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Washington, June 12 : While instructors these days are increasingly tanking to animated PowerPoint slides to make their lectures interesting and enhance student learning, a new study suggests that such presentations do have a dark side that impacts negatively on the message being presented.
Stephen Mahar, of the University of North Carolina Wilmington, recorded two versions of a PowerPoint lecture. He and his colleagues then showed students either the animated or non-animated lecture, and then tested the students' recall and comprehension of the lecture.
The researchers found a marked difference in average student performance, with those seeing the non-animated lecture performing much better in the tests than those who watched the animated lecture. They said that the students were able to recall details of the static graphics much better.
The team said that though the students appeared to like the use of animations in lectures delivered using PowerPoint, they had found strong evidence that animation is nothing more than an entertaining distraction. It is possible that teaching a technique might work more effectively with animated, rather than static, slides-something they plan to investigate in their future studies.
Zoho Show est un outil en ligne permettant de realiser des presentations impressionnantes. Offre aux utilisateurs la possibilite de telecharger et partager publiquement ou en prive des presentations PowerPoint et documents Word. Sliderocket permet de creer de superbes diaporamas et presentations dans des modeles haut de gamme. 280 Slides est une autre application tres facile a utiliser pour la creation de vos presentations. Les logiciels proposes dont j’ai entendu seulement parle de slide share est pour moi une bonne reference, a tester les autres! PowerPoint Presentations have become integral part of Academics in almost all fields of Study especially in Medical and Engineering technology.
Common scenario when you present your Presentation in front of class is that, most of your class mates will have similar slide designs. I agree that content is king even in Presentation and feedback is also dependent on presenting skills. In colleges, Presentation topic is most of the time from academic course so, content was never a problem for me and it should not be for most of you.

If you have read our 10 Tricks to use Google Search like Ninja, this isn’t new for you.
Search results are often cluttered and along with Templates, there are some Presentations too. It has A-Z category which means almost all types are considered and not just broad ones but you can find topic specific PowerPoint Slide designs too. Try to involve Audience by using Live Presentation Feedback Tools which also can make use of Social media like Twitter which integrates Live Voting. Uploading Presentations to share online is better and thanks to sites like SlideOnline which provides a platform to share your academic presentations online publicly as well as privately if you want to limit it to your class mates only.
Not just sharing but Slideonline also lets you browse already uploaded presentations and download them. It helps newbies as well as professionals to make visually appealing Slides for Presentation.
Copyright © 2012 Animated PowerPoint Templates, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Free Productivity PowerPoint template, productivity means the ratio of the quantity and quality of units produced to the labor per unit of time. The template for PowerPoint is free and you can also use it for productivity tools or product line PowerPoint presentations, productivity measurement or employee productivity.
We may send you updates periodically (once or twice per month) about new content posted in our website. The presentations differed only in the presence of animation to incrementally present information. Le celebre logiciel de presentation edite par Microsoft est generalement utilise pour creer des diapositives (ou slides) avec du texte, des images ou des videos.
Comme pour les autres applications du service, Google Docs Presentation se veut simple et epure. Que vous soyez professionnel, enseignant, etudiant, entrepreneur, commercial ou toute autre personne avide de creer des presentations sublimes, voici la baguette magique qu’il vous faut ! Il propose des conseils et des astuces de blogging, des compilations de sites Web, et l'actualite Web.

Il faut savoir que je travail que comme ca et ca me plait vraiment d’avoir tout sur Internet. Most of which are part of program which came along with installation in short, nothing new. So, I worked on Presentation skills and choosing impressive PowerPoint Slide Designs of course, relevant to the topic. If you are Lucky, you will get a ready-made Presentation along with nice slide design else you will have to filter out manually by checking random ones. You can either do it by converting PowerPoint Presentation to YouTube Video or upload PPT directly. Though a new site, but another way of looking into it would be clutter-free making it perfect portal for your class group.
I am sure no one else will do that and hence you will get those extra points for extra efforts.
This is a good design for business presentations as well as economic balances, indicators, dashboard presentations, etc.
This is also great for those looking for free labor PowerPoint templates as well as executive dashboards in PowerPoint or executive mashboards. Je suppose que tu as voulu te concentrer sur les applications accessibles sur internet, sans installation sur l’ordinateur. In this site, we have collection of ppt backgrounds and clip art for your great PowerPoint presentations.
Mais je pense que les fonctionnalites sont un peu inferieures aux outils installables sur l’ordi.

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