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This is one of the few rare occasions where you dona€™t have time to correct the wrong first impression a€“ youa€™ll have to try to do it right the first time. If you want your audience to really pay attention to what youa€™re saying, you need to get inside their heads. Ita€™s not simple to have everyone interested, especially if you want to give a longer presentation. While youa€™re writing your speech, think about the moment when youa€™re going to interpret it to an audience. Subscribe to our NewsletterJoin 103,000+ readers and receive daily career tips in your Inbox!
So, if you make your audience think that youa€™re bending the truth to your advantage, theya€™ll just unlock their smartphones.

Ita€™s desirable not to use any notes, so that you can make as much eye contact as possible. For example, you could give them a quiz and reward those people who give a correct answer to your question with a promotional product, something like a key ring with your logo on it. This is something you need to work on and youa€™ll get addicted to the feeling you get on stage in time. Second, you need to find a way to share that information the right way, in order to increase the demand for your product. Ita€™s recommendable to do this somewhere in the beginning of the presentation and then just try to maintain their attention.
Ask them questions from time to time, even rhetorical ones will do the job a€“ you just need to make them concentrate to what youa€™re trying to tell them.

You should ask for feedback, but dona€™t push it because they may find you needy, and that wona€™t be good for your integrity.
Go with a learning game thata€™s connected to your topic a€“ this way your audience will be entertained and you can be sure theya€™ll remember you later. Keep your focus on pictures and videos so that the major part of your audiencea€™s attention on you.

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