of the delectable desserts they offer at Cinq Dessert Boutique. I am really excited to share this good news to my fellow WeChat users because seriously, 7" Android Tablet for Php 999 only? This special promo is available for 1,000 WeChat users following Lazada Philippines's official WeChat account.
When tonkatsu craze hit Manila the past years, Ginza Bairin which first Philippines branch is located at Glorietta 2 in Makati City was one of the restaurants that offer what Manila food enthusiasts craved for. Weeks ago, I got to visit Ginza Bairin at Glorietta 2 with some friends to try some of these new additions. One of the reasons why Jollibee KIT KAT Mix-ins sits well with me is the fact that well, it has Kit-Kat Chocolate, one of my favorite products by Nestle Philippines, in it. As with any other Jollibee Mix-ins introduced by Jollibee, this new mix-ins variant has Jollibee creamy vanilla soft serve as its base. It was only recently that I visited the newest TGIFridays Philippines’ branch located at Greenbelt 3 in Makati City to check the new look it is sporting.
By the time that I am writing this, a lot of my favorite food bloggers in Manila have raved about the Ube Cheesecake of Indulgence by Irene. This well-loved Ube Cheesecake is a product of Irene Co's collaboration with equally talented homebaker, Chona Ayson of Homemade Treasures known for delicious ensaymada.
I could not count how many times have I raved to my friends how much I love Irene's Quezo de Bola Cheesecake. For the past couple of days, I am developing this new morning ritual that revolves around coffee and WeChat.
I could not stress enough how indispensable WeChat to me especially now that I am slowly trying to incorporate it in my works as a freelancer and as well as a blogger.
Travelers will have two days in taking advantage of this latest promo fare from Manila to different parts of the Philippines and chosen International flights. Now the good news International Flights coming from Manila is on 50% off like what its shown on the image below. Properties available are located in Lancaster New City Cavite (Lancaster Estates), Carmona Estates, Bellefort Estates and other areas of Cavite, Philippines.
One of the newest projects of our developer, Lancaster New City (formerly Lancaster Estates) is located in Alapan, Imus Cavite, the municipality which will be the center of the next major estate development in Cavite. The project is also strategically located near the new Cavite Coastal Highway extension (Cavitex) that made travel time period shorter of up to 20 minutes from Mall of Asia, Pasay.
Carmona Estates is a sprawling development almost 94 hectares large, and composed of nine different phases. This village is just 3 minutes away from the mall, 15 minutes away from Alabang and very accessible to schools, banks and hospitals. This site contains information on Lancaster Estates, Carmona Estates, Bellefort Estates and other HOUSE and LOT FOR SALE in CAVITE, PHILIPPINES.

