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This codependency quiz can serve as a start in understanding where you are with relationships. If you feel codependency applies to you, seek help and start healing and having healthier relationships.
If your family seems codependent, than you might have learned the behavior from them and your involvement in your family’s established culture of relationships. You will learn how to break free of those tendencies, and make better decisions for yourself.
We frequently get questions about where to find good codependency resources for codependency recovery, so we created this page to start putting everything in one place. Co-Dependents Anonymous – a fellowship of men and women whose common purpose is to develop healthy relationships.
Conquering Codependency Mini-Course – 8-part video mini-course discussing codependency and related topics like personal space, habits, boundaries, and phases of recovery. Share To Repair Program – a collection of personal stories of codependency, both written and audio, from our audience. Vipassana Meditation – a technique which enhances awareness and equanimity by using body sensation as a point of focus, keeping in the mind the law of impermanence. Copyright in bibliographic data and cover images is held by Nielsen Book Services Limited, Baker & Taylor, Inc., or by their respective licensors, or by the publishers, or by their respective licensors.
If you have a family member or friend that struggles with addiction, sober living housing can be a good solution for those that do not need inpatient services any longer.
A functioning alcoholic might be responsible and productive because they are able to regularly make it to a job.
When people are suffering from substance abuse or addiction problems, they usually set out to search for the best location to recover and enter a rehab program. Sober living housing is a next logical step for those that are transitioning to a sober and healthy lifestyle. Walking through recovery in South Florida is not easy, but the Palm Beaches, Delray Beach, and Fort Lauderdale have some of the most conducive areas for long term recovery. Getting angry is:(a) never okay, at least not to be noticeably angry, or(b) justified because it is one of our emotions as humans. You are dating someone, and he or she asks you for money, which you know they are going to spend on drugs or alcohol. How open are you with the people you love:(a) not very, you don’t want to burden anyone with your minor problems, or(b) very! As a child, do you feel responsible for the emotional well-being of a parent?(a) yes, or(b) no. When someone asks how you are doing, you answer:(a) “I’m fine!” or “I’m great!” and smile, even if you aren’t really fine or great, or(b) honestly, with whatever emotion or state of mind you are really in. When life is going along smoothly, and no one is asking for your help, or is putting emotional struggles on you, do you feel:(a) useless and without purpose, or(b) relieved and at peace?

Do you feel more comfortable:(a) offering to help another person, or(b) asking for help from another person?10. If you answered mostly (a), then you are probably on the codependency side of the spectrum.
Peek Into Your FriendshipsHow have you chosen friends, and how have your friendships evolved over time? Evaluate Your Romantic RelationshipsHave the patterns also played themselves out in who you choose as a partner? We add to this list as we learn more, so feel free to suggest additional resources for us to add. Groups typically meet in local churches, and they have a Group Locator Tool to help you find a meeting near you.
More often than not, others overlook the persons drinking problem all together when they can maintain stressful and powerful positions in business. In today’s world, you must have an honest and open conversation about drugs and their harmful effects. A common trend shows that Florida, or more specifically—South Florida, is a hotspot for substance abuse recovery. Knowing what options are available to you is one of the first steps towards getting the help you need.
Finding a sponsor is not hard because there are plenty of people that have struggled and won the fight against alcohol in their lives. She asks where you would like to go, what is your response?(a) wherever you would like to go, or(b) there’s this great little place nearby I’ve heard good things about, want to try it?
What do you do?(a) give it to them and hope they need it for food or a bill, or(b) question what it’s for, and deny the request if you don’t agree with the cause.
When someone asks you for a favor, whether it’s big or small, do you feel:(a) almost obligated to help because someone needs you, or(b) okay with saying no when you really can’t help at that time? Have you ever broken up with someone and felt completely devastated, even if the relationship was short and didn’t seem to be going anywhere?
Do you feel more secure in a relationship when you don’t think your partner is leaving you?
Unable to say no when asked to help or run an errand, big or small?Do you feel used?Are you walking on eggshells?
Choosing good friends and romantic partners who will have your best interest at heart without depending on you, and expecting you to depend on them, is important, but again, you need to learn how to do that. All rights in images of books or other publications are reserved by the original copyright holders. A clue that our inner child runs our lives emerges in the patterns of drama and trauma, which keep reappearing repeatedly in our adult lives.
Another clue shows itself if we keep retelling the same story of suffering to others.My inner child carries the wounds from growing up with an emotionally distant father addicted to alcohol.

Yet, I am grateful for him allowing me, at the age of ten, to play for two summers with my younger brother. We played fantasy cowboy games amongst the groves of maple trees.As a man, I never related to my inner child. In addition, when I studied psychology at college no one mentioned the inner child at the time.Inner Child Work My inner child remained invisible and unknown to me until my early forties. My partner at the time told me she had a therapist who worked with healing her inner child.
This and most of all the pain of being unable to know and express my emotions or needs in relationships motivated me to contact this child. I started by reading John Bradshaw’s, Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child.A few years later, I began teaching energy healing and a method of healing the inner child.
At this time, I realized the intensity of pain my inner child carried since childhood.Over a decade later, my wife, Lyn, assisted me by refusing to accept being my emotional body. Therefore, instead of feeling and expressing my emotions, I had my wife do this for me as all my previous female partners had done in the past. How many men like me unconsciously have their women carry their emotions for them?Today I understand the influence of my childhood. I have since learned to nurture myself first although I find myself still challenged, as I tend to take on other people’s energies unaware in my desire to assist them.I recognize a pattern from my father.
I swore as a teenager never to drink, yet gradually over seven years I began drinking more and more. One day because a new meditation practice required I quit I did so for four years and after I no longer had a craving for alcohol.
I learned with the help of my wife Lyn, a gifted energy healer, how to hold the emotions of my inner child rather than drowning in them or being trapped in anger.I learned to embrace my inner child. By staying present with the feelings, they began to transform on their own and a peace would fill me. I choose to take charge rather than allowing my inner child to sit in the driver’s seat of the emotional train. 7.) Free Yourself Through Forgiveness.See also Is Your Wounded Inner Child Ruining Your Life? In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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