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WeA offer speech training, presentation classes and public speaking courses because everything we create in our Green Screen studio relies on a presenter reading a script from our Autocue machine. Our public speaking courses are designed for both experienced presenters and those who are new to presenting and are maybe a little nervous. All our public speaking courses are run by Sean MaloneA who has over 35 yearsa€™ experience working in the communications industry. When needed, we also create bespoke presentation training courses to suit specific teams and companies.A We have recently carried out bespoke training programmes for Microsoft employees in the UK and USAA by combining their training with our Mobile Studio solution to see their progress over the course of a 3 day session. Presentation skill training courses not only improve your presentation skills, but your confidence and the perception you give too.
Wea€™re confident that our presenter coaching training courses will help anyone present confidently with style, whatever their previous experience orA expertise. We endeavour to respond to all enquiries quickly during normal working hours but please allow up to 24 hours for a response.
With different rungs of the career ladder to consider, along with unique market sector circumstances, Articulate Ant has identified a number of distinct (though often complementary) requirements in the business training arena, not least, Corporate Presentation Courses and Management & Leadership Training. Business Presentation Training is our forte and our methods include ground breaking techniques.
A big thank you to the team at Vonderbrand for creating our fantastic website and amazing logo.
Market Specific Corporate Presentation Courses and Leadership Training are what we’re known for.
We hold many of our business presentation courses in regions synonymous with high level commerce and corporate activity, such as London, Leeds and Manchester. A little late with our HAPPY NEW YEAR, perhaps, but we've had a hectic start to 2015 here at 'Ant'! About Us.100 years of Communication Training experience between four very savvy individuals. We're celebrating 35 years in Learning and Development and the launch of our new Centre of Excellence in Bracknell, Berkshire. Our success and reputation has been built from our ability to attract, retain and develop the very best course designers, facilitators and expert consultants.

Recent investment has been made in two new Centres of Excellence in Bracknell, Berkshire and London City and with further investment in people, technology and infrastructure will see us set to meet future market needs. Our philosphy is simple - ask clients what they want and establish what they need, then work hard to deliver a level of experience and service that will ensure they are delighted. When we use PowerPoint as an authoring environment, we end up making our courses look like presentations, as the default slide designs and layouts we have at our disposal are very few. With the all new Adobe Presenter 8, you have the freedom to choose a perfect layout that exactly matches your eLearning content type.
One of the ways to use these layouts is to start with the layout file and then apply design themes and continue developing the course from there. You can now apply a different theme to the presentation and the layouts will change the color scheme of objects on the slides as per the applied theme.
Another way is to create your Adobe Presenter course and then add the required slide layouts to it. Populate the layout slide with text, audio, scenes, characters, and click-based animations to bring these layouts to life! For group presentation training, Sean works alongside Vin Ray, the ex BBC Editor of BBC News Worldwide. Wea€™ll help them overcome nerves and assist them in reaching whatever presentation skill level they aspire to.For more information on our presenter training courses and how we can help you with your public speaking skills, please doA contact us. Whether you’re a Corporate Presentation virgin or simply a poor communicator, we have designed a series of corporate presentation courses and workshops which cater for every business communication situation. Our Communication For Leaders courses achieve amazing results and we are particularly proud of our extremely effective Women Speak courses.
After completing one of our workshops your confidence will soar and your ability to communicate to audiences small and large will be greatly improved.
Our workshops are specifically tailored to the needs of the individual, the company and the industry they compete in. However, demand for on-site, industry-specific training is on the increase and we regularly conduct on-site training days (including one-on-one management training) for firms right across the UK. With 50 years experience in innovating large scale organisational and workforce performance improvement solutions we have a combined strength of 250 people who are set to deliver today and into the future.

Moreover these layouts are specifically designed for presentations and not for creating eLearning content.
You can seamlessly use these layouts with scenes, characters, images, and animations to bring your eLearning courses to life. The presentation theme will be automatically applied to the layout slide you added to your course. Crucially, our corporate presentation courses are designed to advance the presentation skills and techniques of the professionals attending – whether they are new to the world of corporate presenting or have years of experience.
These layouts are specially designed to be used for eLearning courses and adapt neatly with the design theme you have used to create your Adobe Presenter course.
Expressing your point well can be a very useful string to add to your bow. Perception matters.
So there is one navigation page (leading to all five lessons) that repeats after each lesson. Once I merge the files, I had planned to set up interactive buttons on that page leading to the start of each lesson. Is there a better way to set up the navigation so that learners can go to any of the 5 lessons after completing each lesson. Right now, even if I only have one knowledge check per lesson (and some lessons actually have 2 knowledge checks), the knowledge check appears after the last question.
So if I have 2 questions mid-way through the lesson, and three questions at the end of the lesson, I only have one (rather than the preferred 2) quiz results pages. If not, I am willing to put all questions at the end of the file resulting in one quiz results page per lesson but what will happen when all five files are merged? Also, I’m having some trouble with the review results button on the quiz results page.
When clicked, it takes learners to the middle of the lesson rather than the start of the quiz.

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