Located at Greenbelt 3, Yomenya Goemon opened its door last 2012 and still making a lot of food enthusiasts happy. It is one of her favorite dining destinations when in Rustans because that is where she usually meets up with her friends.
Fast forward to the semi-mature me days, after trying out East Cafe at Rustans Makati, I would say that I should have listened to my mom and gave it a go even before. It was their soft opening during that time but this quaint dessert place was already gaining thumbs up to some of the foodies in Manila I consider the best. The original price of the 7" Android Tablet is at Php2,499 and if you are one of the chosen WeChat users, then you can have it for only Php999. Since it opened last year, Ginza Bairin remained to be one of the Tonkatsu Restaurants with glairing positive reviews. The fact that they are considered as the Home of The Number 1 Donburi in Japan plus the positive reviews I have read, I kind of have high expectation as to what we are going to feast on that afternoon.
Fast forward to 2014, Osaka Ohsho boasts of 300+ stores worldwide including the one here in the Philippines, all thanks to the same group that brought Wee Nam Kee here in our country.
I love Kit Kat Chocolate, I love ice cream, therefore Jollibee KIT KAT Mix-ins is just perfect way to combat the heat while enjoying in the process. Thrown into the mix for a good measure is crushed Kit Kat Chocolate that lends palatable chocolaty flavor and pleasant texture to the entire deal.
I am not talking about one-thousand-guests-big-event-kind-of-party though, I am referring to the usual chill out party amongst you and your friends.
Because really, wouldn’t it be so much easier if we could stash and keep away our things for future usage? I am a photographer, hence, heavy duty external hard drive is a must for safekeeping the photos I shoot for my clients. Weeks after that visit, I found myself at the same TGIFridays branch to try their take on Tex-Mex dishes.
Who could blame these food enthusiasts dubbing this awesome cheesecake as one of the best ube cheesecakes in Manila when in reality, it really is.
I was the big breakfast kind of girl but since I have been dealing with some recipe development and food photography projects lately, I have to make do with what my little time could accommodate. I tell you this, save for my Instagram account where I showcase most of my kitchen works, WeChat is one of my most used mobile app. Means of communication with clients, friends, and loved ones used to be within the confines of text messages, phone calls, and emails. The new definition of Modern Living with class and affordability.
Designed with the modern family in mind, houses we offer combines form and function with a spacious layout and tasteful finishing.
Infrastructure development projects are also underway to connect this part of Cavite to Daang Hari, making access more convenient from other parts of Metro Manila and Laguna. The site is conveniently located near the Carmona Exit of the South Luzon Expressway, and just a few minutes away from the Carmona town proper and public market. It is the first subdivision in the Molino, Cavite area that features a linear park- the extra open space right outback which you can turn into a playground, a garden or your own special nook, for get-togethers or for solitude. It gives you space to relax, exercise and enjoy bonding moments with your loved ones.

I never heeded to such call because in all honesty, I found the feel of the restaurant a bit classy for a taste of a youngster like me during that time. Now with another branch located at UP Town Center, Ginza Bairin step up a notch higher on its league by introducing new items on their menu. Its signature gyoza is the main highlight of Osaka Ohsho’s menu, the very same reason of its popularity. Well, by the time that I am writing this I am cooking a party, a small gathering over food with my old time friends that will happen in five days.
And I couldn’t stress enough how WeChat features help me in my line of work and day to day life.
TGIFridays is one of the restaurants I have high respect for since the way they execute Western dishes, not to mention the impressive line of cocktail drinks, is well suited to my liking. It also holds the promise of what their patrons must expect should they opt to pay a visit and indulge themselves with the goodness of these two cultures merged into one by means of gastronomical feast. Now that WeChat’s 5.2 upgrade for Android and iOS matches my drive and energy to get through the day with all my activities at hand, I am confident that communication while I am on the go will be so much easier, not to mention fun! This is your ONLINE SOURCE of Information for affordable yet quality HOUSE AND LOT in CAVITE and other PROPERTIES in CAVITE, Philippines. It is only a 30 minute drive from the Makati Central Business District and has access to schools, hospitals, and business establishments in the nearby towns of Laguna. I always wanted my usual burger, soda, and fries so why would I bore myself to death to something that for me only mature women like my mom seem to enjoy? Bumping into ones that shook my world inside out is like finding a gold mine, well at least for me.
As for mobile conversation through chat, I am happy that WeChat has History Backup feature that enables user to save their conversations histories and restores them to any device for up to seven (7) days. Irene's ChocNut Cheesecake was also notably delightful especially for those who has an affinity for this peanut-chocolate bar of our childhood days. Definitely a lot closer when compared to Sta Rosa Laguna, less busy compared to Binan, and for those who live further south of Laguna, Carmona Estates is strategically located midway for all your personal and family lifestyle needs.
Being introduce to Cinq Dessert Boutique is one of those happy moments of having gold at hand. You see, this relatively new product of the number one local fast food chain in the Philippines is one of the cold desserts I have been digging lately. These small parties used to be my usual weekend fix especially when I was in college and early on my corporate world stint.
This Ube Cheesecake of Indulgence by Irene, is no exception to the fact that Irene Co bakes the best homemade cheesecakes in Manila.
I also love having staycation on some hotels with my friends and just have a good time over food and shared stories.
So, for a time, I stopped creating these little parties because I cannot afford to deal with stress that party planning entails.

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