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MS PowerPoint 2010 is a powerful tool for any presentation, providing critical visual aid to help put across key messages and financial numbers. Adding to this challenge, with the short meeting time available, presentation slides need to be not only effective, but versatile to address various audience styles and preferences.
In this specially tailored course, you will learn how to create high impact presentation slides, with special sections to address complex diagrams and advanced charting techniques! Understand the principles of creating a presentation: slides, Master Slides, views and templates.

During the training, participants will be exposed to a variety of communication media as well as different tools and techniques to help them make their messages more meaningful and powerful. Ramzan Rajani Carries more than 8 years of experience in the field of IT Training & Project Management. Participants will also learn the basics of grammar and proofreading, complaint resolution, and verbal professionalism by participating in an range of different activities, role plays and discussions. Afer getting a Diploma in Information Technology he did his MBA with Dual specialization in IT Project Management.

While most people have no problems using PowerPoint, the main challenge is to understand how their audience absorb and digest information visually.

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