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Looking for more Advanced Hours for your LAS graduation requirement?  Consider this new CHLH course. Students need to wait to submit their application until after grades roll on December 23 -we need current UIUC GPAs – but the essay questions are available for them to start writing.
To be eligible to self-nominate into the LAS Honors James Scholar Program, students need to be within their first 3 semesters of their undergraduate education OR a transfer student with 4 or more semesters left at UIUC (so students transferring to UIUC after 2 years somewhere else). The self-nomination periods will be during Winter Break and during Summer Break.  We will no longer be accepting applications during the semester. The University of Illinois is still accepting applications to nominate for this prestigious award.
The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) is sponsoring a competitive Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship for undergraduate students at UI who will be conducting research abroad.
Students must be current UI undergraduate students at the time the research will be conducted, and be in good academic standing. Funding is provided for students who are either pursuing their own research projects or working on a faculty-led project. The research must be conducted at a location outside of the United States and in conjunction with a university or research institute in that location. An explicit statement that the host co-supervisor has agreed to supervise the student on this particular.
If students use of the fruits of their work in a presentation at a conference or campus event, there must be an acknowledgement of OUR for its support on the poster or in the paper. Students must provide a 3-5 page summary of their research, suitable for website posting, to OUR following the completion of the project. Students must indicate any other sources of funds either applied for or received, including department support or support from the UI supervisor or host co-supervisor.

Funding Restrictions: Funding will normally be given directly to the student as a lump sum. The deadline for applications is 30 January 2015, with winners notified by 13 February 2015. Students are encouraged to consult their college or department advisors and individual faculty members for information about research abroad opportunities.
Join our informational webinar, where we will provide a comprehensive overview of the MSL, including the curriculum and likely career paths. Our church building is relatively easy to find, but just in case you need help we’ve provide a map here to the left.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The goal of this position is to provide opportunities for an undergraduate to learn how to conduct research; therefore, this position is time demanding with high expectations, and is best suited for an undergraduate interested in pursuing graduate school (either a masters or PhD), preferentially in microbiology or cell biology.
The experience will provide students with the skills necessary to plan and perform experiments, and collect and interpret data. The position will begin as early as possible in the spring semester (so students may be registered for MCB 290 for the spring semester), so please contact before Monday, January 26th to schedule an interview. The Goldwater Scholarship offers $7,500 to either sophomores or juniors in STEM disciplines who aim to pursue a Ph.D. This initiative provides students with funds designed to subsidize travel and housing costs associated with the research. The final report submitted to the UIUC faculty supervisor may suffice for this purpose, but only if the prose is intelligible for a non-specialist audience.
Failure to disclose additional support from another source will result in a denial of the request or the revocation of the award.

Many departments, schools and colleges offer courses with the title “Undergraduate Research Abroad.” If such an option is available, students should enroll in that course for the credit hours agreed upon between the student and the supervising UI faculty member. Alternatively, arrangements can be made for the Undergraduate Research Office to reimburse expenses for travel. For students doing an independent research project, the letter should come from a faculty mentor familiar with the student’s research plans.
The Master of Science in Law (MSL) is a degree offered by the Northwestern University School of Law exclusively for STEM students.  The MSL has been designed especially for students with engineering, science, technology, mathematics, and medical backgrounds. Commemorative Planning Committee is excited to invite you to share in the week of events to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Laboratory skills that the students will practice include standard molecular biology techniques, bacterial culturing, protein purification, biochemical analytical procedures, and working with cell culture based systems. Are you a junior or advanced sophomore?  Do you plan to continue on to graduate school for a PhD? If such a course is not available, the student should consult with the advisor about which UI course number to use. For students doing research as part of a larger faculty-led project, a letter of support must come from a faculty member directly involved in the project who will supervise the student. Depending on the exact direction of the project, students may choose to pursue other methodologies as well.

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