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The first season of Code Lyoko originally aired from September 8, 2003 to February 25, 2003. The first season of the series focuses more on character development than plot development, only revealing details about the plot in its last few episodes. As Jeremie Belpois is looking for parts for his robots in an abandoned factory, he eventually finds the supercomputer and restarts it.
In Code: Earth, Jeremie soon manages to create the correct materialization program, sending Aelita to the Forest Sector. Current Catalog offers the perfect gift, greeting cards, decorations, and gift wrap for holidays and special occasions, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween as well as Mother's Day, Graduation, Birthday, and every special milestone.
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But it wasn't until he left, and Odd accidentally pressed a few keys that weren't known, which made the program workable.
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Jeremie assumed she was an artificial intelligence and decided to name her Maya, after she requested to be called something other than "Artificial Inteligence". But with the help of Ulrich, Aelita materializes for the first time on Earth with others being at the Scanner room to welcome her.

As Jeremie found out about the scanners and virtualization, he sent Odd Della Robbia and Ulrich Stern to Lyoko. Jeremie had her enrolled to Kadic as Odds' cousin and Yumi had her parents convinced about she staying at her home and Aelita was even better than Jeremie in the classes. They didn't meet Aelita because they were devirtualized by Bloks in the Ice Sector, but not before Ulrich spots a strange red Tower in the same Sector. Feeling the pulsation from the red Tower, Aelita heading to the Ice Sector through a Way Tower.
Yumi fell into the Digital Sea later in the episode, and they had to use the program on her instead. This version was the only Materialization program that was able to recover a body from the digital sea. In Just in Time, Jeremie managed to create a materialization program which actually worked.
Since he was unsure if it would work correctly or not, he tested it by materializing a single hair of hers.
This worked, but in the process, his program bugged up the Annex Program, so that if Aelita used Code: Lyoko, she would be deleted. She deactivates the tower, however, Jeremie's theory was wrong as Aelita couldn't come to Earth. In Frontier, when Aelita and Jeremie try to do more tests on materialization, Aelita accidently does some preparations that Jeremie had already done, causing Jeremie to get mad at her.

The Lyoko Warriors decide that Aelita would visit the Earth occasionally to visit for them. As Jeremie thinks he hurt Aelita, he decides to go into Lyoko by himself, but an error occurs, moving Jeremie somewhere between Lyoko and Earth. Aelita, who is connected to Jeremies' thoughts, activates four towers from four sectors, bringing Jeremie safely back to Earth just before the supercomputer had him erased. Sub Pop had a extra box of this 7" which originallycame in the LP version of "The Lucky Ones".
I don't want to talk more about this release, sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut.
So Kim Salmon accepted the invitation from his friends and flew from Australia to Seattle to check whether the experience was viable and worthy. After a while and even though both parts agreed that their ways had to departure in different directions and they split in a friendly way, they left a piece of gem on the way.
Then in September 2010 MUDHONEY and KIM SALMON met again in New York for the ATP Festival, with a band list including, SCIENTISTS, MUDHONEY, STOOGES, SONIC YOUTH and more.
The Only Son of the Widow From NainArtwork by Jeff Kleinsmith and Ed Fotheringham.A Sub Pop and KEXP are teaming up to present a very special Record Store Day release!

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