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United for Care provides a statement that is both not accurate, it is not even the same quote originally printed in Newsweek, and ignorant, because Mr.
United for Care should have done a bit of research and would have if that had been their practice all along. Spacejunk, you said it was hypocritical to leave marijuana a Schedule I drug because nobody was trying to make morphine illegal. I don't see the hypocrisy in holding a man accountable to his words - and life's work - in demonising various groups in society, such as the LGBT community and drug users. Anyone can claim they were misquoted, but his bias on the issue - and misleading, dishonest public statements paint a pretty clear picture of the guy. Most heroin turns into 6-monoacetylmorphine in the blood in seconds, which has the greater effect on opioid receptors. Over time, as more and more people began resorting to heroin use in order to numb their pains, certain bureaucrats saw an opportunity to blame them for the rampant crime rates affecting America.

By far, the biggest safety issue with the use of any opioid drug is that it depresses a person's breathing to a certain extent based on the amount used + tolerance to the opioid drug family.
I can't speak for other BLers, but I personally don't really know what to make of you, because there are times where your comments seem to come across as the words of a troll looking to be fed. Looking back to when I was extremely prejudiced against drug users, I cannot believe how ignorant, arrogant, and misguided I was regarding everything having to do with our hypocritical drug policies. To make a presumptuous statement of my own - most elderly folk I've met (a considerable amount, believe you me) are courteous and polite, even if they think you're an asshole. I really only asked her how old she is because I was thinking she was conceivably half my age (which i still would not discount).
Funny how these things work; age means very little to me - I have friends in their early teens all the way through to their 70s and 80s. About the Click Pro Daily ProjectFounded in 2011, the Click Pro Daily Project was the industry’s first group photography blog and has brought together hundreds of female photographers.

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. She combines her love of ballet, the grace and elegance it embodies, with her love of photography to create simple, dramatic images. Dozens of inspirational photos are posted daily, and participants are encouraged to share camera settings for each image so that the project can become a source not only of inspiring photographs for viewers, but also an educational resource.

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