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Sql Injection is a dangerous vulnerability that allows hackers access to information in your database, in worst case allowing them to alter it.
Injection flaws are commonly seen in places where you can insert custom content such as web form, url,parameter or web services. Once hacker could get username, he can also get password or so and can get access to the system. If system is not harden correctly then we see error, warnings in the page if something unexpected happen. Dedicated Magento backend and frontend developer, system administrator, database expert, system analyst and technical entrepreneur!
As you can see by the diagram above, the Presentation Logic Layer works so as to provide your user with an interface in to your application.
Editorial Team at Exforsys is a team of IT Consulting and Training team led by Chandra Vennapoosa. Programmers Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professional programmers interested in conceptual questions about software development. I often question myself of where to put the logic that organize the data to a view that is not necessarily a business logic in a 3-layered architecture (DAO, Business, View). I have a UI in my aplication that shows pending tickets and answered tickets in two different tabs. I like where you are going with this curiosity, so I'm going to bring up something else I see.

Even if you tell yourself that will never happen, or that you're the only one in the next 100 years that will touch this code and you Promise yourself you'll never do that, you still shouldn't open the UI up to such power. Now imagine some time in the future a single UI Control needs to display JUST the Answered (or pending) tickets. Now, if you need a list on your UI side that shows "All" Tickets for a user, it may be prudent to have that "Get All" method where the only filter is the UserId.
What if in the future you add a "Deleted", "Removed", "In-Flux", "New" or any other kind of status? If I have a model definition called Tickets, then I would put class level function on that class to give me a collection of Ticket instances. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged design layers or ask your own question. Why does Uncle Bob suggest that coding standards shouldn't be written down if you can avoid it? We shall know the result of unauthorized access in our database, if its loosly set up with only default settings, someone can even drop it. There are so many vulnerabilities at presentation layer which shall be treated separately but now we still be focused in SQL injection. For example, in login form, we need to validate whether the user login info is actually data or some malicious code, this needs to be accomplished in business layer. Running the system with default setting helps hacker to get more information for the attack.If we have not turned off database error verbose then it will help hacker to figure out the right solution for the access.

Bind parameter or parameterized query: Most effective defense against SQL Injection is using parameterized query or query with bind parameter.
It consists of standard things you are probably already quite familiar with, including Windows forms and ASP documents. Or is it correct to separate in the controller, since the logic is attached to that single UI? When the user selects a country, the city information is automatically populated into dropdown box. Examples of components on the Presentation Layer might include edit boxes, labels, text boxes, grids, buttons, Windows or Web forms, or more. This data might include Windows or online buttons and forms, boxes for editing or texts, grids, labels, and more. Since there is no business logic, I'm returning the whole list to the Controller (View) and separating it in two lists to pass to the view template.
In short, the presentation layer is a key component of any N-Tier system; without it, as the name infers, nothing will be presented to the end user, no matter how well the system functions otherwise.

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